Monday, January 30, 2017

Gold, White and Blue

Hey little croissants 🥐
HOW WAS YOUR WEEK?!? I hope it was just stellar.

Well I'll cut the small talk. This week was SUPER great!! Holy Moses
just a big rush of the Spirit and things pretty much all week. I'll
just start from the beginning.

Tuesday: INTERVIEWS!! Seriously my favorite part of transfers.
President Andersen is such an inspired man I just love the
opportunities that I get to talk to him and receive counsel from him.
This interview I had some questions and one that had been weighing on
my mind for my whole mission and I finally got up the nerve to ask
him. Wow......i don't know why I waited so long to ask it but the
spirit was so strong as he gave me counsel and guidance. LOVE IT!
Mission presidents are just so cool let me tell yah.
Later that day we had a really good lesson with a less active and His
investigator girlfriend. They're so nice I just love them.

Wednesday: ZONE CONFERENCE!! Holy. Cow. That's all I can say about
that. Seriously it was like getting blasted with a fire hose of the
spirit the entire time. It was a long day in Murcia but oh so good. We
had about 5ish hours of Zone Conference then about 30-45 minutes of
Zone Meeting right after. THAT. Was incredible. We were setting a
baptismal goal for the Zone and the spirit was so strong. At one
point, our Zone Leaders asked us all to get on our knees and we said a
Zone prayer about the goal we should set. After the prayer, it was
just silence. We all slowly got back into our seats and you could
literally FEEL that every single missionary in the room was tapping
into their spiritual connections, trying to listen to what the goal
needed to be. Finally, they asked for some numbers. One person raises
their hand and says, "6". Almost half the Zone raises their hands
saying they got the same number. I had a feeling in my heart that
said, "yeah that's pretty good." But I also had the feeling that
wasn't quite it. Then as people are getting ready to set that as the
goal, someone says, "I got 7." About 4 or 5 other people agreed with
that number. So now we were at a crossroads. 6 or 7? Then they asked
for any more numbers and one elder in my areaish says, "Well I got 10
so....." everyone kind of thought that was crazy. But some agreed. I
just sat there pondering over these three numbers thinking, "Ok
Heavenly Father, we're putting all of our revelation together and
trying to set a goal of how many of your sheep are going to return to
you this month. Which number do we need to set?" Earlier in the
conference, President Andersen had been talking about how sometimes
the Pendulum of Baptism swings out of balance for multiple reasons,
one of those being "Limiting Heaven's Miracles." In a matter of just a
few minutes, our entire conference that we had just had went through
my head pointing out certain moments that taught us of faith,
repentance, and miracles. In that moment, I realized that our entire
conference had prepared us for that moment. It had been our call to
repentance. Our call to be better. And our call to STOP limiting
Heaven's miracles. That's when the spirit bore witness to me that our
goal needed to be 10 baptisms for the month of a February. Half the
Zone was on board, half wasn't. But, by the end, the spirit bore
witness to everyone in that room that 10 was the number. It was so
strong and dense, you could have cut it with a knife. So now we have
set a plan on how we are going to accomplish this goal and I'm so
stoked because we are going to see some serious miracles in this

Cheesin' it with Elder Neubert.

Then we had the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast......THAT WAS CRAZY
AMAZING!! So much counsel was given I loved every second of it. My
hand started to hurt from writing down so many notes. Some changes
were made as well. Some pretty crazy changes but after they explained
why they were made, I felt more at peace. We now have a lot more
flexibility in our schedule to help increase our productivity
depending on our areas and also to help us develop habits of making
time for scripture study and other important things that will carry on
with us after the mission. Seeing these changes made me realize that
the Lord really is moving His work forward and I'm so excited to be a
part of it.


I'm gonna skip a few days real quick here to Saturday. (This is
already a novel so sry)

opportunity to travel to Alicante for our baptism and with the help of
sooo many people, had the most beautiful baptism. Everything was so
chalk full of the spirit it was great. Our investigator gave his
testimony at the end and told his path to this point and it was so
wonderful. You could see God's hand in his life soooo much just
preparing him for this moment. Then afterwards, he was talking to
another member who was asking how he felt and he said, "I was so
nervous and had so much anxiety at the beginning, but as soon as I
stepped into the water, it all went away." AAAAAHHHHH YAYAYAYAYAY!!!
Seriously the best thing you could ever hear as a missionary. He is
seriously GOLD and was dressed in WHITE as he entered the BLUE waters
of baptism. It was such a good day and very special for everyone who
attended. Ugh I love this work. And guys....God is so cool. He is
preparing so many people right now and I'm so stoked to keep finding

So it was a good day. Before our train back, Hna Garcia and I
celebrated with delicious Columbian food. Good day. And then the next
day he completed the action by getting confirmed and became a full
blown member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Well.....that's pretty much a wrap!! I know this church is true with
all my heart, might, mind, and strength and that's why I'm here in
Spain speaking a language that isn't my own, missing my family and
friends, only to get rejected at ALMOST every door. But I wouldn't
have it any other way. I'm a living witness of the love God has for
His children and I proudly answer the call to gather His lost sheep.
This gospel is true, Christ lived, died, and rose again so that we can
do the same. I know it without a doubt and I will testify of Him until
the day I die.

Thank you for all the support and love. Have a great week!

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

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