Monday, November 13, 2017


Hello culinary people!!! Jokes just quoting a movie that probably no
one will get it's fine. I'm used to quoting movies by myself......

Anyway so it's been a good week!! My cold has whipped wildly through
me very quickly. When I talk Spanish (and English) i still sound a
little bit like I'm plugging my nose but it's getting better.
#MILAGROS So super duper grateful for that.

Tuesday was awesome because we went to Elche to have a district
meeting with them and at was good. Then we brought Hna Lake and Hna
Dillon back with us for intercambios!! I got to be with Hna Dillon for
that night and she is in training and a MÁQUINA!!! She was contacting
people left and right and I was amazed!! So it was a really good and
we got some good contacting in and taught English and had an all
around good night.


Wednesday we were supposed to work with the Hnas for a little longer
but had the pleasant surprise of THEIR Piso checks so we had to send
them off quickly and then went to the church and taught a funny
Italian man. He was very fuerte but invited us to "dar una vuelta" in
his boat that he lives in so that was nice of him. Later that day we
got failed many times but está bien because we got to go choir
practice because I was asked to play for them. So we got to hang out
with the cutest old Spanish abuelas so that was fun.

Thursday we had Piso checks and PASSED!! Woot. They gave us cheesecake
snickerdoodles and they were AMAZING!! Then we had weekly planning and
it went really well. That afternoon we had a REALLY interesting lesson
with one of our investigators and I will not give details but then the
Noche de Hogar after with our fave family was AWESOME!!! We've seen
soooo many miracles with their family and so excited to see more. Also
they are ALL READING THEIR SCRIPTURES EVERYDAY!!!! Makes a missionary

Friday we had a good lesson with another investigator on the Plan of
salvation and I had a really cool opportunity to testify of the
truthfulness of the Plan of Salvation through knowing the Book of
Mormon is true. I probably should have done that a while ago but it
was really cool. Then we had district meeting, met with a menos
activa, met with a member and she taught out how to make bread, and
then contacted. Good day.

Saturday we did some studies and then ate with our favorite family
from Bolivia. They also taught us how to make our favorite dish Majau.
SO GOOD!! I love Southie food. Also that night we had a miraculous
meeting with one of our recent converts. We taught him how to put
Christ back into His proper place in his life. Really cool.

Yesterday I had the BLESSED opportunity to speak in church. I decided
to speak on love because that has been a big theme. I've realized that
our Heavenly Father has been trying to teach us to love each other. It
is something I'm learning to do more and more but I came to the
realization that to learn how to love, we need to put Jesus Christ
back in the center of our lives, because He knows how to love
perfectly, despite our mortal imperfections. I invite all, just like I
did yesterday, to put Jesus Christ back where He belongs: in the
center of your life. He has changed my life and I know that I've come
to know Him more in my time here in Spain. I love the Lord. I love the
gospel. I KNOW ITS TRUE!!!

Have a great week!!

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Choir Squad

Waiting for our investigator...mice decided to join us.

Lessons with Bea!! She's a hoot!

We made pazookie!

Our church doesn't have a freezer so....we are geniuses and made the ice cream into an ice cube!

Monday, November 6, 2017


Did you know that pig tongue is actually not as good as it sounds? And
that even when you wear a mustache, you still won't look Mexican? Oh
and that Elder Trowell is really good at fake crying? Well.....all are


Ingredients: Pig head, pig skin, and pig tongue. #YUM

Another fact: If you take missionaries to a wedding, they won't want
to make some cookies, they will just feel very awkward.

This week has been a good one. I can't promise I'm going to say a lot
of inspiring words because I'm tired and slightly under the weather so
apologies in advance. But speaking of weather, it's finally started to
cool down a little here in Alicante!! Tomorrow is supposed to drop a
lot so stay tuned, sweater weather is upon us.

Ok so Tuesday we had intercambios with Hermana Aase and Aguilar and it
was HALLOWEEN!! So we ate with the missionaries at Domino's to
celebrate. I was with Hermana Aase that night and it was awesome. We
saw sooo many miracles and our companions found a new lady to teach
and she is super awesome!

Wednesday we had ZONE CONF!! It was so awesome. We got a new chapter
of Preach my Gospel and it's awesome. Also Elder Bennasar and his
sweet wife spoke to us again and they did really well. Great humans.
That night we taught our new investigator and because she also speaks
English, we got to have the help of Hna Andersen as well!! Really
powerful lesson on the Restoration.

Thursday and Friday were intercambios with Hna Malcom and Hna Lindley,
both just gems and great missionaries. We learned so much from them so
it was a blessing to have them. Thursday morning I had interviews with
Pte Andersen and it was so good. I love just being in his presence. We
also decided to make lentejas (lentils) and didn't realize that when
you put them in water, they quadruple maybe
tripling the recipe wasn't our wisest decision......but they tasted
good in the least the ones who made it to the pot.


Just sooo many lentejas.......

Saturday was really awesome. Kinda a crazy day but we started doing
the new weekly planning and that was an adventure. But we set some new
goals so this week will be good. #EmotionsWeek buthen remember my
recent convert Rubén and his cute fiancée Eva?? Well we used to joke
that I was gonna happen to end up in Alicante when they had their
wedding.....well it actually happened and I got permission from
President to drop in and congratulate them!! They looked soooo happy!!
So proud of them and the steps they are taking to be sealed one day in
the temple. But also Hna Bailey and I realized that if you want to
stick a missionary 100% out of their comfort zone, take them to a
wedding. Most awkward 5 minutes of my life. But it was fun to see

Weddings. Marriage. So cute!

Sunday is always a special day. Our investigator came to church.
Testimony meeting adventure but good. I love the
opportunity to fast and it was awesome because we fasted with some
members and it went really well.

Today we've had a Mexican themed pday so we've been eating dip,
quesadillas, fajitas, lots of chips and stuff so it's been fun.

The message I want to share is one I've been sharing for the last 16
months: the light of the gospel changes lives. Hna Bennasar talked
about after Christ died there was that very dark Friday, but that
Sunday did come and it was a bright and glorious day. "Because of the
message you share, those people who are stuck on a dark Friday, they
can see Sunday come." (Hna Bennasar) the gospel brings a light into
our lives unlike anything else. I am a witness of that here in Spain.
I know it changes lives because it's changed mine. I may be young, but
I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't have to pass
through the worst trials ever to know that, and even when I pass
through those trials, that will not change what I know to be true. I
know it is true. If you don't yet, I invite you to do what is
necessary to obtain that testimony. It will serve you for good for the
rest of your life.

Have a great week. Love you all.

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

We found Neverland!


Stairs are just hard sometimes.

Monday, October 30, 2017


I honestly cannot believe it is Monday again already. Time is FLYING!!
Me and Hna Bailey were talking about this earlier.....sometimes you
have long days and it's only Wednesday and then you blink and you're
writing a group email again. I don't know what God does to mission
time's weird.

So Monday was awesome with some great Noches de Hogar!! We had one
with a family from Bolivia and had 2 non members there!! Had a good
lesson and one of the videos we watched was on faith.....SO
IMPORTANT!! And then after we ate the most incredible empanadas I've
ever had in my life. I dreamed about them for the next few days. Then
we went to another Noche de Hogar with some of our favorite Colombians
and one of our investigators came. After the thought, we played one of
my new favorite games called Peca (Freckle). If you've ever played Big
Booty you pretty much got most of the game down. So everyone has a
number and you say, "Número 1 no tiene ninguna peca, cuantas pecas
tiene 4?!" And you're chanting and you have to do it well or if you
mess up everyone starts clapping and chanting, "PECA, PECA,
PECA......." and someone comes and draws a dot on your face. SO FUN!!
Jajaja Hermana Bailey was the target for one of our members so she
ended up with 5 pecas. Super fun. Then they gave us some loaded hot
dogs for the road......#Latinos

Hot Dogs. Level: Colombian

She lost the PECA game
Tuesday and Wednesday we had intercambios with our friends Hna May and
Brinkman from Elche and that was a good time!! Saw some miracles so
that was good. One of them was a long correlación during which I got
to talk to our favorite Gregorio over Skype!! Great man. Wednesday we
met with a menos activa and had a good lesson with her.

Thursday was awesome and we had some great citas with menos activos
and then a killer Noche de Hogar. Is was with a part member family
who's dad is a non member but has changed his heart and is listening
to us now. It's been a poco a poco process but we've seen soooo many
miracles. This Noche de Hogar, we made a lesson plan because we knew
he was gonna be there but then we got there and he told us he wasn't
going to attend because he had an interview. So we decided to do a
testimony meeting instead. Well.....a few minutes later he walked in
and said his interview had been cancelled and he knew that it was for
a reason!! So awesome!! So he got to hear his family's testimonies and
bear his own. Such a cool night and the spirit was so strong.

Friday we did some service in helping a menos activo prepare more for
moving. That afternoon we had merienda with a member and then met with
a menos activa who is progressing really well and one of our awesome
recent converts. Saturday we had lunch with some of our favorite
Bolivians and their meal did not disappoint. South American food is
quickly becoming my favorite food. RICE! BEANS! FRIED BANANA!
afternoon we had an interesting lesson with our investigator. I've
learned that teaching the Plan of Salvation can take soooo many
interesting turns......then we went and got some stuff at Mercadona
for our little trip and then talked to our Hermanas about their weeks.

Sunday was awesome with joint classes!! Our bishop is so awesome and
just spits knowledge every time he teaches. After church we had
consejo and then we went and hopped on a bus to Málaga !!! Last night
we stayed with some Hermanas in Málaga and then this morning we had
mission consejo and it was so awesome. We had the Area Seventy, Elder
Bennasar from Paris, France, and his wife come speak to us.

One thing I really loved about what he talked to us about was failure.
He loved the way we talked about our goals and "struggled" over
revelation. He started telling us about Nephi, when him and his
brothers were sent back to get the plates. (If you don't know the
story, go read 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon......once you finish
that, keep reading. I promise it's a good read) Anyway, so they have
their goal: get the plates because it is wisdom in God that they have
them. they come up with Plan #1: Laban and Lemuel just go
ask. Does it work? No. Laman and Lemuel see the failure and want to
turn back. But Nephi says, "We're not going back home yet. The goal is
good! What's Plan #2?" Plan #2: Get their gold and bribe Laban. Does
it work? Still no. now we get to Plan #3 because the goal is
still the same and still good. Plan #3: Not knowing beforehand what to
do and relying on the Lord. Does it work? YES! Why? Because the other
plans failed. Through what Nephi learned from the first two plans, the
Lord was able to help him carry out the third. Sometimes this happens
to us. Our plans to fulfill our goals fail the first couple times. But
as we learn from our failures, the Lord helps us reach success. A
quote from Elder Bennasar that I loved: "Don't be too troubled when
Plan #2 doesn't work out exactly how you planned." Keep the faith,
through the Lord you will find success. I know it's true. I know the
Lord loves us and helps us carry out the righteous desires of our

Have a great week. Love you all.

Kia Kaha.

Hermana Twede


Bus ride home.

Monday, October 23, 2017



Well it's been a week over here in Alicante. Transfer week is always a
bit crazy so we've been the Twede & Bailey Bed and Breakfast. Tuesday
night Hna Dos Santos and Hna Aase came and stayed with us until our
beloved Hna Dos Santos left us for Sevilla on Wednesday. Then Hna Aase
got to spend the day with us crazies until her new comp, Hna Aguilar,
arrived from Sevilla!! So we've had people in and out of our house
until Thursday morning.

But I'll back up. Tuesday was a day of milagros at our Noche de
Hogar!! A couple weeks ago, Hna López and I were on intercambios and
stopped and talked with the mom of one of our members and her friend
while they were doing exercising and never heard from the friend
again......until Tuesday!!! Walked into the Noche de Hogar and there
she was!! She loved it and we set up a cita to meet with her later in
the week. Our beloved Gregorio gave his last testimony here in Spain
before he is joined again with his family in Colombia. There was not a
dry eye in that room. He will be greatly missed. And some other
milagros of future investigators just made for a really great Noche de

Wednesday, after we sent off Hna Dos Santos and Elder Jamison, we had
a great cita with one of our menos activas and then did some studies
and then went to a nice eating cita with great Colombians.....then it
started we went and bought some Cola Cao.....and then
we had a Noche de Hogar and Hna Bailey almost killed our Relief
Society president......but didn't so it's fine. :) and then we had an
interesting night and a great meeting with our bishop. I love our
bishop. He tried to help his missionaries and his ward as much as
possible and it shows.

Thursday we sent off the other Hermanas and then did some weekly
planning. That afternoon we had a really great lesson with one of our
menos activos and we shared a video about having the faith to let
Christ heal us. The spirit was so awesome!! Then we had
another Noche de Hogar with a part member family and it went super

Thursday night on the way back from our NdH, we had quite the
experience!! We were standing at a cross walk when this man called
over to us and said he had a question. He's from Nigeria so he spoke
English to us and started to tell us about how his girlfriend broke up
with him and then next thing we know he's asking us woman advice. So
we told him to pray about it and gen to meet with us and hear our
message......he said ok!! So Friday we met with him and it was an
interesting lesson to say the least. To give you an idea on how the
lesson went, after the prayer, we got talking and he says, "I'm
actually not human."......never a dull moment in the mission. After
that we went and did some visiting teaching with a member and went
off-roading with a 1 year old in a stroller in the that
was fun!! Later that night we had a lesson with our recent convert and
that wrapped up our night.

Saturday was a jam packed day of citas and lots failed actually. We
got dropped by an investigator, contacted a really nice man and his 2
year old son, got 2 new investigators, and had an incredible lesson
with a menos activa. It was a jam packed day and I felt like I was on
a spiritual high!! Highs and lows from that day but had some really
cool, spiritual lessons so that was awesome.

Sunday we got to take the sacrament!! It was an interesting sacrament
meeting but really nice to take the bread and water and just feel the
peace that comes from renewing those covenants.

This week I'm really grateful for the priesthood and Heavenly Father's
love for all of his children. He really knows us personally and knows
exactly what we need. Something I've learned on my mission is that God
knows. I can't see what's ahead but that's ok because God does.
Sometimes, my abilities as a missionary can be very very limited, but
I know that through God and Jesus Christ, all is possible. I've grown
such a strong testimony of the love God has for His children, even
when we make mistakes. He loves us so much and that is why He's given
us the gospel. I know that Christ suffered for us individually because
He loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is a divine being. I know that
Jospeh Smith is the prophet of the Restoration. I know the Book of
Mormon is true. And all of it is proof that my Heavenly Father loves

Have a great week!

Kia Kaha!! (I keep forgetting to write that whoops)

Hermana Twede

I spy with my little eye....

Chill P-Day

Monday, October 16, 2017

Video of the Dance-Fiesta De Las Naciones



Good afternoon humans. (Morning if you live in Utah)

Well it's been a crazy week here in our neck of the woods!! But it's
been awesome. Monday and Tuesday, I took a road trip down to
Fuengirola to pick up my residency card! Since they just got new cars
in the mission, we drove down in the old cars and back on Tuesday in
the new cars. While I'm Malaga we ate some fish and chips with the
elders in a cafe near the beach. Don't have pics so you'll just have
to imagine in your head the Mediterranean, white sand, and British
accents. It's a glorious scene.

Wednesday was spent practicing our dance for Thursday, buying
decorations, teaching a lesson, and setting up some more. Thursday
morning we had some setting up to do that morning, ate a delish
Bolivian dish called Majau, then it was the FIESTA DE LAS NACIONES!!
Ok so on Oct. 12th here in Spain there is a festivo called "Día de las
Naciones" and it's a day where we just celebrate all the different
cultures in Spain. MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!! So we have been planning an
activity between the two wards here in Alicante and we had an
INCREDIBLE turn out. About 150+ people came and we would say about 1/4
were non members. We got to watch some beautiful dances from all the
different South American countries and then the missionaries stepped
on the stage and the crowd went wild. We prepared a dance to represent
the great US of A with our Swedish and Argentinian friends and it was
awesome. Nothing says America like Hoedown Throwdown and confetti

The Crew

We made this frame....we almost burned it at the end, but it's fine.

We love our Colombians
Friday we practiced a song for the baptism on Saturday. Then we did
some studying and stuff and I ate Kebab for the last time ever (that
was a mistake......doesn't matter how many times I eat it, it's still
gross and still wrecks my stomach), then we had INTERVIEWS!! Oh man it
had been waaaaay to long since I had seen President Andersen and it
was just a happy interview. I walked in and sat down and he just said,
"Am I correct in reading 'Happy' on your forehead?" "Yes!" "Am I
correct in reading 'Confident' as well?" "Yes!!" Then he just smiled
and gave me a fist bump. I LOVE THAT MAN!! So blessed to be in this
mission. Also he informed me that I would be STAYING in Alicante with
Hermana Bailey!!! The Lord has more for us to do here and we are

Saturday and Sunday were just INCREDIBLE!! We had intercambios with
Hermana Dos Santos and Hermana Aase and they are just great. We also
had stake conference and we had a visit from a member of the seventy
named Elder Phillips and he gave GREAT talks. Pretty sure he had talks
prepared but ended up changing them completely.


Elder Phillips! He's so cool!

Something he said that I really loved was when he was talking about
what a yoke is. He told us that a yoke is designed to combine the
strength of two to carry a burden too heavy for one. Heavenly Father
KNEW we couldn't lift our burdens here in mortality alone, and for
that He sent His Son. We all have boulders on our backs that we try to
carry and try to lift but we can't. But if we combine our strength
with the Savior's, our burdens become light. "Whatever that boulder
is, the Savior says, "Together, we can do this. Together, it will be
okay."" (Elder Phillips) My testimony of the Savior and His Atonement
has grown significantly. I know that He thought of me when He was
suffering and because He loves me so much, He went through all that
pain and suffering so that my burdens could be made light. And I know
He has done that for each one of you as well. I love this gospel. I
love my Savior. I know through Him I can do all things.

Love you all and have a great week!!

Hermana Twede

Because Gregorio is leaving us:(

We hiked the Castle today!!

Riding a cannon.

Because yes.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Did you know that Spain weather can be about as predictable as Utah
weather? Let me give you an example: Saturday, we were walking home
from a meeting with the missionaries at the church and it was BLAZING
hot. While we were doing studies and just about to leave, we heard a
strange noise and looked outside to see what? RAIN! And lots of it!!
So the rest of the night we were a little wet and a little cold's ok.

Ok so this week I honestly can't remember that much what happened but
I'll do my best. So Monday night we had a killer Noche de Hogar and
then after we ate some delish Bolivian food called Majao. SO GOOD!
Then we had to run to our next Noche de Hogar. Literally run. We
arrived red faced and sweaty and just passed a folleto back and forth
between us because we forgot our fans. But it was awesome because we
all just talked about how awesome conference was.

Tuesday was district meeting and then met with our investigator and
set a baptismal date with her!! Such a spiritually powerful lesson and
you could see he light of Christ in her so much!! Then we had
correlación, clases de inglés, and ward Noche de Hogar.

Wednesday was great and had some great Noches de Hogar and received
some delish food. Thursday was weekly planning and we had a really
good, long planning session. Then later that day we taught our
investigator about the word of wisdom and it went really well and we
committed her to live it. On our walk home that night, a guy stopped
us asking about what we believe and soon figured out that he was
actually interested and set a cita with him!! MILAGROS!!

Friday morning we did service for a menos activa and found another
menos activa in the process. MILAGROS!!! Then we had an interesting
lesson with our investigator and we are in the process of bettering
our teaching with her so that she can feel the desire to continue
living God's commandments.  We had some other great lessons with menos
activos, Gregorio, and lots of food. And then our guy who's in charge
of our Piso came to store some stuff and was impressed with our
organization skills.

Saturday like I said started out hot and ended very very wet and cold.
Amongst all of it, we practiced our dance (no worries we got
permission) for our ward activity on Thursday. We also had a run in
with a friend who was having some issues with the word of wisdom so
that was an adventure for sure. After we went and visited with a
member and then went home, showered, and studied.

Sunday we had our friend from Thursday night come to church!!
MILAGRO!! Then we had two menos activos come to church and our recent
convert!! Such an awesome day. And it was fast Sunday and oh man I
just love fast Sunday. So spiritually filling.

So my thought this week comes from some reflecting I did this week.  I
was looking through my old letters to my mission President because I
was curious about what I wrote about at the beginning of my mission.
Wow. I forget how hard those first few months were. But at the same
time, I look back and then look at where I am now and I see A LOT of
growth. Sometimes it's hard to see when you're living in the moment,
but when you look back to see where you were, that's when Heavenly
Father is like, "LOOK!!" It reminds me of the quote from Elder
Holland's talk from just last weekend,

"Leo Tolstoy wrote once of a priest who was criticized by one of his
congregants for not living as resolutely as he should, the critic
concluding that the principles the erring preacher taught must
therefore also be erroneous.
In response to that criticism, the priest says: “Look at my life now
and compare it to my former life. You will see that I am trying to
live out the truth I proclaim.”"

Am I a perfect missionary? No. Am I perfect disciple of Christ? No.
But am I trying, as this priest did, to "live out the truth I
proclaim"? I would say absolutely yes. Are we perfect people? No. But
are we trying to be better everyday? Yes. And that's all the Lord asks
of us. I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who teaches His children
about eternal progression and encourages us instead of tearing us
down. I love this gospel and for this opportunity to immerse myself in
His work. The gospel is true. I know it. I live it. I love it.

Have a great week. Love you all.

Hermana Twede

Made paella this week....I'm almost a Spainard.

Back scratches still going strong. My roommates prepared me for this life :).