Monday, February 6, 2017

There Can Be Miracles If You Believe

Good afternoon beautiful humans of Zion!!

Well another week has come and gone and with that ANOTHER TRANSFER!!
Holy Moses fastest transfer of my mission so far. We got transfer
calls this morning and my cute Hna Garcia is leaving me for Torrevieja
but she's gonna be comps with my fav Hna from Norway HNA TORJESON!!
And she's still close enough that we will see each other at Zone Conf.
Meanwhile, my new comp will be HNA PICKETT from the good state of
Cali! She's from the same group as Hna Garcia and I've heard nothing
but great things about her. I actually met her when she first got to
the mission and then had the chance to talk to her this last Zone
Conference...who knew in a few weeks we'd be comps?!? But yeah so
that'll be a blast.
Hermana Garcia in a strange face mask moment, probably trying to deny her upcoming transfer:).

Well what happened this week?? LOTS OF THINGS!! First off....we've
been trying this new contacting strategy bc people here don't give us
the time of day or if you get them stopped they say, "Ok hurry. What
do you want? Tell me so I can go." Then, naturally, you forget Spanish
all together and make a fool of yourself and then they just say, "I
can't understand you. Bye." So to make it more fun and interesting,
we've been thinking of questions that will get people talking. The one
for this week was, "What is something you love about Elche?" We tried
it one night just on a whim and HOLY HANNAH!! We talked to sooooo many
people and had full on conversations with them!! It was so great to
hear people get passionate about the place they live. Then they were
way more open to talk to us and they would in turn ask about us and
BAM!! We get to the gospel and people don't run for they're lives. Did
we get bastante futures? No. But we talked to bastante people so that
was cool. We were thinking about it last night and we would guess that
we've talked to over 200 people just this week on the street!

Then we had a baptism this Saturday from Elda. SO GOOD! One of the
recent converts who got baptized at the beginning of this transfer
bore his testimony and it was incredible. It's so great to see how
much the gospel changes lives. While we were sitting there, two guys
from our English class walked in who are BOTH old investigators of our
area (me and Garcia). One we taught this transfer and dropped because
he straight up told us he wasn't interested. The other has been taught
a lot but we've never seen him in church. The elders said they invited
them (fist pump #1) and then one of them after was talking to the
recent convert and the recent convert was going all Missionary on him
(fist pump #2....that makes a double fist pump in the air)!! It was
awesome. Then the next day....THEY BOTH CAME TO CHURCH!!! Me and Hna
Garcia were just like, "what is happening right now we don't even
know!!" So if something comes from this I will let y'all know. But it
was an awesome miracle. Guys God is so cool I'm tellin ya.

One of the funnies from this week: one afternoon, Hna Garcia and I
were knocking doors in an area where we had knocked before but we had
missed some houses so decided to finish the job COMPLETELY. So first
off, we knock this lady's door and she comes out and tells us she has
her own religion and is fine thank you. Then we told her that we teach
English class....well.....she just so happens to be an English teacher
and then said something to us in English and told us to have a nice
day (in a very sassy way but whatevs) and shut the door. We walked
away and Hna Garcia just says, "We just got insulted by a our own language." That's not something that happens
everyday. Then later we buzzed this guys timbre and he answers and
this is how the conversation goes:
Old man: Quien?
Hna Garcia: We are the missio-
Old man: Quien es?
Garcia: Hi we're the missio-
Old man: Quien es?
Garcia: The missio-
Old man: Quien es?
Garcia: *laughing* we're-
Old man: Quien es?
*Goes on for about 3 full minutes with both of us trying to answer
this mans question but to no avail and trying to keep it together but
we're both peeing our pants....tryed just saying bye and leaving but
he kept saying "Quien? Quién? Quién?"*
Garcia: *Very quickly before he can talk again* We are missionaries
from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!
Old man: Quie- oh.....uuuhhhh.....tomorrow. Yes yes tomorrow. Adios."
Me: Chao
We were laughing so hard and pretty sure people walking by thought we
were idiots. But it's fine. Make for a good time. You never know what you'll
find when you go knocking doors, it's great. This video is just the last part
of this experience. It actually went on for about 5 minutes. So great, old
Spaniards crack me up!

Ok well's been a good week. I hit 7 months at the end of
this week so that's crazy. Time is flying. I still feel like a baby
missionary but my comp likes to remind me that I'm getting up
there.....yeah we'll see. It's like that quote, "Growing old is
mandatory. Growing up is optional."  Probs still won't know what I'm
doing until January 10th 2018 but it's fine.

Well...the gospel is true. When we do our best God makes up the rest.
I love my Savior with all of my heart. That's why I'm here in Spain
and there's no where I'd rather be. Do the little things, they help. I
promise. Bear your testimony lots. It'll grow stronger. Trust God, He
knows what He's doing. I promise. AND BE HAPPY GOSH DANG IT!! LIFE IS

Ok love you all!! Have a great week!!
Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Sights of Elche

Not something you see everyday in February. A girl in a Bambi costume. Casual.

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