Monday, March 13, 2017

Another Amazing Week and Lots of Pictures

Welp. Here we are again. Another Monday. How did that even happen??

Today is Pday and it's been hot all last week. HOT. LIKE I GOT TO WEAR
now it's Monday and it's pouring rain. Sometimes I seriously wonder if
I'm actually in Spain or some random part of Utah will how bipolar
this weather is.

This week was super great and super full of miracles it was just
awesome. We had intercambios on Thursday and Friday with the one and
only HERMANA BURRELL AND FAVERO!! Those were killer. Thursday night I
was with my fave Hna Burrell who's been my SHE since I entered the
mission field but this was our last intercambios ever since at the end
of this transfer she'll be returning back home. That's super sad
but......happens. But we had a great night, taught some great lessons,
had Spanish boys walk behind us and serenade us with Adele, and then
bought ice cream. Then Friday morning I got to teach the sweetest man
from Colombia I think and got some serious piano talk in with Hna
Favero. She's just a great human. I love those two lots and lots.

So Friday after we got back we had a lesson with a guy who referred
HIMSELF on and he said he's investigated a lot of churches
but none of them made him feel "full". Then he remembered the two
Mormons he works with but didn't have their number so he found our
website and asked for a Book of Mormon!! He was stoked to read it and
we will be meeting with him again this week!! #MILAGROS
Then like a couple hours later, we were in Centro and stopped walking
to decide if we had time to pass by a menos activo before English
class and this guy walks up and asks us, "What are you looking for?
What do you want to do?" That caught us a little off guard but we just
told him what we were deciding and he was like, "oh yeah your church
is just over there right?" Then he asked if we wanted to see the view
of the palm trees from his apartment window and we explained we didn't
have time but maybe another day and he was like ok. Then we said, "umm
but also we are missionaries who share a message about families and
Jesus Christ....could we come by and share that with you sometime?"
His answer: "Yeah sure whenever you want." We asked him for the next
day and what time and he told us yes at 11. We walked away from that
like, "Uhhhhhhhhhh wat just happened??" God is so cool. And He blesses
His missionaries. Two for two that day super great. #MILAGROS

Saturday was the We visited with two new investigators and
then went to a member's house for lunch and she made us HAMBURGERS!!
LIKE REAL LIFE HAMBURGERS!! Like they compete with American Made
hamburgers so dang good!!! Best hamburgers I've had since the 4th of
July I almost cried.

Then that night was the Anniversary for the
Relief Society activity and we were singing in it so we went. THEY DID
SUCH A GOOD JOB!! Almost every single woman in there had sewn her own
bonnet and apron and wore it. They had cardboard cut outs of wagons
and paintings of pioneers and everything and they did skits and told
stories and showed videos and it was all so great and everyone looked
so cute!! I sat there in awe and loved all of it. While I was sitting
there, I felt a big rush of the spirit and an overwhelming sense of
love for these people. I LOVE SPAIN!! And I love these people. They're
my people. And God loves them so so much and I'm blessed with the
opportunity to feel that love too.

I don't have much of a spiritual thought this week. Just that I love
life right now. There's been so many days the past few weeks where I
just think, "I never want to stop being a missionary." When I hunk of
missionaries going home, I cry for them because I know that soon my
time will come to leave these people and this country. There will be a
day where I can't put on my chapa, and that just sounds like such a
sad day. But I love so much what I get to do these short 18 months.
The mission is something absolutely incredible and I love it so much.
Words cannot express my love for my Savior and this work that He
directs. I'm grateful for this chance to be on the front lines of His
army and bring His children to the knowledge of the truth. If anyone
is debating on whether or not to serve a mission, I say GO! Yes it's
hard. I'm not going to lie to you and say it's not. It will be one of
the hardest things you've ever done in your life up to this point. But
it is 1000000000% worth it. Nothing I've ever experienced in my life
has compared to what I've experienced here in Spain. I love this work
and the message of good news I carry every single day. I know this
gospel is true with all of my heart and that Christ is my Savior and
that I have a loving Heavenly Father who watches over and guides me. I
was reading about Abinadi last night and how he testified until the
moment he died. It made me think, "Would I do that? Would I die for my
testimony?" As I wrote this, I can confidently say that yes I would. I
would die rather than deny the things I know to be true. I love this
gospel and I testify of its truthfulness. Thanks to the mission, I get
to do it every day too.

Thanks for all the support. Love you all so much. Until next week.

Kia Kaha.

Hermana Twede

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