Monday, November 21, 2016

Answered Prayers...Literally.

Hello people of Babylon.
So this week was great and incredible and we had (drumroll
please)........NO BAPTISMS!! But it's fine I'm over it.

But this week really was good. We were 3 little Hermanas for a day on
Tuesday due to transfers so we got to experience trio life for 24
hours with good ol Hermana Hooper coming from Jaén going to Cartagena
to her new comp Hermana Mckeown!! So that'll be fun! She was sad to
leave Jaén which was her first area but I think she's got great things
waiting for her in Cartagena and they are just going to kill it. The
whole time she was with us, Hma Moore and I just felt like STLs with
exchanges except we were Missing her companion. But it was good.
Also our ward had a talent show and the missionaries sang Oh My Father
to the tune of Come Thou Fount and I had to sing a little solo and
thought I was going to die. Do t worry windows broke and
everyone's hearing is still intact so it wasn't The Fat Lady status in
breaking glasses. If you don't get that Harry Potter reference go
home. And watch all the Harry Potters. Right now.

Ok SO. The big main things from this week were on Friday one of our
members who is also a recent convert got his mission call!! He has
been called to the Barcelona Spain mission and leaves on the 17 of
January!! We are so so stoked for him. He is one of the strongest
members here and he will leave on his mission just a few days after
his year mark for his baptism. He's seriously incredible and me and my
companion always talk about how we would have loved to have been his
missionaries to teach and baptize him or we at least want to see it
happen. Maybe I'm heaven we can watch his conversion story like a
movie. That would be awesome. He has no idea the big adventure that is
waiting for him and we are all so excited for him to get started! He's
literally going to baptize that whole mission.

Ok other cosa (things). Every Sunday, we meet with this less active in a
member's home and I just love them both to death. But last week we met
with them and we talked about the doctrine of Christ. After our lesson
we invited her to start saying nightly prayers with her husband. She's
been really wanting him to take the discussions but has been really
patience with him. So we felt this would help their marriage and kind
of get him seeing how much this gospel matters to her. She was really
hesitant to commit and didn't want to push her husband to far. We
promised her that if she took this small step with her husband she
would she great blessing. She half heartedly committed to do it so we
left that cita thinking she wouldn't do it. But then we walked into
the chapel and Sunday and GUESS WHO WAS SITTING WITH HER?!! HER
HUSBAND!!! Mind you, this was his 2nd time at church on Sunday and
only 3rd time in the church building. And while I was talking to a
member about something, our less active pulled my companion and just
said, "I took your advice and I prayed with my husband!" She was so so
happy!! People, when we have faith and do what God has asked us to do,
He shows us blessings.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to testify of
His love for His children to the people of Spain in the Spanish language.
This experience was such a huge testimony to me that God has not ceased
to be a God of miracles. It's when we stop showing our faith that we
can't see the miracles He lays out for us. If you can't see His miracles
in your life, look inward and ask yourself what you can do better to
show Him your faith.

Well folks. The gospel is true. Ugh I just love it so much. We had
correlación this week and one companionship of elders announced that
their investigator accepted a fecha (baptismal date). She's been coming
to church every Sunday since one of the first sundays of my first transfer but didn't
have a fecha. So when they announced that I literally cheered.
Everyone just kinda laughed and looked at me but I was so excited that
another one of God's children was coming home. It made me realize that
every success of a missionary is our success too. We are all in this
work together as members and missionaries. So every baptism is our
baptism. Every sealing is our sealing. Every success is our success
because we are all brothers brothers and sisters slowly our family is
all coming back home. So missionaries who aren't having success, stop
thinking that. Because someone somewhere is getting baptized and
that's something to feel good about because wherever you are and
whatever you're doing, you're making a difference. Sometimes you plant
and sometimes you harvest but overall, you're successful and Heavenly
Father is so proud of you.

I ALMOST FORGOT!! We got 3 new elders!! Elder Kroff from
Chile/Northern Spain, Elder Egbert from Arizona, and Elder Stark from
Colorado. I have yet to meet Elder Stark but that will happen tomorrow
at district meeting. But our other two elders are awesome and some
great things are going to be happening here in Granada this transfer.
I'm stoked.

Ok well keep up the good work folks. If you're not sharing the gospel,
get off your couch or your phone or your computer and talk to someone.
Share the light of the gospel with everyone you meet. You don't have
to have a missionary tag to do that.
Love you all! The gospel is true!!

Kia Kaha!!

Hermana Twede

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