Monday, May 29, 2017



Well over here in CartaG, I'd say we've had a pretty solid week!! I
think Hna Johnson would say different but it's ok! Been a good growing
experience. I'll explain. So being in a car area, we have a certain
amount of kilometers we can use each month. It used to be 2,500 km but
now it's been lowered to 2,000 km and at all costs YOU CANNOT GO
OVER!! Once you get to 2,000 km you gotta park your car and get
walkin. So this week we decided to finally add up our miles to see
where we are at.......well......needless to say, we didn't spend them
as wisely as we should have so this week we've been.....WALKING!! I
have actually LOOOOVED IT!! I didn't realize how much I miss being in
the street all the time seeing and talking to people until I got to do
it again. I've found out a few things through this experience: Spain
is hot, Hna Johnson misses the car, I walk fast apparently (Dad is
just flipping out rn I know), and CONTACTING IS GREAT!! So we did a
lot of contacting which means Hna Johnson is learning how to just talk
to people and I've been such a proud comp this week watching her just
go. She's such a good sport.

So yeah that's been a big deal this week, lots of walking. Our dear
Elizabeth misses us and the poor thing just sits in front of the house
most days. But it's a growing experience for all of us. We've seen a
lot of miracles. Just the other day, we went out and made a silent
promise to Heavenly Father that we would contact everyone in our path
that morning. So we leave Piso and head out on the street and there's
a man and his daughter walking toward us and I just say, "Hermana,
you're going to contact that guy." And she just gives me this look and
says, "Nooo why?!" And I just say, "Just do it!" And she stopped him
and we had a great convo with this nice man from Africa. We ended up
getting his info so we will be calling him this week. We got a lot of
futures and it was so great. I've heard that every single person on
the street has already been contacted but I don't care. They need as
many opportunities as possible to accept the gospel so I'm willing to
give them those opportunities.

Thursday was correlación and since it was mine and Elder Layton's
birthdays this week, Hna Johnson made a cake to bring. After
correlación we had a delish ecuatoriano soup and then we had cake. Well, a
tradition I didn't know about is that you have to "take a bite" out of
your cake so that you have good luck for the next year. Well what
happens when you go to take a bite? Yeah someone smashes your face
into the whole cake. So 1 year olds aren't the only ones who get smash
cakes here isn't that exciting? Well when I went to "take a bite",
Elder Layton was already ready to shove my face into it somewhat
lightly, but then another hand went on top of his and pushed even
harder so I legit ate cake.....and so did my eye.....and my whole
face.....hard. Pics will be attached. I had frosting in my hair the
rest of the night.

Friday was BIRTHDAY DAY!! It was a good day that started with churros
and chocolate for breakfast, spaghetti and meatballs for lunch, and
hair curlers and face masks before bed. We worked hard and played
hard. Thanks for all the birthday wishes you great people.....I really
appreciated them!! Also we had an unplanned FHE with some members and
an investigator and for the game we played UNO!!! You know I never
realized that that game is legit in Spanish. The things you learn on a
mission, am I right??

Saturday was one of the best days though. We had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) in
the Zone Leaders area that they had asked us to go to bc they had a
cita with an investigator at the same time. So we went and shared the
scripture 3 Nefi 13:31-33 and talked about putting the Lord first with
an object lesson. It was so awesome because there was a member there
who had just come out of a period of less activeness and she shared
her experience of the difference in her life from where she put all
things temporal first and when she started to put the Lord first. The
spirit was so strong and it made the whole night.

That's kind of what I want to talk about today spiritually wise. Do
you guys realize how important it is to put the Lord first before
EVERYTHING else? Have you noticed the difference in your day when you
take time to actually read the scriptures and say your prayers? I
didn't. Not before the mission. Now I understand how important it is
to put Him first. STOP telling yourself you'll read your scriptures at
night.....because you won't. STOP telling yourself that next week
you'll go to church.....because you might not. STOP telling yourself
that TOMORROW you'll start doing the things you should be doing TODAY.
Because you won't. You have to start NOW. And I don't know if y'all
know, but when we put the Lord first, He not only blesses us
SPIRITUALLY, but TEMPORALLY as well. He promises to help us when we
put Him first. So start TODAY to put Him first, and then you'll see
the blessings. I know He's there and He loves us. He's our Heavenly
Father and we are His children. I'm grateful for the opportunity to
share that with His children here in Spain.

Pday in Cartagena

Have a great week. Love you all.
Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Monday, May 22, 2017



Hi. So it's been a stellar week to say the least.

I can't think of say to day but Tuesday was great bc we had district
meeting and I got to see my fave half Mexican compi HERMANA GARCIA!!!
It was a blessed reunion. Wednesday was good. All I remember is
Thursday was great. One of our favorite members called us and just
said, "Hermanas why haven't you come to see me?!" And then we answered
with, "WE ARE SORRY NORMA PLEASE FORGIVE US!!" Then she invited us for
lunch that day and it was great. I love their family so much oh my
goodness. I can't remember if I have talked about this before but they
got baptized last year but were active almost members for 3 years.
Their 13 year old son has read the Book of Mormon 11 times and the
Bible 9 times and he has a book of questions that he writes down when
he reads them. Not questions that he needs answers to, questions that
he already has answers to and likes to fire them at everyone else to
test their scriptural knowledge. So I am his biggest victim. So all
during lunch, he just fires doctrinal questions at me and then when I
don't know which apostle was asked to go to the ocean to grab a fish
and find money in its mouth, he gets all FLABBERGASTED LIKE WHAT THE
gotten some of his Book of Mormon questions so he stops asking me
questions from the Book of Mormon so that I won't be right. Whatevs.
Anyway so it was good. Then our FHE family failed us so we asked them
if we could do one in their house and they are máquinas so they said
yes. Then we ran around all the places to pick up our people to bring,
buuuuuut everyone and their dog failed us. So we still went to the
Noche de Hogar but their 8 year old son gave us the lesson so that he
could pass off something for his Faith in God. It was super great.

Noche de Hogar + Crazy Children = #WINNING

of Hna Johnson) and Hna Prior (sassiest, most knowledgeable of Harry
Potter Brit I've ever known) and it was the greatest. I was with Hna
Bailey for the night time and everyone failed us so we got to
CONTACT!!! It was awesome. It's been a while since I've walked until
my feet hurt. Felt great. We also had a really good heart to heart
talk. The past little bit I had been at kind of a spiritual low and
had a really hard time seeing growth in myself in a missionary. I
didn't say anything to her but luckily she has a gift and got me
talking. So after a lot of contacting, talking, and a huge chocolate
croissant, we made some pretty solid goals together and saw a bunch of
miracles. So needless to say it was a super good intercambio and
EXACTLY what I needed. Isn't it so cool how God knows exactly what we
need exactly when we need it?

The Croissant Baby

Yesterday, the Sabbath, was awesome. Church was super awesome and we
felt the spirit a lot. I got to help out with Singing Time in primary
and that's always fun. Children are crazy and sing at the top of their
little lungs her and I have to keep from laughing so I don't mess up
playing the piano for them. Oh also we made paella for lunch and it
was delish.

Ok so SPIRITUAL STUFF!! I think this is one of the shortest emails
I've written so far so Happy Birthday to you. And you. And you. Happy
Birthday to everybody!! Short emails for everyone!! Ok sorry back to
the point of this paragraph. THE SPIRIT! Ok so this week I've been
studying a lot about Charity bc.....yah know.....need to develop that.
But I learned something super cool. In Moroni 7:45 it describes
charity. And the first thing it says about charity is that it
"sufferers long" I thought, "what does that mean?" Well I went
to my dictionary and looked it up and got the definition of "to
endure". So when we have charity we "endure" well and long the trials
we are given. Thought that was cool. Then I looked up the definition
in the Bible Dictionary and it said, "to allow or permit". Then I
continued to read all the scriptures of how Christ showed charity and
in almost every single verse it said that He "suffered". I read it in
a completely new light. Christ endured because of His love for us. He
ALLOWED himself to be put up on that cross, to be smitten and scorned,
to bleed from every poor, FOR US!! His brothers and sisters!! He
endured the Garden of Gethsemane because He knew we needed Him to. It
wasn't easy.....para nada. But He did it. For you. And for me. And for
all of us. And that's why I'm serving a mission. To share that with
people who do know yet that somebody really does understand them.
I love this gospel and the opportunity I have to be right where I'm at
right now with the companion I'm with. I'm blessed to have a Heavenly
Father that allowed me to be here in Spain teaching His children and
bringing them to the light of the gospel. I know this gospel is true
and it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is the
most correct of any book on the face of the earth. I know that the
gospel changes lives because it's changed mine.

Love you all. The church is true. Have a great week.

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

The sunset in Los Alcázares

Murcia is cool.

The new capilla that they are building in Los Alcázares. It's HUUUUGE!!

Monday, May 15, 2017


Greetings humans.

FELIZ DÍA DE LA MADRE!! It was super good to see the fam bam between 3 different screens yesterday. Thank heavens for modern technology! Hope all you moms know how grateful we are for everything you do. Especially as missionaries. When missionaries show pictures of their family, there's always one picture where they say, "Aw look my momma." So y'all mean the world to us. I LOVE YOU MOMMA THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

So this week was great. Today we went on a sweet hike!! Felt like I was back in Utah until we got to the top and the view was the Mediterranean Sea.....then it was like, "Nope. Definitely in Spain." LOVE IT. I'm gonna attach pics but please......resist the urge to tell me my face is red. I was FINE on the hike but everyone and their dog was like, "Hermana are you ok?? You're face is REALLY red."........YA LO SÉ!!!! Announcement: When Hna Twede works out, her face gets red. Don't comment. She's not dying. Just leave her be.

Tuesday was district meeting and it was like the Spirit came in and set off a grenade in there. HOLY MOLY SO MUCH FIRE IN THAT MEETING. Elder Layton our ZL gave a taller (workshop in English? Maybe?) and he did a práctica to start out. Ok so a práctica is when you role play a situation in the mission life and you have to do something for it. And i REALLY dislike them. So this time he told us he was only going to tell us two things about this person: 1. He's passing through a REALLY hard time right now, 2. He knows a little about our church. Our job? To, by the spirit and through inspired questions, figure out what is going on in his life and then help him. Oh. My. Goodness. I've never had such an incredible experience with a práctica. The spirit was sooo strong as we 7 other missionaries worked together to help this guy. I actually even got ready, the spirit was so strong. SO COOL!! I love being a missionary.

The next best day was SATURDAY!! We have this investigator who has had countless baptismal dates and they've come and gone. So we've been determined to get one and have it stick. He was supposed to get baptized this weekend, BUT there's a formal dance for the youth that he has to be at. So we called a member of the bishopric before our cita with him and asked possible dates for a baptism. Our best bet was the 19th because the 26th and 27th there was a conference for married couples so none of the leaders would be there. So we go into the cita and start teaching about baptism. Then we say,  "Ok so you have a fecha right now for the 20th." And he goes, "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I can't do it that day." And we were just like, "Yes we know. So the 19th?" And he couldn't. So we pulled out a calendar. B not just any calendar. A BAPTISM calendar. We got it from the elders the day before to see how it would work to keep him focused on his date. Each day has boxes for reading the scriptures and praying and Sundays it has a box for going to church. So we hadn't it to him and said, "Ok, then choose a day. This is YOUR day. So choose it." Long shory stort, he chose the 26th!! We looked at him and said, "Seguro?" And he said, "Sí." So then we handed him a pen and said, "Write it." So he did!! Right there under that little 26 he wrote, "Mi Bautismo"!!!!! So we get in the car (of course freaking out once he's gotten far enough away) and then we call our bishopric member to tell home what day and we told him we know the conference is that weekend and then he cuts us off and says, "Hey we just had a meeting and found out that that conference got changed to a different weekend so that works perfectly!" MILAGROS PEEPS MILAGROS!!! So we low key freaked out and then called the elders to share our happiness and then we sat on the swings for a quick minute to celebrate.

So yes. It's been a good week. It's going to be a great transfer. We're working hard and taking names. But now down to the spiritual side. So I've completely entered the amazing book of Alma because guess who just showed up in the picture?! AMULEK!! #Alma&Amulek #DreamTeam seriously the best duo in the Book of Mormon EVER!! I love the beginning of their missionary work together because Alma preaches hard core and calls them all to repentance and they get angry and throw him in jail. Then Amulek does some stretches, shakes out his arms and legs and says, "Ok lets go." Then he gets up there and goes telling his reconversion story. There's two reasons why I love this story: 1. He gets up there and tells about how God had always been calling him back but he never listened until an angel showed up and said, "Ok this prophet is going to come to you and he's been fasting for these people and so he's pretty hungry so YOU WILL receive him and YOU WILL feed him and he's gonna bless you and your ancestors and your posterity." And he does exactly that. NEVER GIVE UP ON THOSE WHO ARE DRIFTING AWAY!! They all have their Amulek inside of them. Ok, 2. After he gives testimony, the people start to listen. You know why? Because that was their SECOND WITNESS of everything they were preaching about. SECOND TESTIMONY!! That's what did it. THATS why we have companions. THATS why we are encouraged to share our testimonies with everyone. Because if two testimonies can make some people believe, imagine what millions of testimonies can do. SHARE YOUR TESTIMONIES PEEPS!! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!! If you know it is, then go share it with everyone else. I don't know why people get so scared to share their testimony. It doesn't have to be some formal college presentation. If it's something that's blessed your life and makes you happy, wouldn't you want to share that with everyone else?? I KNOW this gospel is true. I KNOW that Christ lives and is MY PERSONAL SAVIOR. I KNOW that God is our Loving Heavenly Father and is always there for us. And I am a witness of their love. And now I get to share it with everyone here in Cartagena. What a gift.

I love you all and I hope you make it a stellar week!! Chao Chao!!!

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Hermana Johnson and Me

Monday, May 8, 2017

Hello Cartegena!!

Hello friends!!

Well.....It's been a week!!! I started the week in my beloved Elche
and I ended it here in Cartagena! Saying goodbye to Elche was much
more difficult than expected and I cried while giving my testimony in
district meeting so......that's cool.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a little crazy with having a completely
different companion and trying to visit people in two areas and
PACKING!!! I hate packing. Jk positivity.....PACKING IS THE BEST!! I
MORE!!! No but really so much stress. BUT! I fit everything and didn't
break my suitcases. Somehow I manage to gather more and more things in
every area......I don't know.

ANYWAY!! So now I'm here in Cartagena and it's cute and great and we
live in a little ocean town and drive by the Mediterranean ALL. THE.
TIME. and I just die. These little seaside towns have such a tranquilo
Port St. Lucie, FL (where Brielle's grandfather lived in Florida while 
she was growing up) vibe to them I love it. Pueblo/car life is SUPER
different from city life. People go to bed at like 9 o clock here!!
What the?! So that changes things but I'm already loving it here. I
literally have gone from Colombian Country in Elche to Ecuadorian Town
here in Cartagena. It's so fun though. Church yesterday was sooooo
awesome!! The members here are super great and just a big family but
I'll talk about it a little more in a minute.

Part of my new area

Part of my new area

Typical Spain, old men fishing on a sunny day.

So here in Cartagena, they are super into doing Family Home Evenings
with the missionaries and inviting investigators and less actives and
such. So we set up on of these for EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK!! AAAAHHHH
SO COOL!! So we had one my second night here and it was soooo awesome.
They planned a fun game for after and so we had a good mix of
Spiritual and laughing our heads off and I just felt such a love for
this new area already. I'm super excited for the opportunity I have
here to learn how to work with the members even more. You can tell
that there's been some hard work here with that so I'm excited to

Ok I can't think of much else but SUNDAY!! Ok so here, since everyone
lives in pueblos and the church is in Cartagena, the church has rented
a bus that drives through all the pueblos evey Sunday to pick
everybody up and takes them to church, free of charge. Then after
church is comes and takes everyone back. SO COOL! So we got to go on
the bus (I think normally we do) on Sunday and oh my I loved it!!
Everyone just treats everyone like family and it's so great. Like a
family road trip to church every Sunday. I got to play with the cutest
little girls on the way to church and it was so fun. I can already
feel the spirit and love here in Cartagena from the ward. Long story
short I ALREADY LOVE IT!! I can see why Hna Pickett raved about it
when she came to Elx and when I left.

My new comp is alright I guess. JOKES SHE IS THE GREATEST!! Hna
Johnson is from Grantsville, UT with an uncle who lives in Eagle
Mountain who was MY SEMINARY TEACHER AT WESTLAKE!! Brother Barrus is
Hna Johnson's uncle!! SMALL WORLD!! Also, she is my first comp ever
from "la fábrica" of Utah so that's cool. I'm not a weirdo anymore
when I say Utah Mormon things such as "Bishop Storehouse" or "Release
time for seminary" so it's great. But yes we have a good time in our
cute little house in CartaG. Oh yeah....we live in a house. Not a
Piso. A house. Cool beans. Also we run to the beach and it's awesome.
There's this squad of old men who go walking by the beach every
morning and now it's my goal to be a member of the squad. ONE DAY!!
Gotta practice my Mom Walk a little more then maybe they'll accept me
as a part of their crew.

ANYWAY.....So today we went and washed the car and got that stuff
taken care of, then we went to a FLAMINGO RESERVE!! So we legit saw
those skinny pink birds with our own eyeballs. Super cool. They don't
smell all that awesome but it's ok because they look cool.

Ok so right now, I've just begun the glorious book of Alma in the Book
of Mormon. MY FAVORITE BOOK!! Y'all hate on the war chapters but I
LOVE them!! But I'm at the beginning and was reading about how the
Amlicites separated from the Nefites and then get angry and go to war
with them. Of course, the Nefites come out on top because they are
still being faithful and stuff. But then Alma sends some spies to
check them out and see what's going on. Well, the spies come running
back saying, "Hey ummm they have actually ganged up with the Lamanites
now and they're at a full speed for us rn. So we gots to go." So they
pick up and go but the lamanites and amlicites meet them and just
start going ham on them giving everything they got on those poor
Nefites. BUT!! The Lord strengthens them and they end up beating that
enormous army even though they were COMPLETELY outnumbered. That was
just a huge testimony to me that IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW HARD SATAN
WORKS!! It doesn't matter how many people are in that great and
spacious building. It doesn't matter if THE WORLD is against. If you
are staying on the straight and narrow, God is at your side and with
Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! So never give up. You've got armies of
angels at you back and the rest of God's Army who are fighting with

Have a great week!! Love you all

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Monday, May 1, 2017

So Long, Farewell!


I never know what they call themselves actually so sorry. Sitting in
the church with all the JAS (Young Single Adults) (because they are
having an activity today) and they're playing this music and everyone
is just chilling and golly I'm so happy. I love Elche so dang much.
But......all things come to an end.

On Saturday night, I got a bittersweet phone call from my dear
Presidente and was informed that my work here in Elche is done and
it's time for me to leave. Just writing that brings tears to my eyes
because I have fallen in love with this place and these people. They
are my family. But now it's time for me to go meet my new family
in....................CARTAGENA!!! I've been asked to go be companions
with Hermana Johnson who just finished her training!! I LOVE being
comps with missionaries straight out of their training! I did that
with Hna Garcia and it's so fun because all they know is their trainer
and so you get to teach them how to have a new perspective on the work
and their area. But also they teach you sooooo much and they're still
new and have so much fire for the work. So I'm really excited for the
opportunity to learn from sweet Hna Johnson in the old area of Hna
Pickett. Oh right did I mention that? I have a bad habit of going to
my companion's old areas haha.

Well today for Pday Hna Herrera and I sent off our comps Hnas Pickett
and Clark to go to Malaga since they are both going to be TRAINING!!
So that's exciting. So we get to be comps until Wednesday when I will
head a few hours over to CartaG.

Ok so this week was THE BEST WEEK I've had in Elche. Lots of miracles.
Hard but good. Monday we had citas set up and we were leaving Piso and
Hna Pickett was saying the prayer and it was longer than usual (don't
be offended Hna since you now get these letters) and I'm thinking,
"Girl we got to go!" (Really bad don't do that) and then I listened
and she says, "Help us to know that You direct this work and to see
Your hands today."  When she said that I thought, "Well dang it,
everyone is going to fail us today and we're gonna be contacting all
night." But I didn't say anything and we left. So we leave and about
10 minutes later as we are getting on the bus to go to the members
house for a Noche de Hogar, she calls and cancels. And every other
plan and backup plan falls through. Sooooo.......CONTACTING!!! But it
was sooooo good!! We seriously talked to so many people and we were so
led by the spirit in where to go. #LAOBRA

Wednesday was oh my soooo good. We've been visiting this member who is
straight MÁQUINA!!! Aaaahhh I just love her. So she's always been very
open about her questions and doubts and she has told us that she
doesn't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon but she keeps reading
and doing everything she can to get one. So this last Wednesday when
we went to visit her and we give a lesson on temples and it was
EXACTLY what she needed and that was awesome. It's nice to hear
verbally sometimes that what you plan is really what they need to
hear. But after the lesson, she turns to us and says, "Hermanas, I
have something else to tell you. I have a testimony of the Book of
Mormon." AAAAAAHHHHHHHH WAAAAT!!!!! Then she told us the story and I
was just saying a prayer in my heart thanking Heavenly Father for this
literal gift. That was the best thing I could have ever asked for in
my last week here.

The rest of He week was super great. Can't remember what happened
TORTILLA!!!!! Wasn't like worthy to feed to the King of Spain was pretty decent not going to lie. So that was exciting.
We had two baptisms this weekend!! Our little chica who we've been
teaching the lessons too got baptized on Sunday and it was super
great. I got to translate for one of their friends who came and that
was WAAAAAY harder than I expected. Your mind literally has to think
in the two languages at the same time and it's #STRESS. But it was
good. After that was like the saying goodbye party sort of. Not really
but it helped that all the members were there so I got to say goodbye
to everyone almost in one place. IM GOING TO MISS THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH

Oh also on Sunday we (missionaries of Barrio 1) got the BLESSED
opportunity to teach.......PRIMARY!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *TEARS* we did a
lesson on how we can follow Christ's example and had cut out these
cute little footsteps for them and it kept them occupied.....for the
most part. The primary teachers had warned us before......BUT IT WAS
helps too that they are just the cutest. My goodness they're like my
niños. Then all Sunday I had the opportunity to accompany everyone.
After the baptism there was a mission farewell and I accompanied the
JAS while they sang the EFY medley in Spanish. It was super cool.

Ok......time to wrap up. So I just want to talk about the mission.
Because it's great. I was talking to one of my friends who is the MTC
right now and she was telling me how she's trying to enjoy the MTC
because she knows the field will be so much harder and she's really
nervous. As I thought about it, I realized that the MTC is like High
school, and the field is like college. The MTC is like high school
because you enjoy it while you're there and it's hard and stuff but
you have a good time and you learn a lot and by the time you're done
you're ready to move on (at least for me). Then you get to college
(the field) and it's definitely harder than high school.....but it's
soooooo much better and you wouldn't choose to be in high school over
college. At first, you might want to go back to high school because it
was easier and you liked it and you didn't have to make Big Kid
decisions, but all the good times in college make up for the bad/hard.
It's exactly that way with the field. It's hard. But I can tell you
that I would never choose to go back to the MTC over the mission
field. The things you experience in the field can not be replicated in
the MTC no matter how hard they try. This whole mission experience has
been incredible, exhausting, and never easy.....but it's been the best
experience of my life and I wouldn't change the decisions I made to
get here for anything. No amount of money in the world could convince
me to give up this place, these people, and this mission.
I love the Lord with all my heart. He is my heart and my song. He is
always there. And definitely ALWAYS hears every child's prayer.

Love you all. Have a great week
Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

My favorite JAS (Young Single Adults)

Natalia, Chuks, Astrid, y Andrea


Cristina, JuanFran, Dani, y Cristina hija
Saying goodbye to the comp

Mí Niñas