Monday, December 12, 2016

A Whole New World

Ok so today is just BEAUTIFUL here in Granada and it's cold but it's
fine bc we just got back from, drum roll please.............THE
ALHAMBRA!!! POR FIN!!! After 3 transfers of being here and almost 4
months, I FINALLY went to the Alhambra. And let me tell you, it did
not disappoint. 100% worth the money and the views and artwork were so
amazing!!! Aaahhhh so good. We got up to the top of one of the towers
and you just over look all of Granada and it's gorgeous. I just
thought, "Ugh.....I love Spain." No, we did not have a tour I know as much about the Alhambra as someone who has only
seen pics of it on great. But it's fine. It was really
nice to look at and take a combined total of over 400 pictures so
that's great. So yes that was a good Pday today.


These two have so much fun together.

Elders waiting for Hermanas to finish taking pictures.

Ok but really this week was so great. We had a Christmas concert on
Saturday and it was AMAAAAZZZZZINNNNGGG!!! Like a band came and we
pretty much just hosted the building but one of our Elders got to
sing!! Like a couple hours before he needed a singer for white
Christmas and someone was like "He can sing." He practiced twice with
them and they loved it!! He did such a good job!!! They had a little
children's choir and they were all adorable. At the end they had the
audience sing "Little Drummer Boy" with them and it is SOOO much
better in Spanish. Literally had chills the whole time. AH SO GREAT!!
Also shoutout to my band homies at Westlake High School bc they played
Russian Christmas at the concert and I've never been so stoked to hear that piece

On Friday the investigator of the Elders got baptized!! Woohoo!!!
Super great!! It was my fist ever baptism that I've witnessed in the
mission and holy cow the spirit was so strong! Me and my comp went and
looked at the font before it started and I looked at her and just
said, "Hermana. Tonight someone's life is going to change." Oh man
chills the whole time!!

This week I had a very personal experience with the love our Heavenly
Father has for each and every one of us and the power of prayer. At
one point this week I was on my knees in my changing room in our piso,
pouring my heart out to my Father in Heaven with tears spilling down
my cheeks and I just felt this overwhelming sense of love fill my
entire body to the point of bursting. It was such an incredible
experience for me and a testimony to me that He IS there and He IS
listening. If you don't know it already, GOD LOVES YOU!! How fortunate
are we to have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much that He gives us
a way to communicate DIRECTLY with Him AT ALL TIMES!! He knows your
pains, your afflictions, your joys, your anxieties, EVERYTHING! He
knows it all and so does your brother Jesus Christ. They know YOU on a
level so personal that you can't even imagine. And THEY LOVE YOU!! All
of you! My mission has opened my eyes to all my faults and all my
weaknesses so the point where it's overwhelming.....but it has also
opened my eyes to how God gives us weaknesses so that we may be humble
and then He takes those weaknesses and makes them strengths. If I
could take every person I meet and just transfer my experiences with
God's love and Christ's Atonement so that they could feel it and just
have an idea of what this is all about I would. But instead I get to
do the next best thing and help them experience it for themselves.
This work is so real and so incredibly important. I love it with every
fiber of my very being and wouldn't want to be anywhere in the world
right now than on a mission in Spain. The days are long, weeks
sometimes feel like eternities, you're hungry, no one wants to listen
to you, and sometimes you're fed up with it all. But then you
experience someone change their life, you get a front row seat to the
creation of their testimony, then you see them take those first steps
towards their Savior, and it makes it all worth it. If you're thinking
about going on a mission.....GO. You won't regret it. I haven't. And I
never will. I love this gospel with all of my heart and I am so
grateful for this opportunity to bear the name of my Savior, Jesus
Christ on my chest for these next 18 months. The gospel is true.
Christ suffered and died for everyone of us. And God loves you. Now go
share that message with the world.
Love you all and have a great week!!

Hermana Twede

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