Thursday, August 4, 2016

I Can Go The Distance

Hey y'all! First off....say hello to the newest Sister Training Leader of Zone 1 at the CCM!! Yep, my comp and I are sister training leaders now because our Russians left us....sad.  But, we got 26 new missionaries this week and they are so great!! Most of the sisters are going to Malaga, so that's fun!! And they all speak fluent Spanish, so that's even better!! We also got sisters from Russia and Ukraine and they are the sweetest girls. I just love them.

So the coolest thing that happened this week was actually just yesterday.  We were studying and then randomly we all got pulled into the Sala Grande and they told us we were going to watch a missionary get set apart.  The Madrid missionaries were there and turns out this missionary is 25 years old. Right before he came on his mission, he got released after serving 2 years as a branch president somewhere near the Canary Islands.  Way cool!! And one of our teachers had taught him after he had gotten baptized when he was 18.  So, our teacher got to help set him apart as well as the new missionary's companion helped set him apart. Then, the new missionary bore his testimony and you could just feel the love God has for the Elder.  It was so awesome!!

Also the park....was really cool.  My comp was Hermana Matsu!! Love that girl.  I had decided that morning to grab a French Book of Mormon just because I felt I should.  When we got to the park, I told Herman Matsu that we should say another prayer.  So, we found this little dirt path and said a prayer.  When I finished, there was a lady walking towards us and so I greeted her and she said, "Do you speak English?" We were like, "uhhh yes!" And then a guy runs up and they both say, "We've been looking for you guys for 2 years!!" Turns out they are into making documentaries and they are wanting to do one on young people and religion.  They said that 2 years ago they had met sisters like us and said that there was just something about us that they just wanted to interview us and know more. They kept talking about a certain warmth that we have that comes from somewhere else.  I just kept thinking, "Wow. These people need the gospel."  So, we got a referral from them.

Then later we had some elders run up to us saying they had already passed out 7 LDM (Spanish Book of Mormon) and needed more.  We're both thinking, "How do they do that?! They must hand them out like candy!" Then we kept walking.  We only had about 20 minutes left, but I saw a black guy sitting down by a fence and just started walking towards him. We started speaking to him in Spanish and I was holding a Spanish LDM.  He told us he was from Senegal and had only been studying Spanish for 2 years, but he was fluent.  Then he points to the book I was holding and asked about it.  So, we talked about it and asked if he wanted to read it.  He said yes, but he speaks mostly French.  Mine and Hermana Matsu's eyes got huge and she just pulls it out of her bag and says, "We have one of those." We asked him to read Moroni 10:4-5 and he did but then he just kept reading.  He read the Book of Mormon for about 5 minutes and we just stood there! It was awesome! Then, he thanked us and gave us a referral and we went on our way.  But, when we were a few yards away, I turned around and he was STILL READING THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! Happy heart moment for Hermana Twede and Matsu.

I think those are the big things from this week. I couldn't believe that P-Day was already here!! These weeks are flying!! And I'm already over halfway through my stay here.  Kinda freaky!! Also, I've discovered that it is impossible for me to give a sincere prayer in English.  I have actually forgotten how to pray in English.  So, that was exciting to discover!! Hopefully, that will happen with the rest of the language!!

Also, I've been getting so beat up in futbol. I keep sliding and getting hit in the head.  I have bruises all over my's awesome!! Loving it.  Also, I am in love with Spain.  It's great!  That's all.  Well, I love y'all a whole bunch!! Tengá un buen semana!!!

Hermana Twede

Hermanas Twede and Soelberg

Spanish Art Museums are cool

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