Monday, December 5, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas

Ok so this week was super great!!
First off we decorated for Christmas today POR FIN!!

Ok first off funny story. This just explains my life here in Spain and
how I have yet to learn from mistakes. So we were going back to piso
after our last cita and we get on the bus we usually get on and we're
facing the back of the bus but seated in like the middle ish. I'm
looking forward/backward and there's a group of teenage boys sitting
and singing some songs not in Spanish idk what it was. But then I just
kinda zoned out and was staring off into space but something caught my
attention. The boys were giving me the huge smiles and waving at me. I
just looked at my comp and we both kinda shook our heads and then I
made a mistake. I looked back and kinda raised my hand barely in a
wave and while I'm doing this my head is telling me, "Nope. Don't do
it Hermana. That's a mistake. Nope. Stop. Stop. Sto- oh gosh. Well you
asked for that." After I did that all those boys starting cat calling
and making kissing faces and I just put my head down bc that was THE
COMPLETE WRONG THING TO DO. Hma Moore just shook her head and says,
"That was a mistake. A very big mistake." Then we both just started
laughing, me out of embarrassment and her bc her comp had just made an
idiot out of herself.

Oh but the story does not end no no. Why would it when you
are Hermana Twede?? A few seconds later, THE BUS SHUTS DOWN!! I was
just like, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Bus turns back on and we
get to our stop and hop off. But guess who else gets off?? STINKIN
JÓVENES!! And no they did not stop the cat calling or anything. So
most of the walk back to piso we were being trailed by 4 teenage boys.
The whole time I just kept mumbling, "I hate my life. Why? why do I do
this to myself?" While my companion was ready to pee herself laughing.
Needless to say it was a glorious night.

Spiritual side. We had just gotten out of a lesson with an
investigator that had gone well ish but not as great as we would have
liked so we were both a little salty. But I just had the thought to go
to the piso of one of our less actives who've we've been trying to
meet with for the last 2 weeks. We were already walking on her street
to contact so we stopped at her building and went up. We had never met
her before but her mom answered the door and said she wasn't home. She
was about to shut the door when I said, "Can we share a quick message
with you?" She looked uneasy. "It's only a quick video about
Christmas." She thought about it then let us in. We ended up having a
really good visit with her and while we were there her daughter called
and her mom was just saying, "Yeah the missionaries are here and THEY
ARE SO NICE!!" Her daughter started trying to quickly get home from
work so that she could meet with us but we had to go but when we asked
the mom if there was anything we could do for her she just told us to
come back again. So that was really cool and just shows that God
blesses you when you follow the prompting of the spirit.

Ok now for something that's been on my mind lately. Member missionary work.
I know I've talked about this before but I see it so much when
all the missionary work responsibility is put on the shoulders of the
missionaries. People don't give up on your friends
who've stopped coming to church for one reason or another.
Show them you makes a much bigger difference than
if the missionaries are just doing it. A lot of the time I feel like a mom
because when we tell people to come to church, they think, "yeah ok.
They are missionaries they have to say that." It's like when your mom
tells you you look cute and you think,
"Well she's my mom she has to say that." It's a whole other thing when
a friend tells you, because then you start to believe it. Same goes
for coming to church. We missionaries can tell them that people at
church miss them and want to see them but if no one is actually
reaching out to them, you will never see them in the chapel. So don't
give up. And start inviting your friends to church.
Show them how the gospel has changed your life and help them make that
change in theirs. The world needs this gospel. They just don't know it
yet. So show them.

Ok well I love you guys so much and thanks for all the support!! Have
a great week!!

Hermana Twede

1. Granada district sporting Justin Bieber on the top of the pyramid.
Did you guys know the JB is on a mission in Spain? Well now you do.
2.  So the people of Spain have like a stove thing that they have
built under their tables and then they put a thick table cloth over
the table to trap the heat. So we literally just walk into to people's
houses, sit down, and curl up to the table. It's glorious. And
probably a fire hazard but I enjoy it.

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