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Ok so this week was a bit long. And incredible. Oh my gosh it was just so great I'll just start at the beginning. Ish.

So Tuesday we had district meeting and that was good and I met Elder Stark who went to BYU and knows my good friend Elder Kawika Dipko so that's cool beans. Wednesday we had almost thanksgiving lunch at a members house it was great. We had some really great lessons so it was good. This is where this week got interesting though. We had been trying to figure out something for thanksgiving with the elders and they were gonna try to find some turkey meat and I was expecting them to just come back with deli slices bc who has a turkey in Spain?? Then we are at the members house and I get a call from the ZL's and Elder Kroff is trying to explain to me that they (the elders) are in Alcampo staring at a turkey and then Elder Boston gets on and just says, "We've found a turkey. Like a full on turkey and it's the last one. Are you guys in?" I just looked at Hma Moore and say, "We're in."
That night Elder Kroff called and we asked how big it is:
Kroff: "Elder! Cuánto pesa el pavo?"
Boston in the back ground: "mdmskanebdhejakahbahsh"
Kroff: "8 kilos"
Us: "OCHO?!?!? Elder!!!! ESO ES GIGANTE!!!!!"

So yes....we had an 8 kilo turkey for thanksgiving. For 6 missionaries. For you Americans who don't use the metric system 8 kilos is approximately 18 lbs. It was incredible. We asked if any of them knew how to cook a turkey and all of them said no. But they called our mission nurse Hma Frost and she gave them directions so after weekly planning, we took out mashed potatoes and went to the capilla. Those elders got soooo lucky bc they checked it at the perfect time and it was juicy and one of the best turkeys I've had for thanksgiving. We made turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and no bake cookies. Needless to say, thanksgiving was amazing except I think we almost killed our Chilean with all the food at his first ever thanksgiving. He asked us what else we do and us Americans looked and each other and just say, "....sleep. Then eat some more." When we said that it sounded like a bizarre holiday to me but whatever I'm not complaining.

So thanksgiving was great. Friday we went and did service and then had medio día. Welp we hermanas made a mistake again last week where we uhh....didn't buy groceries again so meals were a little fun. I KNOW I DIDN'T LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE LAST TIME I JUST REALLY WANTED TO PLAY SOCCER WITH THE ELDERS POR FIN LEAVE ME BE!!!
After Mediodia and before English we had a lesson with our investigator and invited her to baptism!!! She said no. But she wants to get baptized just doesn't know when she'll feel she's ready so we told her to pray for a date this week and we'll talk about it more next time. But she's progressing so much so I'm not too worried about it. After English classes we Hermanas sat down with the ZLs to verify the lines for our areas bc there was some confusion. We changed them a little which means we have this new investigator that lives in a refugee home and came to church last week and she is just incredible. The other elders had a lesson with her earlier last week and so we told them they could keep teaching her but then they called later and felt like we needed to be the ones to teach her so we get to teach her and she is so prepared. She came to church again this week and was SHARING THOUGHTS IN SUNDAY SCHOOL AND RELIEF SOCIETY IT WAS AMAZING!!

So that'll be really great. Saturday was incredible. We've been trying to get more animated about contacting bc we just really don't enjoy doing it but we've been doing it for the past 2 transfers bc we don't have investigators so we just said a prayer before we left piso and I just asked for Heavenly Father to help us see His hand in our work that day. Well I had been wanting to pick a building to just knock doors for a while so we were walking around and I had a thought to go to this building where an old investigator lives and we went and Hma Moore rang a random door and asked if we could share a message about prayer AND THEY SAID YES!! So we thought it was door 2°6 so we went up and knocked. Before I tell you what happened be warned: THIS IS REAL LIFE, THESE THINGS DO HAPPEN, THIS IS NOT A JOKE......ALSO I FIND THESE SITUATIONS HILARIOUSLY AWKWARD.

Ok so we knocked on the door and an old man opens the door and we asked if we could share a message with him. This dude is in a bathrobe and his only response is, "You can't come in I'm naked." And then he shut the door. HAHAHAHAHAHAH I seriously died. It was so funny. Ok but the next part of this was so cool. We couldn't remember what door Hma Moore had rang so we just knocked on 2°8, the one next to the naked man and this lady opens the door and she's got these two cute little girls peeking out around the door at us. We shared with them a scripture about prayer and it was so awesome. They were super receptive and then we asked if we could come back AND SHE SAID YES!! She gave us her number and everything and it was great. We left that and just looked at each other and said, "God is so cool."

It was awesome. Every other person in that building that we tried to talk to shut us down but it was fine we didn't care. Also we went to get flowers for a less active that we visit bc it's her birthday and we were in a chino buying a vase and it was 3€ but they cashier only charged us 2€ "Because of your faces. Muy bonitas." We weren't even mad at that.

Sending in their stats to the District Leaders.

So yes it was a great week. 2 investigators in the capilla on Sunday that was incredible. I just had so much love And joy in my heart for Granada on Sunday and especially for my ward. I mean I've had it for a long time but it really hit me that day and I was so happy. Seriously the mission is the best. If you are debating on serving a mission, GO!! It will be the best thing you ever do with your life. "You might regret not going, but you will NEVER regret going." How true is that?!?!
Oh man people, God is amazing. Here in Granada, the work has been practically non existent the last 1.5 transfers, but this week we have been seeing Him open so many doors for us and it is no doubt because we having been trying to do everything He has asked of us during this rough spot. Keep your head up because the good times always come. When life is rough, instead of getting down and blaming God, try to open your eyes and figure out what you need to learn through this trial. God always has a reason. Always.
Ok I love you all and hope you have an incredible week!!

Hermana Twede

New Mall in Granada. Largest in Europe.

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