Monday, April 17, 2017


Before I begin.....

(S/O to the baby sis Bethers for sending me those lyrics like 3 weeks ago)

Ok so while Bon Jovi is going crazy on that guitar, I'm gonna sneak in
this group email here real quick.

Ok so first off HAPPY EASTER!! Here in Spain we have Easter WEEK
called Semana Santa. It's a good ol time where there are
processions/parades everyday, all week long and in them they have
these floats called "pasos" that go throughout the Life of Christ. So
it's pretty cool. Also there are bands that play VERY Spanish music so
all of it was like drinking the Spanish culture from a fire hose
hahah. But we forgot that Semana Santa was already in full swing on
Monday until our bus took us way into the elders area and dumped us
off to walk back to Centro. But it was fun. Lots of people. Lots of
bands. Lots of things. Very Easter. Much Spanish. Wow. Then in an
attempt to get out of the crowds and go to our cita, I accidentally
ended up in the middle of the parade with a Spanish band blasting and
a big huge float of the Last Supper coming right at me. So that was

Tuesday we had INTERVIEWS!! I love interviews. While we waited we had
the opportunity to teach Hna Andersen about the Restoration as a
companionship and it was awesome!! Interviews went really well as
well. I love getting a chance to get more counsel and guidance from
Presidente Andersen. Great man.

Wednesday....HUMP DAY!!! And it was..........just like any other day
on the mission. Except when we were reading the Missionary Handbook (I
think that's what it's called in English), Hna Pickett told me that the
part about the "Older Sister Missionaries" now applies to me since I'm
now considered "old" in the mission. Also she chose the hymn "There Is
A Green Hill Far Away" to sing because, quote: "Now you're over the
hill!!" She's crazy. Also she made me a hump day picture at the end of
her personal study and Hna Clark called me to sing Happy Cumplemes To
me that night. So it was a good day.

Thursday was good and I took a picture with my mission baby. It's the
cutest little Spaniard/Colombian baby boy and he was born at the EXACT
SAME TIME that I got on a plane and left Utah. So we're the "same age"
and had to take a picture of him. Don't freak out, I didn't put him on
my lap. He's sitting on the table and I'm just making sure he doesn't
fall over. But he's so stinking cute. But yep that's all you need to
know about Thursday.

Friday: ZONE CONFERENCE!!! Also Viernes Santo (AKA CRAZY DAY) so the
Hnas from Crevillente got to come sleep over Thursday night. We made
crepes the next morning and then high tailed it to the bus station.
The Zone Conference was INCREDIBLE!! I got to see my fave humans ever:
HNA MOORE!!! Hna Garcia, Matsu, Taggart, Simpson, Favero, and Hooper.
And my homie G elders: Elder Neubert, Jamison, Wilding, Kroff, and
lots more. It was a good time. We got some really good counsel and
this week we're doing a mission wide iPad fast. Everyday, only one
iPad is being used and the other one has to be turned off and put
away. We're trying to be even more consecrated so this will be really
good. Then we ate delish paella and headed home. Also when we got back
we had a cita with some members and we showed up at like 9 and they
had a FULL COURSE MEAL WAITING FOR US!!! It was so nice of them and
very delish and fancy and they practically had to roll us out the door
after hahah. But I just love the members here so much they are great.

Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference and it was awesome. Hna
Simpson spoke in the adult session and did such a good job!! Sunday
morning, we made the rest of the crepes for breakfast and then had eggs
Benedict for lunch to celebrate the holiday.
Today for Pday we went to La Marina with some people from the ward to
celebrate "Día de La Mona". No one really knows what it's for but it's
a good excuse not to work and everyone just heads to the campo or the
beach and they eat this postre that is a cake with a hard boiled egg
baked into it. You take the egg out and to crack it, you hit it on the
head of the person sitting next to you. Random tradition but fun.

Ok, I can hear Bon Jovi wrapping his guitar solo for the chorus again
so I'll finish this up. During the Zone Conf, Hna Andersen spoke about
the Restoration. She told a story about when her and President went to
the Sacred Grove and they were the only two there that day and they
could feel the spirit sooo strong there. Then she bore the most
powerful and beautiful testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. Tears were brought to my eyes as the Spirit testified to
me that what she was saying is true. I too KNOW that Joseph Smith was
a prophet and that through him, Jesus Christ restored His Gospel to
the Earth. I know that that day, in the year 1820, in that grove of
trees, he saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I am grateful
for that simple humble prayer that was offered up by that young man so
long ago, because had that event not taken place, I wouldn't be where
I am now. I know this gospel is true. And I know it is the ONLY way
back to our Heavenly Father. I love this work and gospel with all of
my heart.

Thank you for all the support and constant love. Love you all and have
a great week!!
Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

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