Monday, November 7, 2016

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

HOLA AMIGOS! Cómo estáis? Espero que todo está bien y que esta semana
fue súper buena.

Well this week was a week. Not much to report. We don't have hardly
any investigators and no one likes talking to us. But thus is the life
of a missionary in Spain. But LOVING IT!!

The past few days here in Granada have been very wet and very cold.
Today my companion and I went and purchased tights....something I
never thought I would have to do during my mission in the SOUTH OF
SPAIN. But oh well. We turned on our heater for the first time today
and it didn't burst into flames so that's good! I mean I'm in the
church emailing right now and my piso could be on fire (calm down mom
I didn't leave it on....but it may be unpredictable) and I wouldn't
know!! So bueno. Also I've been getting in the Christmas spirit
already and sometimes I make my companion sing a Christmas Hymns to
start out comp study. (My family is reading this and dying inside and
out. And all my roommates are laughing and probs saying, "Yay Brile!"
Because I hate when people play Christmas music before Christmas
but...,the mission has changed me.)

So this week we worked a lot with the less actives in our area and
contacted a lot as well. Funny story. We decided to call all the less
actives in our phone because we didn't know who they were and who to
teach so we called some up and set up 3 citas!! We were so stoked!!
But......our joy was short lived. We decided we should look up where
they live and....turns out 2/3 live in a pueblo súper lejos from our
Piso and in the area of the elders. So we had to call them back and
cancel the cita. Awkward. Hahah. Never make that mistake. NOTE TO
WHEN YOU HAVE TO CANCEL IT. Also the "less active" who
actually lives in our area is a full active member and was the relief
society president for 10 years. Bueno. Needless to say this week has
been a rollercoaster.

But we had stake conference yesterday and it was so great!! We got to
see a lot of our missionary people and that was awesome. But a lot of
what they talked about is finding happiness in the gospel of Jesus
Christ. One speaker talked about teaching the gospel in the home.
Because when you teach the gospel in the home, the family is
strengthened and Satan has less power over you. I loved that. Study
the doctrine peeps. There's such great stuff in there. I'm reading
Jesus The Christ right now and it's opening up my mind to a deeper
doctrine that I didn't know existed and it's so cool. Seriously. Study
the scriptures. Everyone says they want to know what's on the sealed
portion of the plates....but yet they haven't studied the unsealed
portion yet. Study your scriptures. Pray a lot. And just feel the
spirit. My mission has helped me understand this gospel and my
Heavenly Father so much better and I love it. So get studying. Make
scriptures a priority.

Well hope y'all have a fantastic week!! Love yall!

Hermana Twede

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