Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First Letter from Madrid MTC

The flight felt longer than my flight to Fiji because no movies. Although I will admit, the lady in front of me was watching Finding Nemo and I may have watched a little while quoting it in my mind.  I LOVE my travel companion (Hermana Matsu). She went to Timpview but also played water polo and swam through high school so we had lots to talk about right away.

I did get some sleep so that was good.  But, my legs got all crampy at one point and then towards the end of the flight I completely fell asleep until we were flying over Germany.  Oh man, that country is beautiful and I wanted so bad to take at least a day to tour it because the houses are so cute and there are forests everywhere.  Europe is just great.

I LOVE the CCM (MTC) President and his wife...they are so sweet and they already knew who we were right when we walked in, so that was awesome.  My next P-Day will be a week from Thursday, so I will write more then.  Love you lots!!!

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