Monday, February 13, 2017


Oh my goodness hello.
It's been a week. I hope at least someone other than my mom reads
these emails/blog posts bc I just always lose ganas to write this
email. But I will do my best for the fans who still read. Y'all are
the real MVP's.

Ok so where do I start? Oh right! Transfers. STRESS. Our plans got
changed sooooo many times and we didn't know the plan of what was
happening travel wise until the night before and then it changed a but
again the morning that's great. What ended up happening was
I went with Hna Garcia to Murcia to wait for our comps to show up. We
got to take a taxi from the train station to the buss station. That
was exciting but so expensive so never doing that again if possible.
But we talked to our driver and talked about what we do and he was
very nice.

So we got to the bus station and I'm talking to my good buddy from the
CCM Elder Jamison and his trainee and then I see Hna Garcia staring me
down and I'm like, "what?!" Then she looks over and I'm just thinking,
"Who are you looking at I know there's missionaries here...." but I
turned my head and saw a familiar head of very blonde hair.....IT WAS
HERMANA MOORE. HERMANA MOORE!!!! I just practically yelled, "OOOOHHHH
MY!" And then she turned around and we just attacked each other with a
hug (which kinda broke my chapa but it's fine it was HERMANA MOORE).
Best day ever getting to see my bestie. Love that hermana so dang
much. But I just realized we didn't even take a picture. HERMANA MOORE
WHY DIDNT WE TAKE A PICTURE?!? Wow we're dumb.
#SubtweetBcSheReadsTheseEmails #Hopefully

So then after that I got my new comp HNA PICKETT FROM CALI!! Let me
just tell you a little bit about her: she came from Cartagena, she is
one transfer behind me, she has been in a car the whole time so I've
introduced her to the great thing called a bus, she is a hard worker,
she is so positive, she likes to play volleyball, her favorite color
is light tan, she like puppies, and she loves serving the Lord. And
she gets my movie quotes. (Shoutout to Brady and Joe and Brett @ BYU
who might get that quote I slid in there.) and everything she likes,
is what I like to do too. Every. Day.

So yeah she's low key a great human being and it's gonna be a great transfer.
So this week we've done a whole bunch of contacting and talked to a
lot of people. Saturday night I wanted to get into a building so we
found the biggest one possible, 11 floors with 4 doors on each, and
knocked on all of them. Almost every single person rejected us but
some said we could come back so we'll see what happens with that. But
I'm gonna explain why I have this specific title this week. So we are
knocking doors and everyone is rejecting us. We get to a new floor and
knock and no one opens the door. We knock again. Nothing. We're
standing there in silence and I just say, "Break down the door
Kronk.".....AND THEN HNA PICKETT SAYS, "But this is hand carved
mahogany." JAJAJAJAJAJJA OH I ALMOST PEED. We were laughing so hard.
But then the guy who lived there decided to open the door so we went
from crying and laughing to casual and low key, "hello we are the
missionaries." In a matter of .02 seconds. After he rejected us we
kept laughing and then continued to quote that entire movie. I'm
tellin yah, The Emperor's New Groove was a decent movie when I was a
kid, but it continues to get funnier the older I get. And really, you
just have to find the funnies when it's hard. So that was a good

Also we tried gofres which are like Waffle Love waffles WHICH NO ONE
hope that one comp will understand the blessing Waffle Love is in my
life but NO ONE KNOWS!! But yeah it's like one of those and we got
chocolate on it. Oh. I died and went to heaven. One of my fav pastries
in Spain so far. Also no worries mom, we've started running too. Hna
Pickett is gonna whip me back into shape so we've already worked off
that gofre.

Today was a killer Pday because we went and hiked to a waterfall/dam
called Pantano de Elche. Sooooo cool. I miss hiking so much. None of
us knew where we were going but we had our good buddy Joseph leading
us. He isn't a member but speaks such good English and loves hanging
out with us. Great kid. So that was fun and beautiful and we may have
taken some risky pictures on the edges of this dam Hna
Pickett would say, "do it for the fans". So yah know. Pics will be

Ok spiritual stuff bc that's the actual good stuff right?
Well.....sometimes I have a really hard time being a positive party
when it's hard. Seriously I just get so irritated with gettin doors
shut in my face and no one giving us the time of day on the street.
This week was really hard for that and I was praying a lot to have
energy and animo to keep pushing through. Well then we get to church
and this has been on my mind a lot and we sit down in Relief Society
(bc we have that first) and the teacher starts talking about Optimism.
BLESSINGS. It was such a good lesson and exactly what I needed to
hear. It's sooooo easy to look for the bad in any situation. It's
harder to look for the good in the bad situations, but so much more
rewarding when you do. I've since committed to always have an attitude
of gratitude because this life is to be enjoyed. We have been given
soooooo much from Heavenly Father, but how often do we take the time
to thank Him? That is my goal for this mission. Not just this week, or
month, but my mission and my life. To look for the good on the days
that are stormy. Because there's always hope. And that hope comes from
the gospel and from our Heavenly Father.

I love y'all so dang much!! Thanks for all the support!! Have a great week!!

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

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