Saturday, August 13, 2016

No Fear of Man

So this weeek went by holy quick and I don´t have a lot of time left on here so I won´t share too much. But the experience I want to share is about the park. (Getting sick of hearing about the park yet?)

So I was companions with Hermana Meredith from my district whom I love with all of my heart and was actually kinda praying to have as my companion. We were so stoked when we found out we were comps. So on Friday night she came into my habitacion (MTC room) and said that we should pray that everyone we talk to will feel the Spirit no matter what. So I did that but all week I have been praying that I will be able to communicate with people because I have been getting tired of not knowing what people are saying and it has been holding me back from actually talking to people. So I prayed to be able to communicate so that I could just do what I needed. We watched a devotional by Elder Holland on Thursday about us just opening our mouths because we were giving the weapon of words and we need to use it. So, on Saturday morning me and Hma. Meredith set some goals and they were pretty high. But Hma Meredith wanted to go for it so I had faith and said ok.

So, we get to the temple and say a prayer and we were so ready for the day it was unreal. Then we got on the Metro and I saw a girl who looked about our age. I made a beeline for her and we just started chatting with her. Holy cow, I don't know how I knew to say what I said but we were just jabbering back and forth with her it was so fun. She told us our Spanish was very good. Then we talked about what we do and believe. She was interested so we talked about the BOM and tried to give her one. She didn't want one but she still wanted to know more so she filled out a referral card. As she was doing that, we totally missed our stop for the park. So, after talking to her we had to get off and then we switched lines and got back on. We started talking to another girl and missed the stop again. So we switched lines again and almost missed the stop because we got talking to someone again but we finally got off.

After getting off we were going up to main ground and getting talking to this old man who lives by the temple. We asked if he believed in God and he said he used to but didn´t. We asked him what he believed in and he said the earth and people but not God. My heart broke for this old man. We talked to him about the gospel a little bit and I told him I know that God helps us. And if you know Spaniards you know that they do this finger wave at you. He kept doing that saying "No. God doesn't help me." He continued to kinda not believe what we were saying and said it wasn't true and at one point I looked him in the eyes and said (in Spanish), "I don´t know a lot of Spanish, but I do know that the only way I'm able to talk to you right now is because God is helping me, and I know that He loves you." He still didn't believe us and finally he walked away. After that we were so spent so we said another prayer and continued on our way. We didn't have a lot of "success" as far as passing out Book of Mormons or folletos (pamphlets) but every single person we talked to we talked about the gospel and bore our testimonies. WE FEARED NO MAN THAT DAY! It was a successful day for us and a very good learning experience.

People need this gospel. I know that it´s hard to believe in something that you can´t see but if we could just open our eyes for a second, we would see evidence of God´s hand in EVERYTHING! Golly I love this gospel and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the opportunity to share it.

My favorite chapter that I read this week was in Jacob chapter 7 I believe about the story of Sherem. I just love how it shows God´s power and how He doesn´t let His children be led away. Also I love what I do and that I have an opportunity to be Jacob and bring people to Christ.

This gospel is great and yáll are great! Have a great week!!

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  1. These posts always bring such happy tears! Two of our Canada grandkids will be leaving for their missions in October and November and they were just here for a visit (part of our oldest son's family) -- great to hear their testimonies, great to hear Hermana Twede's faith and testimony! So wonderful!