Monday, November 14, 2016


Hey. You. Over there. Yes you. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday. It's
good for your immune system.

 Well folks the time has come....I'M DONE WITH TRAINING WOOHOO!!!!

Also we got transfer calls this morning but let me just tell you a little
tale of the elders in my district. So for one, they love to mess with
me. I made the mistake a while back of trusting everything they say
and it has haunted me. So now they just mess with me all the time. So
all week, Hma Moore and I have been stressed out waiting for transfers
and couldn't concentrate during our studies today, just waiting for
that little phone to ring. So we are happily doing our grocery
shopping when we got a call from our Zone Leaders and it was Elder
Berry on the phone.

Here's the conversation,
Elder Berry: "Hola Hermanas this is Elder Berry. Elder Boston just got
the email for transfers and told me to call you."
Me: "Yeah I thought he would do that."
Berry: "Well would you like to know what's going to happen?"
Us: "Yes that would be wonderful."
Berry: "Ok. Hermana Moore, you are staying here in Granada. And
Hermana want to know where you're going?"
Me: "Yes please."
Berry: "Hermana Twede, you are going to-*click*"
HANGS UP ON US. Then we get a call again from them and this time it's
Elder Boston.
Boston: "Hermana Twede?"
Me: "Yes Elder can you just please tell us what's going on."
Boston: "Ok so the crazy thing is that I'm still going to be your zone
leader but we're going to a different zone..."
Me: ".....ok and what zone is that?"
Boston: "we are going to- *click*"
LITERALLY HANGS UP ON US AGAIN!! By this time I have so much stress in
my body I'm ready to die. Then they call us back.
Me: "I literally hate you all. You guys are dead to us. Do you know
how stressed out I am right now?!?"
Boston: *laughing his head off* "You know what the funny part is?"
Me: "I'm staying in Granada aren't I??"
Boston: "Hahah yeah." Then proceeded to tell us the rest of the changes.

Elders are the literal worst. So yes. I'm staying in Granada for
another transfer with Hma Moore and we are sooooo stoked. Granada has
been preparing for Christmas since October so I'm getting in the
spirit already. Also Christmas and thanksgiving are in this transfer
so it's gonna be great!!

Besides that, this was a great week. It was still hard and the work is
still rough but we found that we were being really negative and it
made for a grumpy companionship. So we have a goal to be more positive
and it's made the week soooo much better. So be positive people.
CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!! My dad told me once that happiness isn't
something that just comes....we have to choose it. And it's so true. I
can think that I'll be happier when I have baptisms or more people to
teach but I don't know that. I have to choose to be happy in this

Also Hma Moore filled a balloon with confetti and gave me a pop tart
bc I finished training so that was great. Also we celebrated
cumplemeses this week. Hma Moore hit 6 MONTHS and I hit 4. Time is
flying and we are already halfway through November!!
Well.....that's about it. Missionary work is great. I love it here.
The people are great. And yep. Read your scriptures people. There's
great stuff in there. When you have a spiritual moment, WRITE IT
DOWN!! And then share it with someone. God didn't want us to study His
gospel then keep what we learn to ourselves....He wanted us to glory
in the happiness of the gospel with others. You never know who might
need a spiritual lift.

Here we have a commitment called OLA. It stands for Orar, Leer,
Asistir. Orar: pray. Day and night. Everyday. Leer: read the
scriptures everyday. Especially the. Book of Mormon. Asistir: GO TO
CHURCH!! These are just some of the small and simple things that you
can do that will help you grow your testimony that this gospel is
true. I'm gonna pull a missionary on y'all but I COMMIT YOU to OLA
this week. Everyday. Just see what happens. And do it with faith. With
faith, God brings miracles. God never ceases to be a God of miracles,
we just stop having faith. Have faith and OLA.


Hermana Twede

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