Monday, December 26, 2016

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad, prospero año y felicidad!
(I really need to learn the whold spanish version of that song bc newsflash....people don´t sing the english part here.....bc they don´t speak that much english)

Well MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Hope it was white and lovely and bright! Hope Papa Noel brought you some great gifts this year because we all know you were good this year. We all have our moments.....but I think he believes in having mercy as well.

Well this week was just great. We had some really great lessons with investigators, members, and menos activos. We read Luke 2 a lot, but I never get tired of sharing the story about the birth of Christ. On Monday we got a surprise call from my former trainer Hermana Pastrana saying she missed her bus on the way to Málaga so they came and stayed with us that night. There was a bit of mad panic for 20 minutes to get the piso ready for them to come but it worked out. We made pancakes the next morning because we didn´t have any food (When you go to the Sierra Nevada you don´t have time to buy food), but it worked out.

Thursday we went to Málaga for our Christmas Zone Conference!! YAY! It was so much fun and so good to see everyone!! We had a talent show and that was really good. Then we had some talks/workshop type of things and those were really good. Then we ate chinese food and had a good time. On the bus ride home we had the elders from Jáen and Almeria with us and it was fun. I sat next to a lady from Granada and talked to her. She was very nice.

On La Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) we had 2 eating citas and gift exchanges. That was really good to spend time with the Elders and the members, celebrating the birth of Christ and just enjoying being together. On Christmas we woke up and opened some gifts then went to church. After church we went home and relaxed. THat was really nice and super weird. The entire time I couldn´t completely relax because I felt like I was wasting time and felt like there was something I was supposed to be doing.....the life of a missionary. Then we hopped on a bus to the church to SKYPE! WOOT! Pero....en camino to the church, a man came and sat next to us and started speaking english to us asking where we were from and then he told us, "I want to marry myself to you hahahah." And then you had Hma Moore and I with the awkward/uncomfortable laugh like, "Oh hehehehe great." Spain is always an adventure as American girls with light eyes and hair.

Also en camino to the capilla we got transfer calls! I´M HEADING OUT OF GRANADA AND GOING TO ALICANTE/VALENCIA COUNTRY!! My new area will be Elche 1B with Hermana Garcia who just finished up her training! Two baby missionaries running Elche yes! Crazy thing about this Elche is the exact area that my current companion Hermana Moore served before she came to Granada with me! So that will be exciting. I will be going from mountain area to the coast where my area is famous for the amount of palm trees they have.....Long shory stort I´m not complaining.....also it´s about 10 degrees warmer there which makes me happy as I sit here freezing in a sketchy locutorio.

Skyping with the fam bam was wonderful of course! Sometimes I forget I have a family so it was good to see they still exist! Family is just the greatest and idk where I would be without them.

Something that we talked about a lot in Zone Conference but also in our eating citas was gifts. At Zone Conference they asked us 3 questions:
What have you learned this year?
What did you give to Heavenly Father and Jesus this year?
What are you going to give them this upcoming year?
People gave their various answers but the more important question in my mind is the last one. It´s important to remember what we have given, and what we have learned, but it´s also important to be giving more. We have been given so often do we think about what we can give in return? We don´t have a lot to give....but even our smallest offerings are great in the eyes of our Father and older Brother. After pondering this question, I have decided on my gift to them this upcoming year. I am going to give them my fears. For those who know me, you know I like to have a plan; I like to know what´s going to happen and back up plans, etc. Something I have a hard time with is taking that step of faith when the future is all dark. I have a hard time putting my complete trust in Him and His plan for me. So this year, I am going to give him all my fears. Even if I don´t know the future, or don´t know His plan for the work I´m doing or for my own life, I´m going to put my trust in Him and take 1, 10, or 50 steps into the dark because I KNOW that He will be there with me the whole way. He knows what´s best, always has, and always will, and I know He will lead me where I need to go.

In light of the new year, I ask you to ponder these same first two questions and then ask yourself, "What will be my gift"?

Love you all so much! Thanks for the support! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hermana Twede

White Elephant Gifts for the Elders

Monday, December 19, 2016

Pictures from Pday Adventure in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Hermana Twede's Grumpy Cat face because she just walked through a deep snow bank with only her running shoes on.

Feeling like we are in Switzerland on Pday!

Finally getting a package Mom sent about 2 months ago.

Let it Snow

🎶Oh the weather outside is frightful,
And I can't say it's all that delightful,
And since we've got all the places to go,
Please don't snow, please don't snow, please don't snow.🎶

Hope you enjoyed that.....took a lot of thought and pondering the
words in my heart......and then asking Elder Egbert what the words are
to the song.

Well folks I write you today from the back of a bus, on our way up to
the Sierra Nevada! If you don't know what the Sierra Nevada is, they
are the mountains that surround us here in Granada (although if you're
from Utah they're just really tall hills), but they are currently
covered in snow so the Elders thought it would be a good idea to go
and play in the snow for a few hours. So here we are, 6 unprepared
missionaries (piso finds are a real thing), heading up the mountain to
play in snow at a balmy -10°C (15°F)!!! The drive up makes me feel
like driving through Provo canyon so that's a bit weird. So am I in
Utah today or Spain? The world may never know.

So this week was just grand. We had intercambios in Málaga and that
was super great and waaaay warmer than Granada. The first night we
were there I was with Hermana Stephens and she took me into El Centro
where they had some INCREDIBLE lights and we got to watch the light
show. It was soooo cool. Let's just say SLC needs to step up their
game. So intercambios were great and while I was taking some pics of
the giant Christmas tree, a lady started talking to us bc she noticed
we speak English and was going to offer us drinks in her restaurant
but instead, when she found out we were Mormons, asked us to tell her
about us. So we did, gave her a Book of Mormon and she told us she
would start reading it right away. Then she asked if there was a time
we could meet with her and talk more about our religion. COOLEST THING
EVER! So we (Hma Stephens) got her number and set an appointment for
the next day! QUÈ GUAY!! So that was really cool.
(Ok this bus is going on these super windy roads and giving me motion
sickness....pray for my stomach we still have 10 minutes of this or
more) This weekend was also SUPER great. We had another baptism and
gosh the spirit is just so strong during those things I love it. But
the night before (Friday) our bishop had a dinner with the
missionaries and it's just an opportunity for them to help the
missionaries so we invite menos activos and investigators and they get
to know the bishop and his family and the other missionaries and other
people and it's just great. Well we invited our 2 investigators and
THEY BOTH CAME!! Then the next day we had the baptism and then a ward
And the ward was so good and welcoming and it was just great. Then,
GOOD!! Hermana Moore and I were so stoked. So REALLY good weekend with
lots of blessings and miracles.

So now I am sitting in a cute little cafe drinking a Cola Cao and it's
snowing outside. Not like Utah snow when a blizzard hits you like a
brick wall, but a cute snow that just falls delicately like in movies.
We just got back from scaling the snowy mountain in tennis shoes and
jeans. But all the cabins up here look very European so pretty much we
spent Pday in Switzerland.

Wow I just love the mission so much and with Christmas approaching I
feel so very blessed to have the opportunity to share La Luz de Cristo
with everyone here. Something that one of my STL's taught me this week
was to enjoy the mission. Take advantage of moments to create memories
and just enjoy the life we have. This life really is a gift and we
were meant to have joy. SO DISFRUTA SU VIDA Y FELIZ NAVIDAD🎄🎄🎄🎄
Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Twede

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Whole New World

Ok so today is just BEAUTIFUL here in Granada and it's cold but it's
fine bc we just got back from, drum roll please.............THE
ALHAMBRA!!! POR FIN!!! After 3 transfers of being here and almost 4
months, I FINALLY went to the Alhambra. And let me tell you, it did
not disappoint. 100% worth the money and the views and artwork were so
amazing!!! Aaahhhh so good. We got up to the top of one of the towers
and you just over look all of Granada and it's gorgeous. I just
thought, "Ugh.....I love Spain." No, we did not have a tour I know as much about the Alhambra as someone who has only
seen pics of it on great. But it's fine. It was really
nice to look at and take a combined total of over 400 pictures so
that's great. So yes that was a good Pday today.


These two have so much fun together.

Elders waiting for Hermanas to finish taking pictures.

Ok but really this week was so great. We had a Christmas concert on
Saturday and it was AMAAAAZZZZZINNNNGGG!!! Like a band came and we
pretty much just hosted the building but one of our Elders got to
sing!! Like a couple hours before he needed a singer for white
Christmas and someone was like "He can sing." He practiced twice with
them and they loved it!! He did such a good job!!! They had a little
children's choir and they were all adorable. At the end they had the
audience sing "Little Drummer Boy" with them and it is SOOO much
better in Spanish. Literally had chills the whole time. AH SO GREAT!!
Also shoutout to my band homies at Westlake High School bc they played
Russian Christmas at the concert and I've never been so stoked to hear that piece

On Friday the investigator of the Elders got baptized!! Woohoo!!!
Super great!! It was my fist ever baptism that I've witnessed in the
mission and holy cow the spirit was so strong! Me and my comp went and
looked at the font before it started and I looked at her and just
said, "Hermana. Tonight someone's life is going to change." Oh man
chills the whole time!!

This week I had a very personal experience with the love our Heavenly
Father has for each and every one of us and the power of prayer. At
one point this week I was on my knees in my changing room in our piso,
pouring my heart out to my Father in Heaven with tears spilling down
my cheeks and I just felt this overwhelming sense of love fill my
entire body to the point of bursting. It was such an incredible
experience for me and a testimony to me that He IS there and He IS
listening. If you don't know it already, GOD LOVES YOU!! How fortunate
are we to have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much that He gives us
a way to communicate DIRECTLY with Him AT ALL TIMES!! He knows your
pains, your afflictions, your joys, your anxieties, EVERYTHING! He
knows it all and so does your brother Jesus Christ. They know YOU on a
level so personal that you can't even imagine. And THEY LOVE YOU!! All
of you! My mission has opened my eyes to all my faults and all my
weaknesses so the point where it's overwhelming.....but it has also
opened my eyes to how God gives us weaknesses so that we may be humble
and then He takes those weaknesses and makes them strengths. If I
could take every person I meet and just transfer my experiences with
God's love and Christ's Atonement so that they could feel it and just
have an idea of what this is all about I would. But instead I get to
do the next best thing and help them experience it for themselves.
This work is so real and so incredibly important. I love it with every
fiber of my very being and wouldn't want to be anywhere in the world
right now than on a mission in Spain. The days are long, weeks
sometimes feel like eternities, you're hungry, no one wants to listen
to you, and sometimes you're fed up with it all. But then you
experience someone change their life, you get a front row seat to the
creation of their testimony, then you see them take those first steps
towards their Savior, and it makes it all worth it. If you're thinking
about going on a mission.....GO. You won't regret it. I haven't. And I
never will. I love this gospel with all of my heart and I am so
grateful for this opportunity to bear the name of my Savior, Jesus
Christ on my chest for these next 18 months. The gospel is true.
Christ suffered and died for everyone of us. And God loves you. Now go
share that message with the world.
Love you all and have a great week!!

Hermana Twede

Monday, December 5, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas

Ok so this week was super great!!
First off we decorated for Christmas today POR FIN!!

Ok first off funny story. This just explains my life here in Spain and
how I have yet to learn from mistakes. So we were going back to piso
after our last cita and we get on the bus we usually get on and we're
facing the back of the bus but seated in like the middle ish. I'm
looking forward/backward and there's a group of teenage boys sitting
and singing some songs not in Spanish idk what it was. But then I just
kinda zoned out and was staring off into space but something caught my
attention. The boys were giving me the huge smiles and waving at me. I
just looked at my comp and we both kinda shook our heads and then I
made a mistake. I looked back and kinda raised my hand barely in a
wave and while I'm doing this my head is telling me, "Nope. Don't do
it Hermana. That's a mistake. Nope. Stop. Stop. Sto- oh gosh. Well you
asked for that." After I did that all those boys starting cat calling
and making kissing faces and I just put my head down bc that was THE
COMPLETE WRONG THING TO DO. Hma Moore just shook her head and says,
"That was a mistake. A very big mistake." Then we both just started
laughing, me out of embarrassment and her bc her comp had just made an
idiot out of herself.

Oh but the story does not end no no. Why would it when you
are Hermana Twede?? A few seconds later, THE BUS SHUTS DOWN!! I was
just like, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Bus turns back on and we
get to our stop and hop off. But guess who else gets off?? STINKIN
JÓVENES!! And no they did not stop the cat calling or anything. So
most of the walk back to piso we were being trailed by 4 teenage boys.
The whole time I just kept mumbling, "I hate my life. Why? why do I do
this to myself?" While my companion was ready to pee herself laughing.
Needless to say it was a glorious night.

Spiritual side. We had just gotten out of a lesson with an
investigator that had gone well ish but not as great as we would have
liked so we were both a little salty. But I just had the thought to go
to the piso of one of our less actives who've we've been trying to
meet with for the last 2 weeks. We were already walking on her street
to contact so we stopped at her building and went up. We had never met
her before but her mom answered the door and said she wasn't home. She
was about to shut the door when I said, "Can we share a quick message
with you?" She looked uneasy. "It's only a quick video about
Christmas." She thought about it then let us in. We ended up having a
really good visit with her and while we were there her daughter called
and her mom was just saying, "Yeah the missionaries are here and THEY
ARE SO NICE!!" Her daughter started trying to quickly get home from
work so that she could meet with us but we had to go but when we asked
the mom if there was anything we could do for her she just told us to
come back again. So that was really cool and just shows that God
blesses you when you follow the prompting of the spirit.

Ok now for something that's been on my mind lately. Member missionary work.
I know I've talked about this before but I see it so much when
all the missionary work responsibility is put on the shoulders of the
missionaries. People don't give up on your friends
who've stopped coming to church for one reason or another.
Show them you makes a much bigger difference than
if the missionaries are just doing it. A lot of the time I feel like a mom
because when we tell people to come to church, they think, "yeah ok.
They are missionaries they have to say that." It's like when your mom
tells you you look cute and you think,
"Well she's my mom she has to say that." It's a whole other thing when
a friend tells you, because then you start to believe it. Same goes
for coming to church. We missionaries can tell them that people at
church miss them and want to see them but if no one is actually
reaching out to them, you will never see them in the chapel. So don't
give up. And start inviting your friends to church.
Show them how the gospel has changed your life and help them make that
change in theirs. The world needs this gospel. They just don't know it
yet. So show them.

Ok well I love you guys so much and thanks for all the support!! Have
a great week!!

Hermana Twede

1. Granada district sporting Justin Bieber on the top of the pyramid.
Did you guys know the JB is on a mission in Spain? Well now you do.
2.  So the people of Spain have like a stove thing that they have
built under their tables and then they put a thick table cloth over
the table to trap the heat. So we literally just walk into to people's
houses, sit down, and curl up to the table. It's glorious. And
probably a fire hazard but I enjoy it.

Monday, November 28, 2016



Ok so this week was a bit long. And incredible. Oh my gosh it was just so great I'll just start at the beginning. Ish.

So Tuesday we had district meeting and that was good and I met Elder Stark who went to BYU and knows my good friend Elder Kawika Dipko so that's cool beans. Wednesday we had almost thanksgiving lunch at a members house it was great. We had some really great lessons so it was good. This is where this week got interesting though. We had been trying to figure out something for thanksgiving with the elders and they were gonna try to find some turkey meat and I was expecting them to just come back with deli slices bc who has a turkey in Spain?? Then we are at the members house and I get a call from the ZL's and Elder Kroff is trying to explain to me that they (the elders) are in Alcampo staring at a turkey and then Elder Boston gets on and just says, "We've found a turkey. Like a full on turkey and it's the last one. Are you guys in?" I just looked at Hma Moore and say, "We're in."
That night Elder Kroff called and we asked how big it is:
Kroff: "Elder! Cuánto pesa el pavo?"
Boston in the back ground: "mdmskanebdhejakahbahsh"
Kroff: "8 kilos"
Us: "OCHO?!?!? Elder!!!! ESO ES GIGANTE!!!!!"

So yes....we had an 8 kilo turkey for thanksgiving. For 6 missionaries. For you Americans who don't use the metric system 8 kilos is approximately 18 lbs. It was incredible. We asked if any of them knew how to cook a turkey and all of them said no. But they called our mission nurse Hma Frost and she gave them directions so after weekly planning, we took out mashed potatoes and went to the capilla. Those elders got soooo lucky bc they checked it at the perfect time and it was juicy and one of the best turkeys I've had for thanksgiving. We made turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and no bake cookies. Needless to say, thanksgiving was amazing except I think we almost killed our Chilean with all the food at his first ever thanksgiving. He asked us what else we do and us Americans looked and each other and just say, "....sleep. Then eat some more." When we said that it sounded like a bizarre holiday to me but whatever I'm not complaining.

So thanksgiving was great. Friday we went and did service and then had medio día. Welp we hermanas made a mistake again last week where we uhh....didn't buy groceries again so meals were a little fun. I KNOW I DIDN'T LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE LAST TIME I JUST REALLY WANTED TO PLAY SOCCER WITH THE ELDERS POR FIN LEAVE ME BE!!!
After Mediodia and before English we had a lesson with our investigator and invited her to baptism!!! She said no. But she wants to get baptized just doesn't know when she'll feel she's ready so we told her to pray for a date this week and we'll talk about it more next time. But she's progressing so much so I'm not too worried about it. After English classes we Hermanas sat down with the ZLs to verify the lines for our areas bc there was some confusion. We changed them a little which means we have this new investigator that lives in a refugee home and came to church last week and she is just incredible. The other elders had a lesson with her earlier last week and so we told them they could keep teaching her but then they called later and felt like we needed to be the ones to teach her so we get to teach her and she is so prepared. She came to church again this week and was SHARING THOUGHTS IN SUNDAY SCHOOL AND RELIEF SOCIETY IT WAS AMAZING!!

So that'll be really great. Saturday was incredible. We've been trying to get more animated about contacting bc we just really don't enjoy doing it but we've been doing it for the past 2 transfers bc we don't have investigators so we just said a prayer before we left piso and I just asked for Heavenly Father to help us see His hand in our work that day. Well I had been wanting to pick a building to just knock doors for a while so we were walking around and I had a thought to go to this building where an old investigator lives and we went and Hma Moore rang a random door and asked if we could share a message about prayer AND THEY SAID YES!! So we thought it was door 2°6 so we went up and knocked. Before I tell you what happened be warned: THIS IS REAL LIFE, THESE THINGS DO HAPPEN, THIS IS NOT A JOKE......ALSO I FIND THESE SITUATIONS HILARIOUSLY AWKWARD.

Ok so we knocked on the door and an old man opens the door and we asked if we could share a message with him. This dude is in a bathrobe and his only response is, "You can't come in I'm naked." And then he shut the door. HAHAHAHAHAHAH I seriously died. It was so funny. Ok but the next part of this was so cool. We couldn't remember what door Hma Moore had rang so we just knocked on 2°8, the one next to the naked man and this lady opens the door and she's got these two cute little girls peeking out around the door at us. We shared with them a scripture about prayer and it was so awesome. They were super receptive and then we asked if we could come back AND SHE SAID YES!! She gave us her number and everything and it was great. We left that and just looked at each other and said, "God is so cool."

It was awesome. Every other person in that building that we tried to talk to shut us down but it was fine we didn't care. Also we went to get flowers for a less active that we visit bc it's her birthday and we were in a chino buying a vase and it was 3€ but they cashier only charged us 2€ "Because of your faces. Muy bonitas." We weren't even mad at that.

Sending in their stats to the District Leaders.

So yes it was a great week. 2 investigators in the capilla on Sunday that was incredible. I just had so much love And joy in my heart for Granada on Sunday and especially for my ward. I mean I've had it for a long time but it really hit me that day and I was so happy. Seriously the mission is the best. If you are debating on serving a mission, GO!! It will be the best thing you ever do with your life. "You might regret not going, but you will NEVER regret going." How true is that?!?!
Oh man people, God is amazing. Here in Granada, the work has been practically non existent the last 1.5 transfers, but this week we have been seeing Him open so many doors for us and it is no doubt because we having been trying to do everything He has asked of us during this rough spot. Keep your head up because the good times always come. When life is rough, instead of getting down and blaming God, try to open your eyes and figure out what you need to learn through this trial. God always has a reason. Always.
Ok I love you all and hope you have an incredible week!!

Hermana Twede

New Mall in Granada. Largest in Europe.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Answered Prayers...Literally.

Hello people of Babylon.
So this week was great and incredible and we had (drumroll
please)........NO BAPTISMS!! But it's fine I'm over it.

But this week really was good. We were 3 little Hermanas for a day on
Tuesday due to transfers so we got to experience trio life for 24
hours with good ol Hermana Hooper coming from Jaén going to Cartagena
to her new comp Hermana Mckeown!! So that'll be fun! She was sad to
leave Jaén which was her first area but I think she's got great things
waiting for her in Cartagena and they are just going to kill it. The
whole time she was with us, Hma Moore and I just felt like STLs with
exchanges except we were Missing her companion. But it was good.
Also our ward had a talent show and the missionaries sang Oh My Father
to the tune of Come Thou Fount and I had to sing a little solo and
thought I was going to die. Do t worry windows broke and
everyone's hearing is still intact so it wasn't The Fat Lady status in
breaking glasses. If you don't get that Harry Potter reference go
home. And watch all the Harry Potters. Right now.

Ok SO. The big main things from this week were on Friday one of our
members who is also a recent convert got his mission call!! He has
been called to the Barcelona Spain mission and leaves on the 17 of
January!! We are so so stoked for him. He is one of the strongest
members here and he will leave on his mission just a few days after
his year mark for his baptism. He's seriously incredible and me and my
companion always talk about how we would have loved to have been his
missionaries to teach and baptize him or we at least want to see it
happen. Maybe I'm heaven we can watch his conversion story like a
movie. That would be awesome. He has no idea the big adventure that is
waiting for him and we are all so excited for him to get started! He's
literally going to baptize that whole mission.

Ok other cosa (things). Every Sunday, we meet with this less active in a
member's home and I just love them both to death. But last week we met
with them and we talked about the doctrine of Christ. After our lesson
we invited her to start saying nightly prayers with her husband. She's
been really wanting him to take the discussions but has been really
patience with him. So we felt this would help their marriage and kind
of get him seeing how much this gospel matters to her. She was really
hesitant to commit and didn't want to push her husband to far. We
promised her that if she took this small step with her husband she
would she great blessing. She half heartedly committed to do it so we
left that cita thinking she wouldn't do it. But then we walked into
the chapel and Sunday and GUESS WHO WAS SITTING WITH HER?!! HER
HUSBAND!!! Mind you, this was his 2nd time at church on Sunday and
only 3rd time in the church building. And while I was talking to a
member about something, our less active pulled my companion and just
said, "I took your advice and I prayed with my husband!" She was so so
happy!! People, when we have faith and do what God has asked us to do,
He shows us blessings.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to testify of
His love for His children to the people of Spain in the Spanish language.
This experience was such a huge testimony to me that God has not ceased
to be a God of miracles. It's when we stop showing our faith that we
can't see the miracles He lays out for us. If you can't see His miracles
in your life, look inward and ask yourself what you can do better to
show Him your faith.

Well folks. The gospel is true. Ugh I just love it so much. We had
correlación this week and one companionship of elders announced that
their investigator accepted a fecha (baptismal date). She's been coming
to church every Sunday since one of the first sundays of my first transfer but didn't
have a fecha. So when they announced that I literally cheered.
Everyone just kinda laughed and looked at me but I was so excited that
another one of God's children was coming home. It made me realize that
every success of a missionary is our success too. We are all in this
work together as members and missionaries. So every baptism is our
baptism. Every sealing is our sealing. Every success is our success
because we are all brothers brothers and sisters slowly our family is
all coming back home. So missionaries who aren't having success, stop
thinking that. Because someone somewhere is getting baptized and
that's something to feel good about because wherever you are and
whatever you're doing, you're making a difference. Sometimes you plant
and sometimes you harvest but overall, you're successful and Heavenly
Father is so proud of you.

I ALMOST FORGOT!! We got 3 new elders!! Elder Kroff from
Chile/Northern Spain, Elder Egbert from Arizona, and Elder Stark from
Colorado. I have yet to meet Elder Stark but that will happen tomorrow
at district meeting. But our other two elders are awesome and some
great things are going to be happening here in Granada this transfer.
I'm stoked.

Ok well keep up the good work folks. If you're not sharing the gospel,
get off your couch or your phone or your computer and talk to someone.
Share the light of the gospel with everyone you meet. You don't have
to have a missionary tag to do that.
Love you all! The gospel is true!!

Kia Kaha!!

Hermana Twede

Monday, November 14, 2016


Hey. You. Over there. Yes you. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday. It's
good for your immune system.

 Well folks the time has come....I'M DONE WITH TRAINING WOOHOO!!!!

Also we got transfer calls this morning but let me just tell you a little
tale of the elders in my district. So for one, they love to mess with
me. I made the mistake a while back of trusting everything they say
and it has haunted me. So now they just mess with me all the time. So
all week, Hma Moore and I have been stressed out waiting for transfers
and couldn't concentrate during our studies today, just waiting for
that little phone to ring. So we are happily doing our grocery
shopping when we got a call from our Zone Leaders and it was Elder
Berry on the phone.

Here's the conversation,
Elder Berry: "Hola Hermanas this is Elder Berry. Elder Boston just got
the email for transfers and told me to call you."
Me: "Yeah I thought he would do that."
Berry: "Well would you like to know what's going to happen?"
Us: "Yes that would be wonderful."
Berry: "Ok. Hermana Moore, you are staying here in Granada. And
Hermana want to know where you're going?"
Me: "Yes please."
Berry: "Hermana Twede, you are going to-*click*"
HANGS UP ON US. Then we get a call again from them and this time it's
Elder Boston.
Boston: "Hermana Twede?"
Me: "Yes Elder can you just please tell us what's going on."
Boston: "Ok so the crazy thing is that I'm still going to be your zone
leader but we're going to a different zone..."
Me: ".....ok and what zone is that?"
Boston: "we are going to- *click*"
LITERALLY HANGS UP ON US AGAIN!! By this time I have so much stress in
my body I'm ready to die. Then they call us back.
Me: "I literally hate you all. You guys are dead to us. Do you know
how stressed out I am right now?!?"
Boston: *laughing his head off* "You know what the funny part is?"
Me: "I'm staying in Granada aren't I??"
Boston: "Hahah yeah." Then proceeded to tell us the rest of the changes.

Elders are the literal worst. So yes. I'm staying in Granada for
another transfer with Hma Moore and we are sooooo stoked. Granada has
been preparing for Christmas since October so I'm getting in the
spirit already. Also Christmas and thanksgiving are in this transfer
so it's gonna be great!!

Besides that, this was a great week. It was still hard and the work is
still rough but we found that we were being really negative and it
made for a grumpy companionship. So we have a goal to be more positive
and it's made the week soooo much better. So be positive people.
CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!! My dad told me once that happiness isn't
something that just comes....we have to choose it. And it's so true. I
can think that I'll be happier when I have baptisms or more people to
teach but I don't know that. I have to choose to be happy in this

Also Hma Moore filled a balloon with confetti and gave me a pop tart
bc I finished training so that was great. Also we celebrated
cumplemeses this week. Hma Moore hit 6 MONTHS and I hit 4. Time is
flying and we are already halfway through November!!
Well.....that's about it. Missionary work is great. I love it here.
The people are great. And yep. Read your scriptures people. There's
great stuff in there. When you have a spiritual moment, WRITE IT
DOWN!! And then share it with someone. God didn't want us to study His
gospel then keep what we learn to ourselves....He wanted us to glory
in the happiness of the gospel with others. You never know who might
need a spiritual lift.

Here we have a commitment called OLA. It stands for Orar, Leer,
Asistir. Orar: pray. Day and night. Everyday. Leer: read the
scriptures everyday. Especially the. Book of Mormon. Asistir: GO TO
CHURCH!! These are just some of the small and simple things that you
can do that will help you grow your testimony that this gospel is
true. I'm gonna pull a missionary on y'all but I COMMIT YOU to OLA
this week. Everyday. Just see what happens. And do it with faith. With
faith, God brings miracles. God never ceases to be a God of miracles,
we just stop having faith. Have faith and OLA.


Hermana Twede

Monday, November 7, 2016

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

HOLA AMIGOS! Cómo estáis? Espero que todo está bien y que esta semana
fue súper buena.

Well this week was a week. Not much to report. We don't have hardly
any investigators and no one likes talking to us. But thus is the life
of a missionary in Spain. But LOVING IT!!

The past few days here in Granada have been very wet and very cold.
Today my companion and I went and purchased tights....something I
never thought I would have to do during my mission in the SOUTH OF
SPAIN. But oh well. We turned on our heater for the first time today
and it didn't burst into flames so that's good! I mean I'm in the
church emailing right now and my piso could be on fire (calm down mom
I didn't leave it on....but it may be unpredictable) and I wouldn't
know!! So bueno. Also I've been getting in the Christmas spirit
already and sometimes I make my companion sing a Christmas Hymns to
start out comp study. (My family is reading this and dying inside and
out. And all my roommates are laughing and probs saying, "Yay Brile!"
Because I hate when people play Christmas music before Christmas
but...,the mission has changed me.)

So this week we worked a lot with the less actives in our area and
contacted a lot as well. Funny story. We decided to call all the less
actives in our phone because we didn't know who they were and who to
teach so we called some up and set up 3 citas!! We were so stoked!!
But......our joy was short lived. We decided we should look up where
they live and....turns out 2/3 live in a pueblo súper lejos from our
Piso and in the area of the elders. So we had to call them back and
cancel the cita. Awkward. Hahah. Never make that mistake. NOTE TO
WHEN YOU HAVE TO CANCEL IT. Also the "less active" who
actually lives in our area is a full active member and was the relief
society president for 10 years. Bueno. Needless to say this week has
been a rollercoaster.

But we had stake conference yesterday and it was so great!! We got to
see a lot of our missionary people and that was awesome. But a lot of
what they talked about is finding happiness in the gospel of Jesus
Christ. One speaker talked about teaching the gospel in the home.
Because when you teach the gospel in the home, the family is
strengthened and Satan has less power over you. I loved that. Study
the doctrine peeps. There's such great stuff in there. I'm reading
Jesus The Christ right now and it's opening up my mind to a deeper
doctrine that I didn't know existed and it's so cool. Seriously. Study
the scriptures. Everyone says they want to know what's on the sealed
portion of the plates....but yet they haven't studied the unsealed
portion yet. Study your scriptures. Pray a lot. And just feel the
spirit. My mission has helped me understand this gospel and my
Heavenly Father so much better and I love it. So get studying. Make
scriptures a priority.

Well hope y'all have a fantastic week!! Love yall!

Hermana Twede

Monday, October 31, 2016

Things That Go Bump In The Night

So it's been a sad Halloween here in the little city of Granada. The little missionaries had such high hopes for this day. They were going to carve pumpkins, make caramel apples, and have a jolly good time. But the elders forgot to buy the pumpkins, the church has no knives, and Spain doesn't believe in carrying caramels in their local grocery stores. So the little missionaries have settled with chocolate covered pretzels and plain apples. And all mourned for the loss of what was hoped to be a splendid Halloween.
The end.

So yep our Halloween has been lame. We had such high hopes. And then one by one it started to crumble. So that's sad. But it's ok. We can make next year better....maybe.

Not much to report this week. We had exchanges in Málaga and I got eaten by mosquitos once again. Stinks when your blood tastes so delicious. But it was good. I got to visit with a couple from England and they were so cute and funny and I wanted to mimic their accent but felt that would be inappropriate.

Also we had homemade churros at the house of a member yesterday and they were delicious. One more thing to make me fat. Thanks a lot, Spain. Also I cut my companions hair this week so y'all better watch out because this Hma is opening a salon when she gets home. Jokes. It was an adventure though. She needed a trim and didn't want to pay. So we pulled out the craft scissors (no joke. I know my Aunt is dying inside as she reads this.) and I took off a little bit. Did a decent job.....she still has enough hair to put a bow in it so that's a positive. Jokes. It was good.

Lots of good things this week. Slow so not much to report. We had a menos activa come to church who hasn't been in years and her son received the priesthood so that was cool. But I got to bear my testimony about the restoration a lot.

On a spiritual note this week I wanted to know why it was necessary for Joseph Smith to see God and Jesus Christ. I mean, we all have to show our faith, why wasn't that enough for Joseph? I had my personal opinion about it that it was necessary for Joseph to have a KNOWLEDGE of God. Not just faith. Joseph endured A LOT of trials during this time. It was my thought that because God knew that Joseph would go through all this stuff, He needed Joseph to have a reason to endure it. He needed Joseph to KNOW the truth. As a fact. Not just a belief. So I read Joseph Smith-History and found out that I was right. In verses 23-25: "23 It caused me serious reflection then, and often has since, how very strange it was that an obscure boy, of a little over fourteen years of age, and one, too, who was doomed to the necessity of obtaining a scanty maintenance by his daily labor, should be thought a character of sufficient importance to attract the attention of the great ones of the most popular sects of the day, and in a manner to create in them a spirit of the most bitter persecution and reviling. But strange or not, so it was, and it was often the cause of great sorrow to myself.

24 However, it was nevertheless a fact that I had beheld a vision. I have thought since, that I felt much like Paul, when he made his defense before King Agrippa, and related the account of the vision he had when he saw a light, and heard a voice; but still there were but few who believed him; some said he was dishonest, others said he was mad; and he was ridiculed and reviled. But all this did not destroy the reality of his vision. He had seen a vision, he knew he had, and all the persecution under heaven could not make it otherwise; and though they should persecute him unto death, yet he knew, and would know to his latest breath, that he had both seen a light and heard a voice speaking unto him, and all the world could not make him think or believe otherwise.

25 So it was with me. I had actually seen a light, and in the midst of that light I saw two Personages, and they did in reality speak to me; and though I was hated and persecuted for saying that I had seen a vision, yet it was true; and while they were persecuting me, reviling me, and speaking all manner of evil against me falsely for so saying, I was led to say in my heart: Why persecute me for telling the truth? I have actually seen a vision; and who am I that I can withstand God, or why does the world think to make me deny what I have actually seen? For I had seen a vision; I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it, neither dared I do it; at least I knew that by so doing I would offend God, and come under condemnation"

I think this is so cool. Especially where he says, "I had ACTUALLY seen a light....and they did in REALITY speak to me....I was led to say in my heart: Why persecute me for telling the TRUTH?" The restoration is not just a story, it is a fact. It is a concrete event in time. Joseph knew that there was a God and a Savior because he saw them with his own eyes. It didn't matter what happened to him, he had that PERFECT KNOWLEDGE. God thinks of everything. We don't have to restore the church, we are not being tarred and feathered, we don't need that perfect knowledge. But through us showing our faith, and by praying, we can have a perfect knowledge that God exists and that He restored His gospel on the Earth. This experience helped me gain such a greater appreciation and understanding for the restoration.

The gospel is great. I love you all. And hope you all eat lots of candy. HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃🎃🎃

Hermana Twede

Monday, October 24, 2016

Count Your Blessings

Hey there kiddies. How's good ol Wherever You Are Reading This?? Hope all is well.

Well this week was was a little slow but....I'm learning patience with the Lord's timing. Which, if you know me, you know that patience is a virtue I lack severely so this is good.

We contacted A LOT this week because most of our citas failed us. That's frustrating for me because I feel more productive when I'm teaching can't teach if you don't have investigators and we find investigators through contacting so....thus is the life of a missionary. BUT ITS ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD Y'ALL! Because we found some solid futures and started teaching this one this week and throughout the lesson her family joined us and then they invited us that means WE'RE TEACHING A FAMILY!! So stoked.

But the best part of the week happened at the end pretty much. Well not pretty much it just was at the end. SO. We have been visiting this menos activa (less active) for a long time. She has a son who was baptized and became a menos activo quickly after. We have been trying so hard to get her to come to church and she always says she intends to but never comes. The last time we visited her this week, she was telling us that her son keeps saying he doesn't believe in God and doesn't feel Him in his life and she was just wondering what she could say to him. After that lesson, I just prayed to know how we could help her. I just kept thinking that her son needs friends in the church. Well Friday we had English classes and correlación. The ward also had mutual and we walked out of English class and guess who we saw? The son of our menos activa!!! Our bishop and his daughters had gone and picked him up and brought him! He looked happy to be there. Then they told him that they would pick him up again for church on Sunday. Then on Sunday, Hermana Moore and I walked in and saw him sitting in the pews talking with some members in a white shirt and tie. We were so happy to see him! And he was excited to be there. Then he told us he wanted to receive the priesthood and everything. Then he came out of his classes with a Duty To God booklet and was so excited to start it!! Oh my that was such a big miracle and blessing for this week.

So yeah that pretty much was the best part of this week. I just want y'all to know that I KNOW THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! A lot of garbage goes on in our world today and I don't understand why a lot of it happens. But what I do understand and know is that GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN. And He is SO aware of us and our needs. It's amazing to have the opportunity to witness the way God handles His children as He caters to their every need. The Plan of Salvation is real. And it was created for YOU. My favorite part of that Plan is that there are missionaries in the Spirit World giving people ANOTHER chance to accept the gospel. Literally GOD THINKS OF EVERYTHING! Please.

If you don't know the gospel is true, I ask you to get on your knees right now and ask God if it is. Give God a chance to bring you closer to Him. He loves you. Open your eyes and see it. There's a reason we need to go to church. There's a reason you need to pray. There's a reason you need to read your scriptures. There's a reason for every single part of this gospel and the simple answer is so that we can return to live with God again. I'm only 3 months into my mission and I've preached this until I'm blue in the face. Some people get it. Some don't. Please, I ask you all from the most deep and tender parts of my heart, to come closer to Christ. To rebuild your testimony of the gospel, or to start building it. Have a little faith. As a missionary of Jesus Christ, I get to bear His name on my chest every. Single. Day. And share my witness that this gospel is the true gospel. That I KNOW it is true. That Christ VOLUNTEERED to come down and suffer a price so great that none of us can comprehend, so that YOU CAN LIVE WITH HIM AGAIN. That it doesn't matter where you are, what you've done, if you let Him, Christ will pick you up, and carry you Home. I know this without a shadow of a doubt.

Thank you for the support you give me and all the missionaries around the world. I love you all and have a great week.

Hermana Twede

Monday, October 17, 2016

"Please Open the Door...."

Hey homie G's what crackalackin? Idk how to spell that word but I did
my best ok??

Well was it a week!! If you're expecting me to say, "OH MY GOSH WE
TAKING OVER THE ELDER'S AREA!!" Then you might as well spare yourself
the disappointment and go read an email from someone not serving in

Now that we've got that covered let's get down to the nitty gritty
(don't know how to spell that either I just say it in my head in the
voice of Gru). This week was......slow. And cold. Granada decided to
swap seasons in a day and most of this week was cold and wet. On
Wednesday we left our apartment with only sweaters and sandals on and
were like, "Haha only in Spain. Sweaters and sandals." And then not 5
minutes later it started a downpour. Imagine Cuzco's llama face when
it starts to rain and he's in the jungle or something with
Pacha......literally us. That face that's says, "I'm 200% done." (I
just asked the elders for Pacha's name and now they are quoting the
whole movie hahahah). So yeah that was fun. And yeah it's been cold and
wet the rest of the week and let's just say we are less than prepared
for winter in Granada. Woot.

Ok so yes all of Spain shuts down when it rains so that was less than
ideal for us. Plus no one wanted us this week so that's great.
But we did have one experience that taught me a lot that I'd like to
share. So about a week ago, we contacted this guy in the park by our
Piso and he gave us his number and we set up a cita with him for
Saturday. We met with him in the park again and taught the first
lesson and we both bore testimony about the Book of Mormon and it was
awesome. We invited him to read it and he was super nice but straight
up told us that if we gave him that book he probably wouldn't read it.
He said that yes it's very important to us but right now he's not
super interested in reading it but still wants to be friends. (Felt
like we were getting friend zoned.....but with a future investigator.
Investazoned?? No sé) We were bummed of course because he was super cool
and we felt he was super prepared. But then a quote came into my head
from this last conference, "The conversion of another person is not
entirely up to us." It just taught me that I can do all I possibly can
to help them feel the spirit and accept the gospel, but they still
have their agency to choose. Everyone has agency and investigators are
not exempt from that. Although it's frustrating as a missionary to
accept that, we have to. It's also beautiful to see when people do
accept the gospel and they realize it was THEIR OWN CHOICE. That's the
best part. It makes it that much more special.

So that was our humbling experience this week. Also one of our
investigators came to church for the first time this Sunday
YAYAYAYAY!!!! And we had an activity with the ward on October 12th.
It's a festival in Spain and we celebrated it with an activity called
Día De Las Naciones. Pretty much everyone in the ward brought food,
dances, or song from their country and shared it. It was a blast and
one of our investigators came and she loved it!!
Food from South American and Spain is soooo good.

Hermana Twede with their investigator.

Ok well that's all. Have a great week y'all beautiful humans!! Read
your scriptures and pray and go to church because those are all good

Hermana Twede

Usually not a fan of Reese's, but this was the best American chocolate I'd ever tasted.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Tale of the Starving Hermanas

Once upon a time there were two sister missionaries. One of them had
only a few days left in their area before shipping off to Murcia so
she wanted to do some cool things on their day of preparation.
Well....they ended up not doing cool things and forgot to buy
groceries. A new missionary was supposed to come in a few days and the
missionary who was staying was very worried because they actually had
no food. But then a miracle happened and the new missionary had a
bunch of rice mixes and things from home in her suitcase. So they
lived happily our of her suitcase and barely made it to the next p day
when they were able to buy food. The moral of this story kids is DONT

The end.
Happy Hermanas after they got food today!

I hope you enjoyed that took a lot of mental energy and
good English grammar to summon up that tale. Jokes. But actually not

So this week was a little insane. On Wednesday we literally spent all
day in the train station, shipped Hermana Pastrana off to Murcia and I
got my new companion HERMANA MOORE from the good state of MICHIGAN!!
She's just super great and were a lot a like. She knows way more
Spanish than me bc she lived for one year in Chile so that helps. But
we have a goal to only speak Spanish to each other and it's actually
going pretty well so bueno!! But yes....the story is true. Hermana
Pastrana didn't buy groceries last Monday which was very concerning
for me because we had a few pieces of bread and onions and a little but of
rice and half a chicken breast. That's pretty much it. So you can bet
I prayed super hard for the Lord to provide. Well Hermana Moore comes
and says she has rice packages in her suitcase that need to be eaten
bc she doesn't win them her whole mission....MIRACLE. So yes mom....we
ate out of Hermana Moore's suitcase this week. That was fun. But today
we went and got groceries and now we're good so no pasa nada.
Ok cool story. I mean there were a lot but....I'll stick to one.

So we were invited to eat with the bishops family and the other missionaries
(no worries we had permission to do this tranquilo peeps) at the
church. But it wasn't until 9:30 because the YSAs have institute until
9 and we live pretty far from the capilla so we decided not to go and
just leave after correlation. We really wanted to stay but felt it was
better to go visit our investigator. We invited one of the members to
come with us and we went. This investigator lives with 2 of our other
investigators but they were supposed to be working. But when we got
there, the 2 other investigators were home from work so we got to
teach all three!! We had decided to teach the Plan of Salvation again
bc our investigator had questions about it after listening to Pres
Uchtdorfs talk in conference. HOLY COW the spirit in that lesson was
so cool and so strong. It's my favorite thing to be able to testify of
this great plan of happiness to these people.

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH GOD LOVES YOU?!?! I hope so because dang people
this plan is amazing and perfect and perfectly amazing!! You realize
that God sacrificed His Only Begotten Son so that YOU could live with
Him again? You wanna know how horrible that day was?? Go read chapter
8 of 3 Nephi and that'll give you a little taste. But He allowed it to
happen. Our Heavenly Father allowed His son to come to this Earth, to
minister to His people, to suffer the sins OF THE WORLD, to spill
drops of precious blood for YOUR sins and YOUR sorrows, to be mocked,
spit upon, and hung on a cross like a criminal. He allowed all of this
to happen so that YOU....YOU person reading this right now, could live
with Him again. So that His Son could know your pains and help you
whenever you ask for it. You must be pretty important and He must love
you a lot if He let all that "Let" is the wrong word. He
PLANNED for this to happen. This was the plan from the "foundation of
the world." How hard would that be to have a plan where you have to
watch your Only Begotten suffer so so much? But He did it. For you and
for me and for every single person on this planet and who will step
foot on this earth. Because He loves us. Remember that. Always.
Because it is so so important.

Good golly I love this gospel. It's amazing. And I get to preach about
it every day. What is my life I don't even know! We contacted in the
park the other night and taught the whole first lesson to a man
because he wanted to know more. COOLEST THING. Gosh. Being a
missionary is yes hard.....mentally, physically, emotionally, and
spiritually. But it is oh so worth it and I'm finding more I could be
doing better every single day. Share the gospel peeps. You'll receive
so many blessings.

Also I'm almost to when Christ comes again in 3 Nefi and I'm beyond
stoked to read it. It's gonna be great.

Ok well I love you all and thank you so much for all the support. Also
my comp has chocolate chips in her suitcase so YALL KNOW we gonna be
whippin up some Pizookie here in this transfer. If you don't know what
Pizookie is check your pulse because you must not be living....,then go
look it up and make yourself some because it's quite possibly the best
thing ever. My homies from #2104 and anyone who came to our Pizookie
parties know what I'm talking about.

Ok love you all. Have a grand week. Share the gospel. And buy groceries.
Adios amigos!!

Hermana Twede

Monday, October 3, 2016

WARNING: The contents of this email may be annoyingly excited because of Conference

Sorry to get that I'm your head now but we have a missionary parody of
that song and I think I watch it everyday bc it's legit and explains
my life in Spain.

That was amazing. Such a testimony strengthened that these people are called of God and
VERY inspired in what they base their talks on. I noticed a lot of
themes in this conference such as: repentance, prayer, plan of
salvation, missionary work, and GOD LOVES YOU!!! I found so many
answers to prayers in this conference it was insane.

Something that was said that has been on my mind a lot is that it has
never been known of someone who reads the Book of Mormon everyday with
faith and has lost their testimony and fallen away. Over and over
again, I have the incredible opportunity to testify of the
truthfulness of that book. Do you realize that the Book of Mormon came
before everything? It came before the church was organized, before
temples, before the Word of Wisdom, and much more. Another quote that
I absolutely loved from Gary E. Stevenson: "It is a gift and blessing
from God that the keystone of our religion is something as tangible as
the Book of Mormon." HOW TRUE IS THAT?!? People. It's so simple. If
you read the book, and pray about it, YOU WILL KNOW IT IS TRUE!! We're
not (as my father would say) "asking you to leap tall buildings in a
single bound." We are simply asking you to read and pray. Just do it.
Nike. Boom. The gospel is true.

K well conference pretty much was the best part of the week. Transfers
companion Hma Pastrana is going to Murcia to be a SISTER TRAINING
LEADER!! My new comp is Hma Moore from the beautiful homeland of
Estados Unidos (The United States for you greenies who don't know the
celestial language) and she gets here on Wednesday. This means I get
to lead my area!! YAAAY!! And I have no idea how to do that bc I don't
know my area very well!!! YAYAYA!!! But hey. Faith moves mountains. It
can help me know Granada. So yep. That's the scoop.

Hope y'all have a good week. Read your scriptures. Listen to your
Ok bye love you all.

Hermana Twede

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Smelly Cat

This letter was received on September 26, 2016.

Hello humans that occupy this lovely planet we call Earth.

We visited Ibizin today and these are the pics.
The big pano has the Alhambra right in the middle.
It is famous her and in Spain.

Hope your week was grand. I honestly can't believe it's already Monday.
This week was crazy. There was a festival going on. So yesterday they
had a big parade and bands and all the things and golly
you can get anywhere when all of Granada is walking down the street
holding candles and carrying Tortas (a dulce only available at this
time of year and SUPER delicious.) but super guay (great) too.

Other pics from sightseeing today.

Indie paintings in a random alley

At the parade

Our piso (apartment)

But it's just so cool to see how much God loves His children when
you're a missionary. And it's crazy to see how different every person
is to teach. Some investigators are hard at first but as soon as they
accept what you're teaching them and start to change their life BAM!
Almost a 180 turn around. Then there's some who start to have doubts
and they let Satan get to them instead of trusting God. Good laws
Satan is the actual and LITERAL worst. He is working so hard to pull
us down but if we keep doing what we're supposed to be doing, we can
withstand him. One of my favorite quotes is one by Elder
Bednar in a talk he gave to missionaries at the MTC, "If you want to
punch Satan in the mouth, share the gospel." Well, I want to make
Satan sorry for even trying to mess with us so I'm out here serving a
mission. That quote makes me want to just give everyone a Book of
Mormon and stand In The Center and yell, "HURRAH, HURRAH,
HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!" Golly the gospel is great.

Read your scriptures. Say your prayers. Visit the temple. And don't
let your dads eat pie. also I babysat a cat for like 15 minutes this
week. Videos and pics to come. K well love you all. Have a great

The smelly cat

Also read the talk by Jeffery R. Holland in Oct 2009 General Conf
labeled Safety For The Soul bc it's great. Ok love y'all bye.

Hermana Twede

Video of Gypsies