Monday, September 4, 2017


5 And it came to pass that [Hermana Twede], [she] being an exceedingly curious [missionary], therefore [she] went forth and built [her] an exceedingly large ship, on the borders of the land [Cartagena], by the land [Murcia], and launched it forth into the west sea, by the narrow neck [of La Manga] which led into the land northward. [And thus ended the ninth transfer of the mission of Hermana Twede in the mission of Málaga, Spain.]

Good evening lovely people of the earth. I just had lunch with a nice British man so now I'm just thinking in a British accent.

Well this week has been a wild one to say the least!! Yes....we have received transfer calls but I'll get to that later. So last Tuesday was district meeting and Hna Palmer gave a taller (talk/workshop thing) on working with members and did a REALLY good job. She was so nervous but she didn't need to be she did great. We also met with two new investigators and taught them the Restoration!! They were references from a member who called us on Sunday asking us to visit his daughter and we were MORE than obliged to do so. We had a really great lesson with them and set up a return appointment.

Wednesday was awesome. We had a KILLER lesson with a menos activa in the elder's area who they have us visit. We were talking about faith and when I got here, she didn't want to read the scriptures at all but now she's been reading and praying and even had questions about what she had been reading!! I asked if she feels different and she said yes and I asked in what way and this was her answer: "Before, I didn't believe that Heavenly Father even listened to me. But now I know because when I ask Him a question, He gives me an answer!" AAAHHHH HAPPY MISSIONARY HERE!! She has come soooo far since I got here and it's been such a blessing to see her growth. Also we had a really good Noche de Hogar with one of my favorite families ever. Taught a lesson on finding joy in life even when it's hard. It was really great.

Thursday was weekly planning and then we went to La Manga for an eating cita with a member. BEEEEAUTIFUL!!! Really though I could live there. Pics will be attached.

La Manga

But on our way home, I realized I needed to make a call and when I looked at the phone I saw we had a missed call. I looked at from was from Pte. Andersen!! That was a shock. Well I called him back and we got chatting and then he talked about all the things I've learned this transfer and how now the Lord wants me to use that to help other missionaries. He then asked me if I would serve as a Sister Training Leader. Of course I accepted. He then continued to tell me that the new companion of Hna Palmer would be Hna Stringfellow and said she would be coming the next day!! So we got a taste of transfers almost a whole week early. At the end of the call I asked where I was going but he couldn't remember so i had to wait for a few more days.

Friday was crazy as we started getting the piso ready, went to lunch with our favorite Isabel, ran to a cita with our new investigators and had a killer lesson about the spirit and prayer and the boyfriend has been reading the Book of Mormon and had questions!! So happy!! Then we ran home, threw banana bread in the oven, cleaned up Piso, ran to correlación, sat down for 20 minutes to talk about our investigators and menos activos, then ran back out the door to go back to Cartagena and pick up Hna Stringfellow. Turns out she had gotten in an hour earlier but ended up sitting next to a girl on the bus who was going to be staying with Bishop's family so she was hanging with Bishop's wife when we found her. #Milagros God really watches over His missionaries. Then we went to a member's house to bring him banana bread before he heads back home to Madrid. In return he gave us yummy bocadillos and a whole bag of fresh peppers!! It was a crazy day but good.

Saturday was full of milagros. We visited with two investigators in the morning and had a REALLY good lesson on faith. Then later we went to the house of a menos activa and I had a feeling during studies that morning to invite her to have a NdH the next week. We got there and turns out her grandson had been talking about it and she had told him that they would talk to the Hermanas about doing one! It was a testimony to me that God guides His work if we're willing to listen. Then we passed by our investigator in this one pueblo and he wasn't home but instead watched the neighbors kill a snake in their yard. Sweet. Then we passed by an antiguo who the elders gave us and they were home, hadn't been visited for two years, and we set up a cita for Hna Palmer and Stringfellow for next week. Then we passed by another Menos Activa who I've only visited once and she finally let us in!! We had such a good lesson with her and shared a scripture about increasing her faith. We invited her to start reading again and she said, "Hermanas, don't you worry. I promise I will start reading again." So awesome. That night I found out that I will be going to the land northward of....ALICANTE!! I will be comps with the wonderful HERMANA BAILEY!!! I've done intercambios in Alicante and I love it. I've done intercambios with Hermana Bailey and I love her. Now I get to have both full time!! Stoked.

My spiritual thought is going to be about Sunday. Since it was fast and testimony meeting, I had the opportunity to bear my testimony. And since I was leaving it was expected that I would give it. Those who know me know I really don't enjoy speaking in front of large crowds but I had already decided to give my testimony. Also those of you who know me know I'm not a crier. I thought the mission would make me one but....nope. Well as soon as I get up there, I get out three words and a wave of emotion comes over me as I felt the love for this ward in full force. Many don't know, but this has been my hardest area yet and has taken longer for me to love it. But through my trials and difficulties in these last four months, I've developed a deep love for this place and for this ward. One of the biggest things I've learned here is that, just like Heavenly Father loves these people, He loves me too. It's taken me a long time to be able to say that and believe it, but bearing my testimony yesterday really solidified that for me. I know Heavenly Father loves me, no matter how imperfect, crazy, I am, He loves me. I know it. And no one can take that away from me.

Love you all. Thanks for the support. I'm excited for this new adventure. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!

Hermana Twede

The Fam

Noche de Hogar with Jessica and family

#MorningExercise #TrioLife

Paella with Isabel

Uliana and Maria

Antonia. Love her!!

Our walk to the beach.

Sunset from the bus yesterday (Sunday).

The goodbye crew with Mamita and fam.

Monday, August 28, 2017


🎶We're going on a trip in our favorite autobús, zooming down the street, little missionaries!
Climb aboard, get ready to be bored, zooming down the street, little missionaries!🎶


Also warning: this is a long email. Sorry not sorry.

Anyway so this week was quite the adventure. Almost three full days we were out of our area because we were traveling to Málaga. Why? Well.....since about August 12th, Hermana Twede has been living in Spain a wee bit illegally so had to go redo her residency. But now I'm allowed to live here for another year so we good. So even though we were in buses almost all day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we still saw some miracles!!

On Wednesday we left and I asked in the prayer on our way out that we would have the opportunity to share the gospel with someone in camino for Malaga. Well we went the whole day without sharing anything. I knew I needed to do something but I was tired and used it as an excuse. Well, we passed through Granada, got some pizza to go, hopped back on the bus, and headed for Malaga. There were some new people on our bus and we were in the back with some of them. We could hear these two guys in the back speaking English so Hna Palmer looks behind us and asks where they are from. They were from Holland! Then there were also Italians behind us who spoke English as well. Well, we got in a conversation with them and the conversation went from their adventures in Spain, asking us on a date (that is a mission first), and then into the gospel. They asked more about what we believe and we had the opportunity to testify to them. Neither of them are very religious at all. One of them said, "You know I ask to know God is there. I say, "If you will just give me a sign that you are there, then I will believe."" Well that is a topic that has come up a lot in comp study lately and my mind instantly turned to Alma 32:17-18 that says:

17 Yea, there are many who do say: If thou wilt show unto us a sign from heaven, then we shall know of a surety; then we shall believe.
18 Now I ask, is this faith? Behold, I say unto you, Nay; for if a man knoweth a thing he hath no cause to believe, for he knoweth it.

I was about to say something when Hna Palmer just goes, "Well that wouldn't be faith. He asks us to have faith that He exists." I was so proud. Then he asked if we've gotten an answer to our prayers and asked to share an experience. I just told him about the one that was happening right then, that we were having the opportunity to share the gospel with someone. We both had the opportunity to testify of a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan for them. It was cool. Don't know if it made a difference or them but it was cool to see how God answers our prayers.

We got to Malaga and got to spend the night with HERMANA PICKETT AND HERMANA MCKEOWN!! Hermana Pickett is my former comp from Elche so it was good to reminisce about the good old days in Palm Tree Ville. Hermana Mckeown is from my group and we haven't seen each other since our very first Zone Conference almost a year ago so it was good to see and talk to her. The next day we headed for Fuengirola and talked to a nice old man on the train, then some British people who were very kind and called us "lovely girls". Then I got to see my buddies in my group!! So good.

Another great thing that happened during traveling was we missed our bus from Malaga to Granada, meaning we would miss our bus from Granada to Murcia as well that night. Residency took longer than expected so Elder Moore changed our tickets and we got to stay in Granada for a night!! I had been wishing that that would get to happen when it was my turn to do residency. But when I found out that we'd be staying in Murcia instead I was ok. A little disappointed but it was fine. So when Elder Moore told us we wouldn't make our bus and we would be staying in Granada, I was soooo excited. I didn't expect to be able to see any of the people I visited there because we'd be getting in around 9:30 but it was enough for me to just be there. Well, another miracle happened and we got in at 8:30 to the bus station and to the Hnas piso by 9. When we got there, Hna Matsu opened the door and said, "Ok put your stuff down in the room and then let's go. We're going to go see Maria Guzman. I told her we had a surprise for her." Maria Guzman is like my little Spanish abuela of Granada. We went to her house every single Sunday and taught her and a menos activa. I was sooo excited. I didn't know if she would recognize me because it had been so much time, but she opened the door and gasps and says, "Oh hermana!! No lo puedo creer!! ¿Cómo?" She was so happy and so was I. I remember being at her house my very first Sunday in the field and having the worst stomachache and her just telling me to go home and rest. She always helped me with my Spanish and always made me feel loved. It was such a blessing to be able to see her. And she was leaving for the temple the next day!! So good to see her doing those things. Such a miracle and helped me to really realize that Heavenly Father cares about the little things we care about. I had a desire to go but wasn't expecting it and He gave me that opportunity. I was sooooo grateful. So lots of answers to prayers were seen on that trip.

Maria Guzman! Mi Abuela de Granada!
By the time we finally got home on Friday, we were zombies. Did studying, went to correlación then visited a menos activa and ate until we died (almost literally). Saturday was weekly planning and visiting some peeps. Sunday was so good. I LOVE THIS WARD!! I love who I'm serving with and the people we are serving. It's been such a blessing to have had this opportunity to serve here in Cartagena these past four months.

Ok so I know this email is already really long and most have stopped reading by now but I just want to share something I learned this week from a talk that the wonderful Hermana Clark sent me last week. It's called The Perfect Lie and it's about how Satan tells us that in order to become like Christ, or to feel satisfaction in our lives, we need to do more and to be more. LIES!! This lady explains it like this: "In my efforts to be like Christ, I lived by this math equation: Me + More = Christlike. If I’m more patient, more forgiving, more loving, more charitable, more prayerful (and the list could go on and on), I can be like Christ. Christlike is the goal. Sounds good, right? Except it’s not. It’s the perfect lie. It’s Satan’s equation that he dupes us into living...Nowhere in the scriptures does Christ say that our efforts are inadequate. Never does He say, “If you don’t work hard enough, you’ll never be enough.”
No. His truth and His invitation is “Come unto me, for my grace is sufficient.”
Christ’s truth, I discovered, is more like this equation:
 Me +  Christ = More."

I've started living by this equation. When Satan gets into my head (he does it a lot....rude) and tells me that for me to be successful, for me to go home with no regrets, to feel satisfied with myself, my life, everything.....I need to BE MORE....I've begun thinking of this equation. Instead of telling myself to do/be more, I instead strive to add Christ to my equation. I strive to work as a team with my Savior because I know without Him, I can't do it.

I know my Savior lives and loves me. And know that there is a simple way to walk through this life and it's along side our Savior Jesus Christ. I encourage you all to put Christ back into His proper place in your life. It will change your life. I know because He has changed mine.
Me + Christ = More.

Love you all, have a great week.

Kia Kaha.

Hermana Twede

It's too bad when your comp locks you out of the house....jejejejejeje.

La Manga at night...looked cooler in person.

This is what happens when you pass by a reference that the elders gave you from their area annnnndddd.....
if you look in the distance, you can see two goons in white shirts.

Monday, August 21, 2017


No I'm not playing alphabet soup with the title, that, ladies and gentlemen, is Sternocleidomastoid in Spanish. If you don't know what a sternocleidomastoid is, it is one of two thick muscles running from the sternum and clavicle to the mastoid and occipital bone; it turns the head obliquely to the opposite side; when acting together those two muscles flex the neck and extend the head. There's your anatomy lesson for the day. I'm just getting y'all warmed up for school that apparently starts this week.

Anyway.....this week was pretty awesome. Tuesday we had interviews with President Andersen and they were sooooo great. I love that man. I always think that I could have never served in a different mission bc I don't know what I would've done with a different mission President. Also these people. Today we were talking to one of my favorite abuelas ever and I just thought, if I had never decided to serve a mission, never come to Spain, I would have never met this wonderful human. All these wonderful human beings here in Spain. How grateful I am for the decision I made a looooong time ago to do this with my life.

The rest of the week was good. Thursday was Zone Conf and it was really good to see some of my good friends in the mission. Learned a lot about how to find more people and how we need to strengthen the members we have and work with them. So we're working on that. We had it in Alicante and woke up at 5:15 to get ready and go to the church so I could practice for the musical number, then to the train station for a 2 hour train ride. After the conference and getting home, we were so pooped. We made cookie bars for our investigator's birthday the next day and then by the time we went to bed we were dead.

Friday was fun bc we surpised our cute investigator with cookies and she was soooo happy. Feels so good to make someone else happy. Then Saturday was really cool. We planned and we said a prayer to end and I had this reoccurring feeling to visit this Menos Activa who we just planned to call that day. So when we had comp study, we were figuring out what to teach our investigator and said a prayer and during the prayer, I had an impression to pray if we should go visit this lady so I did and got a distinct answer that yes, we need to go see her. (If you don't think the spirit tells you what to pray for you are wrong......He does) So we called and she sounded bad and almost didn't let us come, but I was determined bc I knew we needed to go. So we just showed up at her house and changed all out plans and it was EXACTLY what we needed to do. The day before, she had something really awful happen and that day we went her and her family were still shaken up. So we went and were able to give her a little bit of comfort. After her, we went to another menos activa who we also didn't plan on going to who has been avoiding our calls and never home. We passed by and she was home too!! Milagros!! She really needed a visit too, she's been dished a good one lately and needed some love. Then we went and explored this creepy pueblo we have now and knocked on a creepy door with a creepy peephole and felt like I was reenacting a horror movie. But it was good.

It was a good week. My spiritual thought today comes from an experience yesterday and one I get every Sunday and one I've had almost every Sunday my whole mission. I have been blessed with the gift of being able to play the piano so I've had the glorious opportunity to play piano in Primary. This ward has been my favorite to play for. These kids just love the songs soooo much and they sing their little hearts out every week. Yesterday, they were singing the song, "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and it became my favorite song in that book. When I heard them sing the words, "“Ama a otros cual Cristo te ama. Sé bondadoso y tierno y fiel. Pues esto es lo que Jesús nos enseña”. Yo quiero seguirlo a Él." I realized how grateful I am to be a part of a church and gospel that teaches little children gospel truths in simple songs. So my invitation to you it to "Love one another as Jesus loves you. Be kind and loving and faithful. Because that is what Jesus teaches us. I WANT TO FOLLOW HIM!!"

Have a great week!! Love you all.

Kia Kaha.

Hermana Twede

This is what we happened upon walking into lunch today.

Zone Conference travelling is rough!

Possibly the last time Hna Lopez and I will see each other before the end of our missions.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Ok so last week we bought these ENORMOUS peaches and so much fruit and
then decided to whip out the hand blender for the 🎶first time in
forever🎶 and we made......SMOOTHIES!! For the first time in over a
year I had a real smoothie in a country where they don't exist. And
let me tell you.....they were DELISH. I think I had one everyday for
breakfast. We are now a hand blender household.

Well this week has been a good one!! I'm gonna do a quick run
through......kinda been a little uneventful seeing as we've been
trying to organize ourselves for our newish area so it's been an

Tuesday we went and met with Obispo Gomez and had a REALLY good
meeting with him about our new areas and what his expectations are. We
came out of the meeting feeling like we had gotten to know him and his
family better and that we're now on the same page. So that was really

This week has been A LOT of calling people. We have over 50 references
from the elders bc of the area change so we've had to take time
during the day to get some of those calls done. Well, one of the days,
after a lot of hang ups, one 31 minute phone call, and fake phone
numbers, we set up some citas with new, old, and future

Our new organized area map!! We were so proud. We tried thinking of cool names for each group.
We ended up calling them Zone 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Sunday, we had the chance to go visit one of these future
investigators and we were ready to teach him the first lesson and had
a plan on how we were gonna teach it. Well....the world was against us
on finding his house first off. It took us 30 minutes, 10000000 phone
calls with him, talking to two other people on the street, and almost
tears from Hermana Twede before he came and found us in his car and we
followed him to his house. THEN! He lives alone........and we didn't
have a woman with us. We walked up to the house and it hit me so we
had a nice lesson with us sitting outside and him inside. But it went
really well. We felt the spirit and he understood everything we talked
about. Towards the end, in my head I just kept thinking, "We are going
to invite this man to baptism." And we did!! And he accepted!! We set
a fecha with him for the 10th of Septiembre. Such a good lesson and
such a miracle!!

Also I'm grateful today for my medical knowledge. We got a call from
the ZLs on their way to the bus station and they found a woman throwing
up in need of an ambulance. Needless to say my instincts kicked in and
Hna Palmer and I were sprinting out the door, went and picked up the
woman and took her to the hospital. From the answers she gave me when
I was asking her questions, I think she had a case of heat exhaustion
and moving onto heat stroke. So grateful for my lifeguard and EMT
training.....not something you get everyday as a missionary.

But this week I've learned a lot about faith. I'm reading the whole
Book of Mormon in 26 days which means about 20 pgs a day and I'm
focusing on faith. I've been reading a lot about Christ. Man those
prophets really testify of Him sooooo much!! But something I learned
is that Christ came down, suffered, and died to bring salvation to the
souls of men. But we can only access that salvation, that eternal
life, through FAITH on His name, that He is our Savior, and let that
faith carry us into repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and
enduring to the end. So people? HAVE FAITH!! If you don't have
any, start doing the little things to get some. Alma 32:27 is a good
one to read if you only have the DESIRE to believe.

I know He lives and is my Savior. I am doing my best to bring the good
news of the gospel to His children here. I love my mission. I love my
Savior. I know it's true.

Love you all. Have a great week!!

P.S. Sorry I wasn't as whitty this week. Try me next week. But hey the
weather decided to take an actual chill pill this week so that was
great!! Ok that's all bye.

Hermana Twede

The sky on the bus ride home from church on Sunday.

Monday, August 7, 2017


SUIT.....JUST TO MAKE IT HOTTER!! (We're working on our positivity)

Ok so it's been a loco week. Fast and slow and up and down and just
everywhere. I'll start with Monday when my lifeguard/EMT medical
knowledge came in handyish. So yes we hiked last week......already
know that. But while we were writing, I got a huge headache and on the
way home was trying not to throw up. We got home and I started sipping
water and hopped in the shower really quick. Then we went to our
lesson with our favorite Ukrainian. We got there and prayed and Hna
Palmer asked if I was ok and I couldn't play it off like I was fine bc
was not para nada. So we went to the lesson and after went home and
ended up having to cancel our Noche de Hogar that we had planned. be short, I had developed a case of heat exhaustion. First
time ever in my life to get that and hopefully the last bc it was
awful. Kids, it's hot outside. Take care of yourself and drink water.

Tuesday was tranquila and everyone failed us. But hey, got some needed
work done so that was good. We also met another one of our neighbors!!
She is very nice and talks A LOT!! But she also knows everyone in the
neighborhood so we've gotten to know more people through her and we
actually met a lady who is good friends with a fuerte family in San
Javier and has been to church before so that was a milagro!!!

Wednesday we had a killer day planned but most of our plans fell
through. We met with a menos activa who we haven't been able to see
almost ever and ate some SUPER GREAT Ecuatoriano cheese with crackers.
But we also got arroz con leche so that was a plus. Then we met with
our investigator and had a really good lesson with him!! OH and we had
correlación and it was really awesome. We're changing the areas around
A LOT so now Hna Palmer and I have all the pueblos in the ward except
3 so we have a lot of work cut out for us. It's been stressing me out
a bit bc it seems like this big elephant in front of us but the last
few days I've just felt Heavenly Father's hand on my shoulder telling
me, "We can do this." So I'm confident that if we put our best foot
forward, we're going to see a lot of blessings. If it's not all right
now, that's ok. But they will come. We've started talking to the
members in those new areas and tomorrow we have dinner with bishop to
talk about the area so we're ready to go.

Thursday was good and crazy. We met with some menos activos then had
another great cita with our investigator and set a baptismal fecha
with him for the 19th of agosto!!!! (Don't miss the sad story below)

Friday we had district meeting and intercambios. Murcia is hot and
great!! I loved working with Hna Clark and with Hna Richardson. They
are máquinas. That night there was no fan in our room so it was hot
and sweaty and I didn't fall asleep until 4:15 AM and then had to get
up at 7:15 Am for some soccer at the church. WOOHOO!! Love running on
no sleep. Let me tell you though.....God blesses you a lot when you
pray for energy.

Saturday we didn't go home, we went to Cartagena, cleaned the church,
did studies in the car, helped the elders move into their new and very
pijo piso, met a new member who is living in La Ribera the next month,
then FINALLY went home around 10 for some Area Book time. It was a
packed day and good.

Sunday was all bright and shiny until......(here comes the sad story)
the Zone Leaders got on the bus and broke the news to us: our
investigator dropped us. He had talked to a catholic priest who said
we only wanted to baptize him for his money and so he told his member
friend to tell us that he doesn't want visits anymore. It was really
sad bc he is SO READY for this gospel in his life. Hna Palmer took it
hard. Also our other investigator who's supposed to get baptized this
weekend has been completely MIA......which leaves us with
approximately ZERO actual investigators. So I was just sitting there
wondering why this all came down at once and I felt a distinct ray of
hope in my heart. These words instantly popped into my head, "There's
a light around the corner." I have firm faith the Heavenly Father has
a lot of milagros waiting for us so I'm not worried.

I just want to share something that I experienced during intercambios.
I had a good discussion with Hna Clark about seeing myself as God sees
me, because that's been a struggle almost my whole mission but it's
gotten progressively worse at this point in my mission. That night a
lot of what she had said and things President Andersen has said to me
were floating around in my head. During my last interview with
President, he told me that God accepts my offering (the work I've done
during my mission). I was just thinking, "Why?! It's so small and
imperfect compared to the offerings of others! How could He accept
that?!" While I was thinking about that, the story of the Widow's Mite
popped into my head and the words, "Her offering appeared small too,
but she gave the most, because she willingly gave all she had. Stop
looking at other offerings that you can't give because that's not what
you're here to give. If you give even just two mites, that is more
than enough for the Lord." So it was cool. I thought it was just me
thinking about it randomly and it just happened to apply. But the next
morning I kept thinking about it and started writing all of it down,
thoughts, experience, feelings, in my study journal and realized that
it had been from my Heavenly Father. That story popping into my head
was God communicating with me through personal revelation. So now,
instead of looking at the offerings of others, I have a question that
I want to ask myself everyday, "Did I give my two mites today?"
Because I can only give what I have, I can't give what my old
companions, missionaries I look up to, even my brother or parents
have....because that's theirs to give. I have what I have and if I
give that, I know the Lord will be pleased and come January I will
feel that I did all I could to bring to pass His work here in España.

So I guess what I want to say today is that no offering is too small
for the Lord, if you give it with your heart. I just want to testify
to all those who don't think they are giving enough; who think that
they have so little to give compared to those around them; who think
that God frowns on them when they make mistakes; TO THE
to offer is enough. If you only have two mites to give, GIVE THEM!! I
know my Heavenly Father loves me.....I don't have to be a perfect
missionary for Him to love me. And you don't have to be a perfect
person for Him to love you. Pray to feel His love because it's there.
I know my Redeemer lives and I can be perfected IN Him.

Love you all. Have a stellar week.

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

When you see a herd of goats and go to give them a Book of Mormon then the owners
yells at you to come over and instead lets you hold his baby goat. #RandomPDayAdventures
Us with Paco the Goat Man. He told us we could have the baby goat and when
we told him about us he asked if the baby goat would be a missionary too.
 #ClaroHombre #TwedePalmerBabyGoat #DreamTeam

They (Elders) didn't think we could fit everything....CLEARLY they don't know how to pack a car.

Intercambios with Hermana Clarky

Skies are cool!

Monday, July 31, 2017


Ok so this week has been STELLAR!! It's been such a ride.....I don't
even know what happened but it was good stuff. I will do my best to
cover some of it and make it interesting but no promises.

Monday was good stuff. Tuesday was sad bc people were leaving and
going home. Hna Palmer has been flipping out bc she just got here but
it's ok. I'll get back to Tuesday in a second. Wednesday was crazy for
everyone else but we had a pretty normal day.

Ok before I move onto Thursday, Tuesday we were planning for a Noche
de Hogar with a Part member family and we REALLY wanted something that
could touch all of them. It's a family who lives in the Elder's area
but they asked us to visit the daughter every week because she opens
up to the Hermanas a little more. Then last week her parents asked us
when we could come for a Noche de Hogar. The Dad and daughter are
members but the mom is not so we wanted to teach a good lesson with a
strong spirit, but simple. So we had planned that morning to talk
about humility. I was sitting in District Meeting, looking at Elder
Wilding talking and just thinking about what this family needed to
hear. I had thought about asking Elder Wilding if he had any ideas on
what we could teach when Elder Seely gave his testimony about how the
best thing ever in his mission is being able to testify of the
Restoration. That thought stuck with me and I thought, "Aw yeah that's
really cool." Then it was like a little bell or something went off in
my head and I thought, "That's what we need to teach them. Something
about the Restoration." So when we got to comp study later I told Hna
Palmer my thoughts and we started pulling together a lesson. We would
start getting down what felt like the right track and then we'd get
stuck and it wasn't coming together. At one point we had 3 focuses in
mind but felt we should just have one, but didn't know which: Joseph
Smith, The Book of Mormon, and the Holy Ghost. So we decided to pray
about it. At the end of the prayer, I sat there trying to listen for
an answer. I wasn't getting anything so I stood up and Hna Palmer
says, "I feel like we need to focus on the Book of Mormon." After
that, the lesson plan just fell together. It ended up being such a
good lesson. The daughter and her dad had a chance to testify of the
truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and that God answers our prayers in
front of the mom. It was so cool. I testified of the Book of Mormon
and then I looked to my companion to testify and when she started to
talk about how the Book of Mormon has changed her life and how she
knows it's true, such a strong spirit came into the room. I can't even
describe it to you but it was soooo powerful. I just thought, "Holy
cow, she's going to be an incredible missionary." It was really cool.
We invited them to read the Book of Mormon as a family every day and
they accepted to do it. Such a cool experience. Big testimony to me of
the importance of planing, prayer, and relying on the spirit.

Thursday was una LOCURA!!! LITERALLY MADNESS!!! I won't go into
details but, we had a very detailed and planned out day.......NO
THAT WAS THURSDAY!!!! It started out with a really nice weekly
planning, got interrupted with some service.......and ended with
"service" (?) and madness until after lunch time. But hey, we ended
the night with a top notch Noche de Hogar with a bunch of jóvenes
including 2 investigators.

Friday was tranquilo enough for me to not remember what happened.
Saturday was awesome. We got some contacting in and I realized even
more what a máquina my companion is holy cow. SHE HAS NO FEAR AT ALL!!
We're working on our contacting and so we had some time to do it on
Saturday and saw LOTS of milagros. This guy who started out super
crazy and unbelieving and ended a lot more chill and decided to pray!!
Then a random guy yelled at us from his car, and turns out his
daughter is a member and both the parents (Dad inactive, mom non
member) were telling us to come meet with her so that she goes back to
church. Milagro. Then I contacted an old man and asked if I could help
him paint his garage. He said no but he did let me give him a
card......even if he had ME put it in HIS back pocket of his
shorts......and then later a lady named Carmen sang to us!! The
adventures of contacting just are the greatest.

going to church, help out a member get all the stuff that fell out of
her car in order, welcome people,etc. Then I finally walk into the
church and look up and I almost died. Why? Because standing in front
FROM THAT BLESSED PLACE!! They came and visited me and gave me a
wedding announcement and I WAS SO HAPPY OH MY!! The best thing ever is
to be able to see someone again who was converted and is STILL
progressing soooooo much in his this path with Christ. Such a milagro
and blessing from my Heavenly Father.


Guys I LOVE THE MISSION!! I was on the bus yesterday coming home from
church, switching my view back and forth between out the window and
Hna Palmer learning little hand games with the members and I felt a
deep love in my heart for Spain and this work. I can't completely
explain to you how I feel about this place, but it feels like when I
went back to NC before my mission and it felt like I had just come
home. Spain has become home, and I love it with all of my heart. I
thank my Heavenly Father everyday for allowing me to come serve these
people for 18 months. It's been hard.......but it's been the best last
12 months of my life. I know this church is true and that I'm doing
God's work.

Have a great week. Love y'all.

Kia Kaha.

Hermana Twede

We went on a hike today! Don't mind the tomato normal.

Pano from the hike today. Mediterranean on one side, Spain on the other.

Our fave American family who are leaving us. The Wallace crew will be greatly missed.

This is our new ride. Be jealous! (JK)

Monday, July 24, 2017

BB Therapy

My watch finally kicked the can this week.......that was sad. So for a solid 8 hours I just had a pale strip of naked skin on my wrist and lots of stress as I tried to look at the time during lessons only to see NADA, before I broke and had to go to the store to buy a new one. Now I know what time it is so we good, WE GOOD!!

Well this week was chock full of milagros. First off, why is that a thing? To say something is "chock full" of something? Doesn't make sense. Anyway, so I have two main miracles for the week. One of them was our investigator who had a fecha bautismal (baptism date) but kind of almost dropped us. We had been trying to get in contact with him but he wasn´t answering our calls or anything and we don´t know where he lives because we always meet with him in a member´s house or in a park. So we went to correlación and talked about it and just asked if the bishop or someone from the ward could give him a call that would be awesome. So right then, one of our ward mission leaders walked out and called him. He came back in explaining what our investigator had said to him and that we could call him. So we were going to call him after correlación but during the meeting, when the elders were talking, we got a phone call from him. So we walked outsde and answered it and talked to him for a bit. The next day he called us asking if he could meet with us. We had a Noche de Hogar that night so instead we invited him to that and he said yes! We had a great Noche de Hogar that night with lots of people. Then we met with him on Friday and we knew from other member friends that his big issue was diezmo (tithing) because he already doesn´t make a lot of money from his job, then he has to pay for his house, his car, his brother´s medications, etc. So we gave him the folleto for Diezmo because those have worked really well with him. He had a lot of questions but we told him to read the folleto that night and that on Saturday we would talk about it. So Saturday comes and we meet and talk about diezmo and the importance of it and asked him to explain what he understood from it and he understood it REALLY well. Then at the end we asked him if he will live the law of tithing after his baptism and without hesitation he said, "Yes." SO COOL! I am not going to lie I expected a little more resitence and questions. It just goes to show that those who are becoming truly converted will accept all the commandments and LIVE them. Really cool.

Another miracle is a joven that has been taught since January and has had countless fechas in the past. Last time we set a fecha, we were serious about it and he knew what he needed to do. His issue has been church attendence. It is so hard to get him to church more than once a transfer. So last time he missed his fecha, instead of setting another one, we gave him some space. So as of late, we haven´t met with him. But after our noche de hogar on Thursday, we set up a cita with him for the next day. We had a good discussion with him. He told us that last week after work, he told his boss he couldn ´t work on Sunday anymore, so now he has Sunday off!! So we invited him to church. Then I had a small prompting to set another fecha bautismal with him. I asked him if he really wants to get baptized and he said yes. So together, we picked out a date. August 12th! Then we showed him on the calendar that he needs to come to all those sundays leading up to his baptism, including the ones after. He accepted. So we invited hm to church the next day and he accepted. And he really came!! It was so awesome. After church, we got off the bus and we were walking back home with him and he pulls out his permission form for Youth Conference!! We didn´t even ask! He just said, "Hey look I´m going to Youth Conference!" We were so excited for him!! So that will be a very good experience for him and I am confident that he will be more than ready for the 12th of August.

Another miracle that we've seen explains the title of this week's email. BANANA BREAD!! We had a hard day on Saturday and after needed some therapy. Here in Cartagena everyone loves banana bread thanks to Hermana Bailey so as of late we've been a banana bread factory. But on Saturday, we decided we needed something to get our spirits up so we made banana bread. Need therapy? Make banana bread. Helps when bajo de animo and makes people happy and if you ever have a hard time visiting less dose of banana bread will do the trick.

Ok well this morning I was reading a really cool talk about forgiveness called, "The Healing Ointment of Forgiveness" by Elder Kevin R. Duncan. Oh my it was soooo good. There was a lot of parts I really liked. "Forgiveness is the very reason God sent His Son, so let us rejoice in His offering to heal us all. The Savior’s Atonement is not just for those who need to repent; it is also for those who need to forgive." I had never thought of forgiveness being the reason that God sent His son to the earth. When we think of the Atonement, we think of Christ suffering for our sins but I guess for me, I never think of "forgiveness" right off. But that really is the whole reason Christ was sent here. To carve a path of FORGIVENESS from our sins. We know that the Atonement was for our sins so that GOD can forgive US for our trespasses, but did you realize that it's also for YOU to forgive your NEIGHBOR/FRIEND/FAMILY for their trespasses?? And for THEM to forgive YOU of your trespasses?? Makes one think. I guess my thought for today is: People? Forgive one another!! Stop holding onto your grudges. It's not worth it. A kid asked me once that if you are messed up and your mom is messed up because your dad abused you as a child, what do you do? Do you forgive him? I told him yes. It's not your job to hold onto that. Let God take care of it. My favorite quote ever is, "Holding a grudge is like drinking poison hoping for the other person to die." If Christ went through sooo much to take those grudges from you, save yourself a lot of pain and LET HIM TAKE IT!!

I know Christ is my Savior. I know Heavenly Father loves me. I know that through them I can do anything.

Love you all. Have a great week.

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Sorry we didn't take any pics this week. So enjoy this rare art from the children who like to draw on my iPad on the way to church.