Monday, March 27, 2017

Almost April Already?!

Here we are.....another Monday......and here I am........writing this email.
Well.....I'm trying to remember what happened this week and just
can't. So I'm gonna pull a Michael Scott on y'all and just say,
"Sometimes I have no idea where a [group email] is going, I just hope
it finds itself along the way."

So last Monday after emailing found us a bit sweaty. We were trying to
get home on time from Pday but the world was against us. We missed the
bus and the next one would take 10 minutes to get there (ok 8 but I'm
trying to exaggerate the story) so we started walking. Then we were
about 7 minutes walk from Piso but 5 away from end of Pday so we
started running (this is the real reason why we run in the morning).
We waited at a cross walk close to home and then as soon as that
little man turned green we were at a dead sprint for the
middle of this dead sprint (you'd think we were running from the
cops.....not an exaggeration) when I get....A PHONE CALL!!! I'M
US!! Ends up being our member who we were supposed to have a FHE with
that night. So I'm still sprinting bc at all costs we have to get back
on time, and this is the conversation:

Member: "Hermana Twede?"
Me: "SÍ!"
Member: "We can't do the FHE tonight, can we do it tomorrow?"
Member: "Sí same time!......Hermana are you ok?"
Member: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! Ok have a great day see you
tomorrow!! BESOS!!"

None of that convo was an exaggeration btw. Literally what happened.
But hey. We got back on time and were out the door working even though
we still were breathing harder than usual and a bit damp. But it was a
good day and we met with some menos activos who we've been trying to
meet with since I was with Hna Garcia so that was cool.

Tuesday we had a super district meeting. Elder Gray and Rojas were
going home home. Like that plane was hours away. So we
decided to have a big testimony meeting. It was cool and trunky and we
all walked those elders to the bus station so they could go to Málaga.
All us with a little more time we're feeling sick to our stomachs bc
we know it's coming faster than we think. But it's all good and we'll
see our buddies on the other side:)

Wednesday was good. Super busy at first. Then everyone except 1 person
failed us. So it was a normal Wednesday. We did go have that FHE with
our member.....that was fun bc we ended up tag teaming it with her
home teachers and then ended up playing referee. The mission is always
an adventure! But it was good. And then we had another FHE with
another less active family. We made brownies and brought them and
everyone loved them so that was cool.
Oh and on Wednesday we had an incredible lesson with our investigator.
We didn't know what she needed that day so we planned on the Book of
Mormon. Then she started telling us concerns and it was incredible.
I've never experienced a lesson more led by the Spirit than that one.
I opened my mouth to speak and in my head I thought, "these are
literally not my words." So cool!!

Thursday was Thursday. We figured out one of our crazy futures is in
love with Hna Pickett so we passed him over to the elders real quick.
Spaniards love the rubias:)

Friday was ZONE MEETING!! Got to see my fave Hna Simpson and we
watched the new Easter Iniciative and it's sooooo awesome!! We are
stoked to get it this week. Then after we went and ate delicious and
definitely not healthy Colombian food. Ummm also can we talk about how
APRIL IS THIS WEEK?!?! I still think it's February!! What even is time
I don't know.

Alicante Zone

Saturday was good. I can't remember what happened so sorry about that.
Sunday was killer. Our non investigator investigator who comes to
church every week came. We've been trying to get him to read and pray
but he doesn't have ganas so we just wait patiently. But we had a
great lesson that our ward mission leader taught and he said the
perfect things that this kid needs to hear. So hopefully he'll decide
to read and find a testimony of his Heavenly Father. Then Hna
Pickett's stomach took a turn durin lunch (even though I made killer
stuffed arepas) and she was down for the count for a few hours so that
was sad. But then we went out and got a new investigator like 2 hours
after we started the new week. So that was cool. Also, bc Hna Pickett
is sick, our district leader offered to buy us mint chocolate chip ice
cream and watermelon juice. Probs the weirdest pair of food but we
didn't complain.

Today we went to Santa Pola, a little beach town, with our
investigator and it was wonderful. Good way to spend a Monday morning.
Relaxing at a cafe listening to the ocean.

Santa Pola

Ok this email is so long sorry homies on the mission. So I'll wrap up.
I was watching this video called #GraciasAÉl that we were showing to a
future investigator and I just felt the spirit soooo strong and a love
súper fuerte for my Savior. Then when we asked her what Jesus Christ
meant for her, she answered and then turned the question around on me.
That was new. But I just want you all to know that everyday I'm in the
mission, my Savior has more and more significance for me. He's not
just his person who doesn't really feel real, He's my older brother.
He suffered for all of us.....but He suffered for ME! For HERMANA
TWEDE! Every single hard day I've had out here, every time I feel like
I've had enough, every time Satan tries so hard to get me to give up,
HE KNOWS!! He suffered for that!! For my INDIVIDUAL trials!! Not just
as a whole. It wasn't like, "ok here's all the trials in the world,
you're just going to feel all of it as a whole big weight." No. He
felt it individually. And that is why He can relate to me, as an
individual daughter of God who's not perfect and has trials and just
needs someone who understands. He died on the cross and rose again so
that Hermana Twede could do the same. So that I could live with my
Mom, Dad, Brother, and two sisters for eternity. And for that I am
grateful. And I will do all I can to show my gratitude. I love my
Savior so so much and I'm blessed to be a part of His work here in
Elche, Spain.
Love you all. Have a great week!!
Kia Kaha.

Hermana Twede

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