Monday, February 27, 2017


Hey y'all.
So if you didn't get the title of the email on first glance I'll
explain: its "backwards" spelled forward and backward. But no I'm not
referring to the Rascal Flatts song from the Hannah Montana
Movie.......I'm referring to how I somehow put my clothes on backwards
literally all week. Not on purpose. No I didn't get dressed in the
dark either. I don't know what happened. On Friday I put on a pair or
workout pants and thought, "FINALLY ITS ON CORRECTLY!" Then I looked
down and......backwards again. I'm going crazy it's fine.

ANYWAY! Well it's been another week in this neck of the Lord's
vineyard. And it's been good. We've seen some miracles and been
blessed a lot. I'll just give a quickish (hopefully....probs not) run

First miracle was on Monday. After Pday we went and had a Noche de
Hogar (FHE) with a member and her daughter who got baptized earlier
this year. It's been over a year since the mom got baptized and guess
AAAAAHHHHH HAPPY DAY!! She told us everything that had gone on at work
leading up to going to Madrid and you could really see how Satan was
trying really hard not to go, but she's just incredible and said,
"Nuh-uh not me Satan!" And went to the temple!! We were so stoked for
her and the blessings she is seeing because of her decision. GOD IS SO
GOOD!! He blessed us soooo much when we do what is right. #MILAGROS (blessings)

Miracle of the week happened on Tuesday. So before I left Granada, I left my
SD card, containing pictures from the first 6 months of my mission,
with Hermana Moore to move over some music and P90X videos that we
didn't get the chance to do. So we've been trying to get it to me over
the last transfer and a half and at one point (this last week) no one
knew where it was. #STRESS So I had been talking to the SHE's and they
told me they gave a bunch of letters and stuff to Crevillente during
intercambios and they'll bring it to District Meeting. But when I
described what the envelope looked like they said they hadn't seen
anything like that with our stuff. So district meeting comes and I ask
the Hnas from Crevillente if they had anything that looked like it and
they said they didn't see anything like it. That morning, I had been
praying during personal study and just prayed for a miracle to happen.
I didn't care about the music or the videos, I just didn't want to
loose those pictures (like 3+GB of pictures). I knew that if I had
faith, and if it was God's will, we would find it. Sounds silly but
just listen. So after district meeting we go to the car and they're
like, "I didn't see anything with your name on it but you can look."
First glance, I see two envelopes from my good homie KALEE TYSON!!
That was awesome. Then I see an envelope covered with some familiar
stationary and a picture of Michigan drawn on it.....IT WAS FROM HNA
MOORE AND CONTAINED THE SD CARD!! Literally almost cried. The SHE's,
ZL's, and Hnas from Crevillente said they didn't even see that at all
in with the stuff. #MILAGROS FOLKS. MILAGROS. Needless to say I was a
happy camper and since then we've been enjoying new music and Super
Buff Tony has been destroying our abs. #MILAGROS

Wednesday we worked some more with the Big List and now we're in the
phase where we start having the members choose out of the list of
names who they want to work with. So this week we sent references to
Cali, USA and Melbourne, Australia and put them in contact with our
members here. This upcoming week we will be hopefully having a Noche
de Hogar with a family and also giving a Book of Mormon to another
family. Stoked! #MILAGROS

Thursday we celebrated Hermana Pickett's 6 month mark!! WOOHOO SHE'S
GETTING UP THERE!! We also discovered something beautiful called
dessert paella and it's stellar so we're gonna become rich and famous
off of it. But as I was lighting the candles for her cumplemes I
burned my thumb on the metal part of the little lighter and seared off
a chunk of my finger print. Fun. But hey, now it'll make it harder to
clone me so menos mal. Also on Thursday we were gathering areas where
people live for the list of names for the Big List with this elderly
couple in the ward. Jajajajajja #STRESS! Asking 80+ year olds to
remember where their friends live and how many
children/spouses/grandchildren they have is a real struggle sometimes.
There were points we didn't know if we were ever going to leave that
house. But we got it done and it was a good laugh. That night, WE CUT
HNA PICKETTS HAIR! I had mentioned that one time I cut Hna Moore's
hair and she said, "Well I need a haircut.....wanna do mine?" I was
like, ".........uuuuhhhhhhhhhh do you want me to do it?" "yep. Just
cut it." Ok my companions must not be right in the head bc for some
reason they keep trusting me to cut their hair. Idk why. But hey if
some certain friends of mine at BYU or in my house had let me try
cutting their hair I might be better at it (*cough cough* Brady Brett
Joe and Darrick). In the end however, I didn't give her a bowl cut on
accident so....#MILAGROS.

Friday was also stellar. We went and contacted a future we got from a
huge building a few weeks ago and asked when we could stop by for like
15 minutes and she said, "Ok well i can spare 15 minutes right now
come on in!" We just stood there like, ".....wait what? You're
inviting us in? No no you don't understand, this is usually where you
say no and that you have zero interest." #PLOTTWIST But we walked in
and sat with her, shared a video about Christ, gave her a Book of
Mormon and set another cita with her for this week! #MILAGROS Also she
told us she had a friend in colegio (like elementary school) who was
Mormon and turns out this lady is STILL in our ward AND we've been
doing the Big List with her and her family and her sister's family!!
#DOUBLEMILAGROS!! So we're super stoked to see what happens with her
and her family.

Saturday we celebrated (well Spain celebrated....not really us)
something called Carnival. Leading up to this day, every Tuesday and
Thursday little kids get dressed up in costumes and walk around and I
think get candy? But Saturday was the Big Day for it so EVERYONE was
dressed up. That night we walked into centro and it was insane.
Speakers playing music, a stage, bouncy houses, you name it. Elx was a
party. It's bigger than Halloween here. It was fun to experience that.
Also to celebrate we got these delish crepes that we've been staring
at for like the past 2 weeks and Hna Pickett finally convinced me to
buy one. INCREDIBLE!! #MILAGROS Literally Spain may not have figured
out a garbage disposal but at least they've got killer crepes

Dessert paella and cumplemes celebrations

Six month celebration for Hermana Pickett

Centro during Carnival. No it's not mission appropriate music
but.....we don't control the Spaniards so.....

Sunday was great and killer and loved all of it.

So apologies....,that wasn't quickish at all. I'm a long-winded human
being. It's a family trait. #SryNtSry

But as far as the spiritual side of things.....I've been made a goal
to read all the conference talks before next conference and I've made
a calendar and everything for it and it works out perfectly. So this
week I read the first talk of conference by President Uchtdorf called,
"Oh How Great The Plan of Our God!" INCREDIBLE!! So so good I loved
it. But there is a part at the beginning where he says, "It seems to
be human nature: as we become more familiar with something, even
something miraculous and awe-inspiring, we lose our sense of awe and
treat it as commonplace." He further relates this to the gospel and
how sometimes we don't fully appreciate this knowledge that we have.
It hit me that I do the same thing with my mission. I remember being
in the CCM almost 8 months ago and saying, "WOW DID YOU FEEL THAT?!?!
BEING A MISSIONARY IS SO COOL!!" But as I've gone along, I've come to
realize that I've become accustomed so just how cool the missionary
life it. I haven't been in awe of the things we get to do everyday as
missionaries. It's not until I realize that in 10 months I won't get
to do this anymore, that I realize just how incredible this experience
is and how incredibly short it is. I've made a goal for this week and
for the rest of my mission to live in the NOW. I've always had a
problem with this because I'm a planner and too many times I look
ahead instead of enjoying the ride. I always thing, "Oh when I have 1
year.....,when I get home.....when I go back to school.....when I this
and that....." and I start wishing this time away. But I need to live
more in the moment and make every. Single. Day count. Because before I
know it it'll be over and I'll be wondering where the time went.
There's also another part in this talk that talks about when he shares
the Plan of Salvación with his friend. "Some of my friends would say
that this message felt familiar, even though such things were never
taught in their religious upbringing. It was as if they had always
known these things to be true, as if I was simply casting light on
something that was always and deeply rooted in their hearts." THIS
COULD NOT BE MORE TRUE!! I believe that there is a part of us that is
awakened every time we talk about this plan. A part that we don't know
that we remember, but our spirit does. Want to know why? Because YOU
were sitting in that counsel up in Heaven. YOU were sitting there when
our Heavenly Father came to us and said, "Here's the goal, how do we
accomplish it? Here are some requirements. Let's make a plan." YOU
gave your ideas. YOU saw plans go up and get changed and revised until
we came to the conclusion of this perfect plan. YOU were there. And
YOU chose it. Whether you choose it now or not, at one point you did.
At one point you chose Christ. And if you haven't already, at one
point you will choose Him again. Because deep down, you know it's
true. You know this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and you
know He is your Savior. I know it's true. I know that Christ is my
Savior. I know that Heavenly Father is preparing people everyday to
come to the knowledge of the truth and my job is to find them. The
gospel has been restored and I've been called to Spain to spread the
good news. I'm so grateful for this calling and I know it's blessing
me now and will bless me in times to come. God is so good. And He
loves His children. That includes YOU!!

Thanks for all the support ya beautiful people. Have a great week!!
Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Gospel Rap ft. Elder Salazar y Elder Gómez

Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Día de San Valentin chumps. I wish I had something cool to say
about it.....but it was just another day. Totally forgot about it
until Hna Pickett said after exercise, "Happy Valentines Day." And
yeah......there's that.

Well....what to tell y'all. I don't know. We went and played paddle
ball again for Pday that was fun. Get some blood pumping and some
sweat going there. Great. I actually learned the rules today so that
was even better. But y'all don't want to hear about that. Let's get to
the good stuff.

This week we worked A LOT with the Big List. One experience we had was
really cool. We went to the house of these members who have kind of
been skeptical about this from the beginning. We got there and sat
down and the wife just starting cuenting us these stories. There were
two people who she put down on the list that she had the opportunity
to share the gospel a little bit with. One of them was her sister who
lives in Australia. She told her sister that there were missionaries
handing out Books of Mormon there and sent a picture of it to her
sister. Some other stuff happened, I can't remember what, but she said
she told her sister, "Look for it. Look for God." Then the mom of the
best friend of her daughter was over at their piso one day and saw a
quote from some apostle I think and she really liked it. She had seen
the way they lived and was interested about it so they are trying to
plan a Noche de Hogar with this family. I didn't completely remember
all the stories but I remember she said, "Thanks to this list, I had
these experiences. Because if we hadn't written those names down and I
hadn't been praying for these opportunities, I wouldn't have even
thought about it!" So that was really cool to see and we're excited to
see the miracles and fruits that will come out of this. We have a lot
of citas this week where we will start planning noches de Hogar and
other ways to get into contact with this people. I keep imagining
what's going to happen if all goes well....I just imagine having too
many people to teach that we need to bring in more missionaries and
then 2 families getting baptized at a time. Maybe I'm getting ahead of
myself but I'm really excited. The lady also said, "This list that you
got from your President really is inspired." And I agree. It's such a
good way to work with the members and it gets them excited about this
work. This work is almost impossible without the help of the members
so I'm stoked to get them stoked about sharing the gospel.

Something funny that happened on Sunday (funny for others....not so
much for me). I'll back up for a second. A few weeks ago (like Hna
Garcia como compi status) one of us got asked to give a talk in
church. I offered to do since Hna Garcia had already given one earlier
and I've yet to do it so far. So I prepare it all week and it's good
to go. Then they tell us this girl is leaving on her mission and wants
to do her farewell talk so we pushed it to the next week. No pasa
nada. But....they forgot. So they said they'll get us in sometime. So
fast last week. They asked one of us to give a talk
this last Sunday. I already had it written so offered again. We put a
reminder on so that we remembered to do it. Sunday comes and it was
insane. We missed the bus to church and it was 9:45 and church starts
at 10. We live like 20ish mins walk from the church. So we walked as
fast as possible, got to the church panting, a little sweaty, and sat
down in relief society 30 seconds before 10. #BLESSED So we relax, go
through classes, then right before sacrament, one of the counselors
from the bishopric comes to us and asks, "Which one of you Is speaking
today?" We both are like, ".......uh wat?" And then both our eyes got
huge and I was like, "HAH Yo!" TOTES FORGOT AND MY TALK WAS IN MY
the stand and literally went mad hands on that Gospel Library. The
whole time I'm praying, "Heavenly Father, please let there be a lot of
announcements today. Please let one of the deacons drop his tray.
PLEASE HELP ME WRITE THIS TALK!" Awful to pray for those things
but.....I have since repented.'s my turn and I have like
5 bullet points and ya está. Now if you know me, you know I HATE
public speaking and I always write out my entire talk and read it word
for word bc I get nervous and forget it all. But that's all I had. And
then the moment came when they called my name. I stood up, took a
breath, and prayed, "Ok Heavenly Father, you're gonna have to help me
on this." Under pressure, next to no talk prepared, AND I HAVE TO
SPEAK A FOREIGN LANGUAGE! I was started on a downward spiral to say
the least. Result? Actually decent! Now I know I can speak off of
bullet points and stuff so that's cool. Literally all the spirit. God
really blesses His missionaries even when they're almost late for
church and forget about their talk. #BLESSED

Ok spiritual stuff. So first off, Satan is the worst. And he tries
really hard to get you to throw in the towel every day. The worst. So
he was working on me a bit these past few weeks and just making me
feel like a bad missionary and that nothing was gonna come out of my
time here. On Friday I was sick of feeling that way and I knew they
weren't feelings and thoughts from my Heavenly Father. So in my prayer
for personal study I just asked to find something in the scriptures to
help me. I've been reading them in Spanish to help my Spanish but I
got the impression to read in English. Then I flipped open my Book of
Mormon and started to go through (at this point I'm in 3rd Nefi) just
trying to see where to read when I got a thought to my head to read 3
Nefi 19. This is after Christ comes, calls His apostles, then ascends
into Heaven again and people come from everywhere because they heard
that Christ was ministering to the people. The 12 Apostles had to
break up into 12 groups because there were so many people. Well they
were praying and the thing the desired most was to have the Holy Ghost
with them. So Nephi went and was the first to get baptized and then he
baptized all the apostles and as they walked out of the water, the
Holy Ghost descended upon them. Later angels minister to them and then
Christ comes down and commands them to pray. As they are praying,
Christ goes off by himself and just thanks Heavenly Father for giving
them the Holy Ghost because of their belief in Christ. Then He goes
back and as they are praying, He blessed them and then He thanked the
Father for sanctifying them because of their faith and their belief.
The verse that I liked a lot and that helped me was verse 29:
"Father, I pray not for the world, but for those whom thou hast given
me out of the world, because of their faith, that they may be purified
in me, that I may be in them as thou, Father, art in me, that we may
be one, that I may be glorified in them."
When I read this, it hit me that Christ prays for us. Us who He has
called out of the world to do this work. Us who are trying to do what
is right and follow His example. HE IS PRAYING FOR US!! He is at the
head of this church and He knows that the adversary works on us
constantly so He's doing all He can to help us follow Him. NEVER GIVE

Guys....,God is so cool. I feel so blessed to have this experience on
the front lines of His work here in Spain. I love these people and
this work so much. I got an email this week from a girl who got called
to this mission (S/O Future Hermana Rust Coming March 21st) and I just
having the opportunity to tell her she got called to the best mission
ever. I love the mission with all of my heart and I feel so blessed to
say that the Málaga Spain Mission is my Waters of Mormon, because it
is where I'm coming to know my Savior.

Thank you so much for the support. You people are the greatest. Love
y'all and have a great week!!

Kia Kaha❤

Hermana Twede

Random video of caterpillars.....

Monday, February 13, 2017


Oh my goodness hello.
It's been a week. I hope at least someone other than my mom reads
these emails/blog posts bc I just always lose ganas to write this
email. But I will do my best for the fans who still read. Y'all are
the real MVP's.

Ok so where do I start? Oh right! Transfers. STRESS. Our plans got
changed sooooo many times and we didn't know the plan of what was
happening travel wise until the night before and then it changed a but
again the morning that's great. What ended up happening was
I went with Hna Garcia to Murcia to wait for our comps to show up. We
got to take a taxi from the train station to the buss station. That
was exciting but so expensive so never doing that again if possible.
But we talked to our driver and talked about what we do and he was
very nice.

So we got to the bus station and I'm talking to my good buddy from the
CCM Elder Jamison and his trainee and then I see Hna Garcia staring me
down and I'm like, "what?!" Then she looks over and I'm just thinking,
"Who are you looking at I know there's missionaries here...." but I
turned my head and saw a familiar head of very blonde hair.....IT WAS
HERMANA MOORE. HERMANA MOORE!!!! I just practically yelled, "OOOOHHHH
MY!" And then she turned around and we just attacked each other with a
hug (which kinda broke my chapa but it's fine it was HERMANA MOORE).
Best day ever getting to see my bestie. Love that hermana so dang
much. But I just realized we didn't even take a picture. HERMANA MOORE
WHY DIDNT WE TAKE A PICTURE?!? Wow we're dumb.
#SubtweetBcSheReadsTheseEmails #Hopefully

So then after that I got my new comp HNA PICKETT FROM CALI!! Let me
just tell you a little bit about her: she came from Cartagena, she is
one transfer behind me, she has been in a car the whole time so I've
introduced her to the great thing called a bus, she is a hard worker,
she is so positive, she likes to play volleyball, her favorite color
is light tan, she like puppies, and she loves serving the Lord. And
she gets my movie quotes. (Shoutout to Brady and Joe and Brett @ BYU
who might get that quote I slid in there.) and everything she likes,
is what I like to do too. Every. Day.

So yeah she's low key a great human being and it's gonna be a great transfer.
So this week we've done a whole bunch of contacting and talked to a
lot of people. Saturday night I wanted to get into a building so we
found the biggest one possible, 11 floors with 4 doors on each, and
knocked on all of them. Almost every single person rejected us but
some said we could come back so we'll see what happens with that. But
I'm gonna explain why I have this specific title this week. So we are
knocking doors and everyone is rejecting us. We get to a new floor and
knock and no one opens the door. We knock again. Nothing. We're
standing there in silence and I just say, "Break down the door
Kronk.".....AND THEN HNA PICKETT SAYS, "But this is hand carved
mahogany." JAJAJAJAJAJJA OH I ALMOST PEED. We were laughing so hard.
But then the guy who lived there decided to open the door so we went
from crying and laughing to casual and low key, "hello we are the
missionaries." In a matter of .02 seconds. After he rejected us we
kept laughing and then continued to quote that entire movie. I'm
tellin yah, The Emperor's New Groove was a decent movie when I was a
kid, but it continues to get funnier the older I get. And really, you
just have to find the funnies when it's hard. So that was a good

Also we tried gofres which are like Waffle Love waffles WHICH NO ONE
hope that one comp will understand the blessing Waffle Love is in my
life but NO ONE KNOWS!! But yeah it's like one of those and we got
chocolate on it. Oh. I died and went to heaven. One of my fav pastries
in Spain so far. Also no worries mom, we've started running too. Hna
Pickett is gonna whip me back into shape so we've already worked off
that gofre.

Today was a killer Pday because we went and hiked to a waterfall/dam
called Pantano de Elche. Sooooo cool. I miss hiking so much. None of
us knew where we were going but we had our good buddy Joseph leading
us. He isn't a member but speaks such good English and loves hanging
out with us. Great kid. So that was fun and beautiful and we may have
taken some risky pictures on the edges of this dam Hna
Pickett would say, "do it for the fans". So yah know. Pics will be

Ok spiritual stuff bc that's the actual good stuff right?
Well.....sometimes I have a really hard time being a positive party
when it's hard. Seriously I just get so irritated with gettin doors
shut in my face and no one giving us the time of day on the street.
This week was really hard for that and I was praying a lot to have
energy and animo to keep pushing through. Well then we get to church
and this has been on my mind a lot and we sit down in Relief Society
(bc we have that first) and the teacher starts talking about Optimism.
BLESSINGS. It was such a good lesson and exactly what I needed to
hear. It's sooooo easy to look for the bad in any situation. It's
harder to look for the good in the bad situations, but so much more
rewarding when you do. I've since committed to always have an attitude
of gratitude because this life is to be enjoyed. We have been given
soooooo much from Heavenly Father, but how often do we take the time
to thank Him? That is my goal for this mission. Not just this week, or
month, but my mission and my life. To look for the good on the days
that are stormy. Because there's always hope. And that hope comes from
the gospel and from our Heavenly Father.

I love y'all so dang much!! Thanks for all the support!! Have a great week!!

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Monday, February 6, 2017

There Can Be Miracles If You Believe

Good afternoon beautiful humans of Zion!!

Well another week has come and gone and with that ANOTHER TRANSFER!!
Holy Moses fastest transfer of my mission so far. We got transfer
calls this morning and my cute Hna Garcia is leaving me for Torrevieja
but she's gonna be comps with my fav Hna from Norway HNA TORJESON!!
And she's still close enough that we will see each other at Zone Conf.
Meanwhile, my new comp will be HNA PICKETT from the good state of
Cali! She's from the same group as Hna Garcia and I've heard nothing
but great things about her. I actually met her when she first got to
the mission and then had the chance to talk to her this last Zone
Conference...who knew in a few weeks we'd be comps?!? But yeah so
that'll be a blast.
Hermana Garcia in a strange face mask moment, probably trying to deny her upcoming transfer:).

Well what happened this week?? LOTS OF THINGS!! First off....we've
been trying this new contacting strategy bc people here don't give us
the time of day or if you get them stopped they say, "Ok hurry. What
do you want? Tell me so I can go." Then, naturally, you forget Spanish
all together and make a fool of yourself and then they just say, "I
can't understand you. Bye." So to make it more fun and interesting,
we've been thinking of questions that will get people talking. The one
for this week was, "What is something you love about Elche?" We tried
it one night just on a whim and HOLY HANNAH!! We talked to sooooo many
people and had full on conversations with them!! It was so great to
hear people get passionate about the place they live. Then they were
way more open to talk to us and they would in turn ask about us and
BAM!! We get to the gospel and people don't run for they're lives. Did
we get bastante futures? No. But we talked to bastante people so that
was cool. We were thinking about it last night and we would guess that
we've talked to over 200 people just this week on the street!

Then we had a baptism this Saturday from Elda. SO GOOD! One of the
recent converts who got baptized at the beginning of this transfer
bore his testimony and it was incredible. It's so great to see how
much the gospel changes lives. While we were sitting there, two guys
from our English class walked in who are BOTH old investigators of our
area (me and Garcia). One we taught this transfer and dropped because
he straight up told us he wasn't interested. The other has been taught
a lot but we've never seen him in church. The elders said they invited
them (fist pump #1) and then one of them after was talking to the
recent convert and the recent convert was going all Missionary on him
(fist pump #2....that makes a double fist pump in the air)!! It was
awesome. Then the next day....THEY BOTH CAME TO CHURCH!!! Me and Hna
Garcia were just like, "what is happening right now we don't even
know!!" So if something comes from this I will let y'all know. But it
was an awesome miracle. Guys God is so cool I'm tellin ya.

One of the funnies from this week: one afternoon, Hna Garcia and I
were knocking doors in an area where we had knocked before but we had
missed some houses so decided to finish the job COMPLETELY. So first
off, we knock this lady's door and she comes out and tells us she has
her own religion and is fine thank you. Then we told her that we teach
English class....well.....she just so happens to be an English teacher
and then said something to us in English and told us to have a nice
day (in a very sassy way but whatevs) and shut the door. We walked
away and Hna Garcia just says, "We just got insulted by a our own language." That's not something that happens
everyday. Then later we buzzed this guys timbre and he answers and
this is how the conversation goes:
Old man: Quien?
Hna Garcia: We are the missio-
Old man: Quien es?
Garcia: Hi we're the missio-
Old man: Quien es?
Garcia: The missio-
Old man: Quien es?
Garcia: *laughing* we're-
Old man: Quien es?
*Goes on for about 3 full minutes with both of us trying to answer
this mans question but to no avail and trying to keep it together but
we're both peeing our pants....tryed just saying bye and leaving but
he kept saying "Quien? Quién? Quién?"*
Garcia: *Very quickly before he can talk again* We are missionaries
from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!
Old man: Quie- oh.....uuuhhhh.....tomorrow. Yes yes tomorrow. Adios."
Me: Chao
We were laughing so hard and pretty sure people walking by thought we
were idiots. But it's fine. Make for a good time. You never know what you'll
find when you go knocking doors, it's great. This video is just the last part
of this experience. It actually went on for about 5 minutes. So great, old
Spaniards crack me up!

Ok well's been a good week. I hit 7 months at the end of
this week so that's crazy. Time is flying. I still feel like a baby
missionary but my comp likes to remind me that I'm getting up
there.....yeah we'll see. It's like that quote, "Growing old is
mandatory. Growing up is optional."  Probs still won't know what I'm
doing until January 10th 2018 but it's fine.

Well...the gospel is true. When we do our best God makes up the rest.
I love my Savior with all of my heart. That's why I'm here in Spain
and there's no where I'd rather be. Do the little things, they help. I
promise. Bear your testimony lots. It'll grow stronger. Trust God, He
knows what He's doing. I promise. AND BE HAPPY GOSH DANG IT!! LIFE IS

Ok love you all!! Have a great week!!
Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Sights of Elche

Not something you see everyday in February. A girl in a Bambi costume. Casual.