Monday, December 26, 2016

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad, prospero año y felicidad!
(I really need to learn the whold spanish version of that song bc newsflash....people don´t sing the english part here.....bc they don´t speak that much english)

Well MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Hope it was white and lovely and bright! Hope Papa Noel brought you some great gifts this year because we all know you were good this year. We all have our moments.....but I think he believes in having mercy as well.

Well this week was just great. We had some really great lessons with investigators, members, and menos activos. We read Luke 2 a lot, but I never get tired of sharing the story about the birth of Christ. On Monday we got a surprise call from my former trainer Hermana Pastrana saying she missed her bus on the way to Málaga so they came and stayed with us that night. There was a bit of mad panic for 20 minutes to get the piso ready for them to come but it worked out. We made pancakes the next morning because we didn´t have any food (When you go to the Sierra Nevada you don´t have time to buy food), but it worked out.

Thursday we went to Málaga for our Christmas Zone Conference!! YAY! It was so much fun and so good to see everyone!! We had a talent show and that was really good. Then we had some talks/workshop type of things and those were really good. Then we ate chinese food and had a good time. On the bus ride home we had the elders from Jáen and Almeria with us and it was fun. I sat next to a lady from Granada and talked to her. She was very nice.

On La Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) we had 2 eating citas and gift exchanges. That was really good to spend time with the Elders and the members, celebrating the birth of Christ and just enjoying being together. On Christmas we woke up and opened some gifts then went to church. After church we went home and relaxed. THat was really nice and super weird. The entire time I couldn´t completely relax because I felt like I was wasting time and felt like there was something I was supposed to be doing.....the life of a missionary. Then we hopped on a bus to the church to SKYPE! WOOT! Pero....en camino to the church, a man came and sat next to us and started speaking english to us asking where we were from and then he told us, "I want to marry myself to you hahahah." And then you had Hma Moore and I with the awkward/uncomfortable laugh like, "Oh hehehehe great." Spain is always an adventure as American girls with light eyes and hair.

Also en camino to the capilla we got transfer calls! I´M HEADING OUT OF GRANADA AND GOING TO ALICANTE/VALENCIA COUNTRY!! My new area will be Elche 1B with Hermana Garcia who just finished up her training! Two baby missionaries running Elche yes! Crazy thing about this Elche is the exact area that my current companion Hermana Moore served before she came to Granada with me! So that will be exciting. I will be going from mountain area to the coast where my area is famous for the amount of palm trees they have.....Long shory stort I´m not complaining.....also it´s about 10 degrees warmer there which makes me happy as I sit here freezing in a sketchy locutorio.

Skyping with the fam bam was wonderful of course! Sometimes I forget I have a family so it was good to see they still exist! Family is just the greatest and idk where I would be without them.

Something that we talked about a lot in Zone Conference but also in our eating citas was gifts. At Zone Conference they asked us 3 questions:
What have you learned this year?
What did you give to Heavenly Father and Jesus this year?
What are you going to give them this upcoming year?
People gave their various answers but the more important question in my mind is the last one. It´s important to remember what we have given, and what we have learned, but it´s also important to be giving more. We have been given so often do we think about what we can give in return? We don´t have a lot to give....but even our smallest offerings are great in the eyes of our Father and older Brother. After pondering this question, I have decided on my gift to them this upcoming year. I am going to give them my fears. For those who know me, you know I like to have a plan; I like to know what´s going to happen and back up plans, etc. Something I have a hard time with is taking that step of faith when the future is all dark. I have a hard time putting my complete trust in Him and His plan for me. So this year, I am going to give him all my fears. Even if I don´t know the future, or don´t know His plan for the work I´m doing or for my own life, I´m going to put my trust in Him and take 1, 10, or 50 steps into the dark because I KNOW that He will be there with me the whole way. He knows what´s best, always has, and always will, and I know He will lead me where I need to go.

In light of the new year, I ask you to ponder these same first two questions and then ask yourself, "What will be my gift"?

Love you all so much! Thanks for the support! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hermana Twede

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