Monday, September 4, 2017


5 And it came to pass that [Hermana Twede], [she] being an exceedingly curious [missionary], therefore [she] went forth and built [her] an exceedingly large ship, on the borders of the land [Cartagena], by the land [Murcia], and launched it forth into the west sea, by the narrow neck [of La Manga] which led into the land northward. [And thus ended the ninth transfer of the mission of Hermana Twede in the mission of Málaga, Spain.]

Good evening lovely people of the earth. I just had lunch with a nice British man so now I'm just thinking in a British accent.

Well this week has been a wild one to say the least!! Yes....we have received transfer calls but I'll get to that later. So last Tuesday was district meeting and Hna Palmer gave a taller (talk/workshop thing) on working with members and did a REALLY good job. She was so nervous but she didn't need to be she did great. We also met with two new investigators and taught them the Restoration!! They were references from a member who called us on Sunday asking us to visit his daughter and we were MORE than obliged to do so. We had a really great lesson with them and set up a return appointment.

Wednesday was awesome. We had a KILLER lesson with a menos activa in the elder's area who they have us visit. We were talking about faith and when I got here, she didn't want to read the scriptures at all but now she's been reading and praying and even had questions about what she had been reading!! I asked if she feels different and she said yes and I asked in what way and this was her answer: "Before, I didn't believe that Heavenly Father even listened to me. But now I know because when I ask Him a question, He gives me an answer!" AAAHHHH HAPPY MISSIONARY HERE!! She has come soooo far since I got here and it's been such a blessing to see her growth. Also we had a really good Noche de Hogar with one of my favorite families ever. Taught a lesson on finding joy in life even when it's hard. It was really great.

Thursday was weekly planning and then we went to La Manga for an eating cita with a member. BEEEEAUTIFUL!!! Really though I could live there. Pics will be attached.

La Manga

But on our way home, I realized I needed to make a call and when I looked at the phone I saw we had a missed call. I looked at from was from Pte. Andersen!! That was a shock. Well I called him back and we got chatting and then he talked about all the things I've learned this transfer and how now the Lord wants me to use that to help other missionaries. He then asked me if I would serve as a Sister Training Leader. Of course I accepted. He then continued to tell me that the new companion of Hna Palmer would be Hna Stringfellow and said she would be coming the next day!! So we got a taste of transfers almost a whole week early. At the end of the call I asked where I was going but he couldn't remember so i had to wait for a few more days.

Friday was crazy as we started getting the piso ready, went to lunch with our favorite Isabel, ran to a cita with our new investigators and had a killer lesson about the spirit and prayer and the boyfriend has been reading the Book of Mormon and had questions!! So happy!! Then we ran home, threw banana bread in the oven, cleaned up Piso, ran to correlación, sat down for 20 minutes to talk about our investigators and menos activos, then ran back out the door to go back to Cartagena and pick up Hna Stringfellow. Turns out she had gotten in an hour earlier but ended up sitting next to a girl on the bus who was going to be staying with Bishop's family so she was hanging with Bishop's wife when we found her. #Milagros God really watches over His missionaries. Then we went to a member's house to bring him banana bread before he heads back home to Madrid. In return he gave us yummy bocadillos and a whole bag of fresh peppers!! It was a crazy day but good.

Saturday was full of milagros. We visited with two investigators in the morning and had a REALLY good lesson on faith. Then later we went to the house of a menos activa and I had a feeling during studies that morning to invite her to have a NdH the next week. We got there and turns out her grandson had been talking about it and she had told him that they would talk to the Hermanas about doing one! It was a testimony to me that God guides His work if we're willing to listen. Then we passed by our investigator in this one pueblo and he wasn't home but instead watched the neighbors kill a snake in their yard. Sweet. Then we passed by an antiguo who the elders gave us and they were home, hadn't been visited for two years, and we set up a cita for Hna Palmer and Stringfellow for next week. Then we passed by another Menos Activa who I've only visited once and she finally let us in!! We had such a good lesson with her and shared a scripture about increasing her faith. We invited her to start reading again and she said, "Hermanas, don't you worry. I promise I will start reading again." So awesome. That night I found out that I will be going to the land northward of....ALICANTE!! I will be comps with the wonderful HERMANA BAILEY!!! I've done intercambios in Alicante and I love it. I've done intercambios with Hermana Bailey and I love her. Now I get to have both full time!! Stoked.

My spiritual thought is going to be about Sunday. Since it was fast and testimony meeting, I had the opportunity to bear my testimony. And since I was leaving it was expected that I would give it. Those who know me know I really don't enjoy speaking in front of large crowds but I had already decided to give my testimony. Also those of you who know me know I'm not a crier. I thought the mission would make me one but....nope. Well as soon as I get up there, I get out three words and a wave of emotion comes over me as I felt the love for this ward in full force. Many don't know, but this has been my hardest area yet and has taken longer for me to love it. But through my trials and difficulties in these last four months, I've developed a deep love for this place and for this ward. One of the biggest things I've learned here is that, just like Heavenly Father loves these people, He loves me too. It's taken me a long time to be able to say that and believe it, but bearing my testimony yesterday really solidified that for me. I know Heavenly Father loves me, no matter how imperfect, crazy, I am, He loves me. I know it. And no one can take that away from me.

Love you all. Thanks for the support. I'm excited for this new adventure. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!

Hermana Twede

The Fam

Noche de Hogar with Jessica and family

#MorningExercise #TrioLife

Paella with Isabel

Uliana and Maria

Antonia. Love her!!

Our walk to the beach.

Sunset from the bus yesterday (Sunday).

The goodbye crew with Mamita and fam.