Monday, June 5, 2017

Cat Got Your Tongue?

I will have you all know that for the past 4 weeks, Hna Johnson and I
have been opening our companion study by singing Christmas songs. And
on my birthday, I listened to my Christmas music on my pin drive.
There. I said it. My secret is out. Now you all know.

Ok well it was an awesome week!! This Saturday, we took a nice little
road trip to ALICANTE!!! We had our tri-zone conference there and got
to drive past the beloved land of ELCHE!! Only saw it from the freeway
but that's ok. But the conference was OH MY SO GOOD!! We had a General
Authority come named Elder Gay who served in Spain actually a long
time ago. But guess what? He opened the area of ELCHE!! He told us
that the first "chapel" was held in a tiny lunch room in a random
piso. Also, when he dedicated the city of Elche, he said that in the
blessing he said that one day "there would be wards there and the
church would find a great center there"!!! That was super cool to hear
because now there are two wards and the stake they are in is called
the stake of Elche. But his talk was INCREDIBLE!! He shared sooo many
stories from his mission and his underlying theme was, "Missionary
work is a revelatory work." And it's SO TRUE!! You literally can't do
anything without revelation. I loved it because he also talked about
how we have the authority and calling to receive revelation and we
need to trust in that calling and act on the impressions we
receive....even if they don't make sense.

Stripe Squad at Conference.

During the whole conference, especially when he talked about acting on
impressions, I kept thinking about this girl about our age who we had
contacted last week and hadn't been able to get ahold of. I had had
her on my mind the past week and a half and just had a feeling that we
needed to go to Smooey (frozen yogurt place) that night after getting
home. She had told us she works at Smooey so I just figured, "Lets go
see if she's working. We will go like we just want to buy FroYo but
really we are using it as an excuse to see her and set up a cita." So
I told Hermana Johnson what I was thinking and she was down
(Claro....who doesn't want FroYo and a new investigator?) so after we
got home, we put our stuff down and went walking by the beach to
Smooey. As we are walking, Hermana Johnson asks me how far down it is
and just after I tell her that it's not too far, I turn my head to
look at the water and right there is our Future Alba! She still
remembered us and we asked how she was (like it was a coincidence that
we saw her) and she said that she was on her eating break for work,
that she only gets 5 minute breaks to eat. So we happen to catch her
on that break. MILAGRO!! So we talked to her and she told us that the
reason she hadn't been answering our calls was because it wasn't a
WhatsApp (what EVERYONE in Spain has bc it's texting and calling
through wifi or something) number but now that she knows, she said
she'll answer. So we set up a cita with her for tonight and we're
excited! I feel like we need to teach her. I don't know why but after
we contacted her last week, she's constantly been on my mind. So we
will see. But it was a milagro to see, especially right after Elder
Gay talked about this work being a revelatory work.

So yeah that was the best part of the week!! Yesterday was Stake Conf
and we had 2 investigators and a future come!! Woohoo!! Also last
night we made friends with a if you happened to walk by and
see two girls in dresses and chapas meowing at a cat and crouching
near the was us. Also I made friends with a scary dog
that our menos activa owns. His name is Negro. He's a good puppy. Just
don't make eye contact with him.....he might eat you. Yes I've done
it. Yes in purpose. But I was behind the gate so tranquilo.

I just want to talk about Heavenly Father for a second. He's awesome.
Did you know that?? I hope so. Because He's seriously súper great. And
guess what?? He cares about the details of our lives. Lately, I've
been exhausted. Drained mentally, physically, and emotionally. More so
than ever before in my life. The other day, I said a little prayer for
energy just to stand up from my study table and go to work. We had
just been doing language study and it was like both of our batteries
died at the end. No energy to do nada. But I said a prayer and said,
"Heavenly Father, I have approximately zero energy in my body or mind.
I need help." Right after that, I got out of my seat, got my stuff
together, and we went to work. The rest of the night I felt great and
had energy to keep going. God gives us our daily bread. We just need
to ask for it. He's in the highways and byways of our lives even when
we don't notice. Get to know your Heavenly Father. Trust Him. He knows
what you need. So just ask.

I love this work so much. Being a missionary is the hardest and most
exhausting thing that has ever happened to me......but it is by far
the best thing I've ever DONE.


Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

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