Tuesday, July 18, 2017


It's been quite the day. And week. And month. And year. But
specifically, this week has been filled with police stations, almost
dying, Zone Conf, interviews, banana bread, new investigators, dropped
dates, and waaaay too much of Spanish men than preferred. I'll

Sooooo Monday we had a KILLER Noche de Hogar with an investigator,
recent convert, menos activos, and strong members. KILLER!! So
awesome!! Hermana Palmer learned that when you don't know what anyone
is saying, just say, "Qué fuerte!!" It was a good night.

Tuesday.......was interesting. It was a very up and down day, but we
made cookies for our Noche de Hogar and ended up having a super great
night. You wanna get close with the members? Chocolate chip cookie
bars may just do the trick;)

Wednesday I turned 1 YEAR OLD in the mission. I'm getting old.....it's
not ok. Soooo to celebrate we met with an investigator in the morning
who I love to pieces. Then we had interviews with Presidente
Andersen!! I love that man. He told me a lot of things I needed to
hear so it was awesome. Then we visited some menos activas and we've
started doing Personal Progress with them!! It's fun going back and
doing it but now and Spanish. I don't know why I never thought about
doing that before with my less actives but I LOVE IT!! Then later that
night we had another really good Noche de Hogar and then I
accomplished my mission goal: bought a barra de pan and ate it.....all
of it. Let's just say 6 Months to Sexy came in with a bang the next
morning. #YIKES

Thursday we had a killer Noche de Hogar AGAIN with a bunch of jóvenes.
We had it about prayer and I don't think I've ever testified so
strongly of the power of prayer. There's something about teaching kids
your age who don't have the testimony you do and you just want them to
believe soooooo bad that God is their Heavenly Father and He wants to
help them with whatever they go through. So it was great.

Friday was ZONE CONF!! Hermana Palmer's first and SHE SAID THE OPENING
PRAYER!!! She was so nervous leading up to it but she NAILED IT!! I
was so proud.

Saturday is where things really started to get interesting. So we had
planned before to make banana bread as an excuse to go meet all of our
neighbors. We also set a goal that day to find 2 new investigators. So
we go to our next door neighbors and they let us in and have us sit
down and we get talking. Then she says, "I always see missionaries
living there. I want to know about your church." Mind you, VERY
catholic. So.....we taught her the first lesson. To her and two of her
daughters and at the end gave her and one of the daughters a Book of
Mormon and invited them to read. At they end, they commented that we
seemed like closed off people because missionaries who have passed
through dont say hi to the neighbors and keep to themselves.
The second neighbor we went to see, her husband was.....not
clothed....so he didn't let us give him banana bread.....not really
mad about that. But then we went and visited our cute Ines, very
catholic future investigator, taught her a lesson, and set a return
appointment. So between our neighbors and Ines, we reached our goal of
2 news and had some great lessons!! It was a good day.

Yesterday was awesome. Started with studies. In the middle church. And
ended with getting home late because we lost our phone and had to go
to the police stations!! Woohoo!!

But an experience we had in between all the craziness was really cool.
The Super SHEs (Sister Training Leaders)have been having us do this
thing this month where we try to develop a certain attribute of Christ
during July.

Mine is faith. Yesterday, they challenged us to contact the first 3
people we saw, no matter what they looked like. So......Hna Palmer and
I got off the bus from church and started contacting on our way home. We
contacted two interesting old men who didn't want much. Then we were
coming up on a girl who looked about our age and I wasn't going to
contact her but a thought came to my head, "She is number 3. Contact
her." So we started talking to her and asking if she has ever had a
desire to know that there is a God and she says yes. I just looked at
her and said, "Hey, we're jóvenes like you. We're not weird people.
But I can tell you that this gospel has blessed my life so so much. I
know that I have a purpose here in this life and I know that it's to
become like and later life with my Heavenly Father. We just want to
share this message with you as well. Is there another day this week
when we could do that?" She accepted, we showed her a video, set up a
return appointment, and invited her to pray to feel God's love.
Coolest contacting experience. It's such a cool experience to be able
to look kids in the face who are MY OWN AGE and tell them, "There is
hope. There is happiness. You have a purpose. And we're here to help
you find it." I love he mission. I love the miracles we see when we
have faith. I love everything I've learned and everything I've become.
I'm excited to go the hardest I've ever gone in my last 6 months and
give the Lord my all. I love this gospel. I know it's true.

Love you all. Have a great week.

Kia Kaha.

Hermana Twede


One Year Celebration. Face masks and Uno!

Oh Spain.

Oh Spain.

Feliz Dia de la Virgen Del Carmen!

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  1. Oh how I love seeing these pictures! I 100000% sure you have been giving God your all for the past year, if not longer in your life. Enjoy the people and the culture while you can. I have missed your sweet smile so much!