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Well over here in CartaG, I'd say we've had a pretty solid week!! I
think Hna Johnson would say different but it's ok! Been a good growing
experience. I'll explain. So being in a car area, we have a certain
amount of kilometers we can use each month. It used to be 2,500 km but
now it's been lowered to 2,000 km and at all costs YOU CANNOT GO
OVER!! Once you get to 2,000 km you gotta park your car and get
walkin. So this week we decided to finally add up our miles to see
where we are at.......well......needless to say, we didn't spend them
as wisely as we should have so this week we've been.....WALKING!! I
have actually LOOOOVED IT!! I didn't realize how much I miss being in
the street all the time seeing and talking to people until I got to do
it again. I've found out a few things through this experience: Spain
is hot, Hna Johnson misses the car, I walk fast apparently (Dad is
just flipping out rn I know), and CONTACTING IS GREAT!! So we did a
lot of contacting which means Hna Johnson is learning how to just talk
to people and I've been such a proud comp this week watching her just
go. She's such a good sport.

So yeah that's been a big deal this week, lots of walking. Our dear
Elizabeth misses us and the poor thing just sits in front of the house
most days. But it's a growing experience for all of us. We've seen a
lot of miracles. Just the other day, we went out and made a silent
promise to Heavenly Father that we would contact everyone in our path
that morning. So we leave Piso and head out on the street and there's
a man and his daughter walking toward us and I just say, "Hermana,
you're going to contact that guy." And she just gives me this look and
says, "Nooo why?!" And I just say, "Just do it!" And she stopped him
and we had a great convo with this nice man from Africa. We ended up
getting his info so we will be calling him this week. We got a lot of
futures and it was so great. I've heard that every single person on
the street has already been contacted but I don't care. They need as
many opportunities as possible to accept the gospel so I'm willing to
give them those opportunities.

Thursday was correlación and since it was mine and Elder Layton's
birthdays this week, Hna Johnson made a cake to bring. After
correlación we had a delish ecuatoriano soup and then we had cake. Well, a
tradition I didn't know about is that you have to "take a bite" out of
your cake so that you have good luck for the next year. Well what
happens when you go to take a bite? Yeah someone smashes your face
into the whole cake. So 1 year olds aren't the only ones who get smash
cakes here isn't that exciting? Well when I went to "take a bite",
Elder Layton was already ready to shove my face into it somewhat
lightly, but then another hand went on top of his and pushed even
harder so I legit ate cake.....and so did my eye.....and my whole
face.....hard. Pics will be attached. I had frosting in my hair the
rest of the night.

Friday was BIRTHDAY DAY!! It was a good day that started with churros
and chocolate for breakfast, spaghetti and meatballs for lunch, and
hair curlers and face masks before bed. We worked hard and played
hard. Thanks for all the birthday wishes you great people.....I really
appreciated them!! Also we had an unplanned FHE with some members and
an investigator and for the game we played UNO!!! You know I never
realized that that game is legit in Spanish. The things you learn on a
mission, am I right??

Saturday was one of the best days though. We had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) in
the Zone Leaders area that they had asked us to go to bc they had a
cita with an investigator at the same time. So we went and shared the
scripture 3 Nefi 13:31-33 and talked about putting the Lord first with
an object lesson. It was so awesome because there was a member there
who had just come out of a period of less activeness and she shared
her experience of the difference in her life from where she put all
things temporal first and when she started to put the Lord first. The
spirit was so strong and it made the whole night.

That's kind of what I want to talk about today spiritually wise. Do
you guys realize how important it is to put the Lord first before
EVERYTHING else? Have you noticed the difference in your day when you
take time to actually read the scriptures and say your prayers? I
didn't. Not before the mission. Now I understand how important it is
to put Him first. STOP telling yourself you'll read your scriptures at
night.....because you won't. STOP telling yourself that next week
you'll go to church.....because you might not. STOP telling yourself
that TOMORROW you'll start doing the things you should be doing TODAY.
Because you won't. You have to start NOW. And I don't know if y'all
know, but when we put the Lord first, He not only blesses us
SPIRITUALLY, but TEMPORALLY as well. He promises to help us when we
put Him first. So start TODAY to put Him first, and then you'll see
the blessings. I know He's there and He loves us. He's our Heavenly
Father and we are His children. I'm grateful for the opportunity to
share that with His children here in Spain.

Pday in Cartagena

Have a great week. Love you all.
Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

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  1. I love your birthday pic, at first I thought it was zombie make-up. I hope you got our package, if not know that we love you so much!!