Monday, December 19, 2016

Let it Snow

🎶Oh the weather outside is frightful,
And I can't say it's all that delightful,
And since we've got all the places to go,
Please don't snow, please don't snow, please don't snow.🎶

Hope you enjoyed that.....took a lot of thought and pondering the
words in my heart......and then asking Elder Egbert what the words are
to the song.

Well folks I write you today from the back of a bus, on our way up to
the Sierra Nevada! If you don't know what the Sierra Nevada is, they
are the mountains that surround us here in Granada (although if you're
from Utah they're just really tall hills), but they are currently
covered in snow so the Elders thought it would be a good idea to go
and play in the snow for a few hours. So here we are, 6 unprepared
missionaries (piso finds are a real thing), heading up the mountain to
play in snow at a balmy -10°C (15°F)!!! The drive up makes me feel
like driving through Provo canyon so that's a bit weird. So am I in
Utah today or Spain? The world may never know.

So this week was just grand. We had intercambios in Málaga and that
was super great and waaaay warmer than Granada. The first night we
were there I was with Hermana Stephens and she took me into El Centro
where they had some INCREDIBLE lights and we got to watch the light
show. It was soooo cool. Let's just say SLC needs to step up their
game. So intercambios were great and while I was taking some pics of
the giant Christmas tree, a lady started talking to us bc she noticed
we speak English and was going to offer us drinks in her restaurant
but instead, when she found out we were Mormons, asked us to tell her
about us. So we did, gave her a Book of Mormon and she told us she
would start reading it right away. Then she asked if there was a time
we could meet with her and talk more about our religion. COOLEST THING
EVER! So we (Hma Stephens) got her number and set an appointment for
the next day! QUÈ GUAY!! So that was really cool.
(Ok this bus is going on these super windy roads and giving me motion
sickness....pray for my stomach we still have 10 minutes of this or
more) This weekend was also SUPER great. We had another baptism and
gosh the spirit is just so strong during those things I love it. But
the night before (Friday) our bishop had a dinner with the
missionaries and it's just an opportunity for them to help the
missionaries so we invite menos activos and investigators and they get
to know the bishop and his family and the other missionaries and other
people and it's just great. Well we invited our 2 investigators and
THEY BOTH CAME!! Then the next day we had the baptism and then a ward
And the ward was so good and welcoming and it was just great. Then,
GOOD!! Hermana Moore and I were so stoked. So REALLY good weekend with
lots of blessings and miracles.

So now I am sitting in a cute little cafe drinking a Cola Cao and it's
snowing outside. Not like Utah snow when a blizzard hits you like a
brick wall, but a cute snow that just falls delicately like in movies.
We just got back from scaling the snowy mountain in tennis shoes and
jeans. But all the cabins up here look very European so pretty much we
spent Pday in Switzerland.

Wow I just love the mission so much and with Christmas approaching I
feel so very blessed to have the opportunity to share La Luz de Cristo
with everyone here. Something that one of my STL's taught me this week
was to enjoy the mission. Take advantage of moments to create memories
and just enjoy the life we have. This life really is a gift and we
were meant to have joy. SO DISFRUTA SU VIDA Y FELIZ NAVIDAD🎄🎄🎄🎄
Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Twede

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