Monday, January 23, 2017

I'm Singing (Really Crying) In The Rain

Well it was a good week. VERY cold. And VERY wet. Literally rained almost all week and it was snowing in a bunch of places in Spain so all the Spaniards down here are freaking out pero bueno. Just reminds me how grateful I am for the state of Florida. Shout out to them for warmth pretty much year round. But it's fine. RAIN OR SHINE THE WORK OF THE LORD GOES ON!!

Picnic on Thursday because our eating cita cancelled and it was like a hurricane outside.

We did soooooo much contacting and knocking on doors this week it was insane.....we had one day where we knocked on a lot of doors before an eating cita and then we went back and finished the job a few days later. So in one neighborhood in our area, every single door possible has been knocked on. We met very nice people who weren't interested, very nice people who told us to come back another time, and very nice people who yelled at us to go away. All in all we came out with a total of 8 futures over those few days. So it was great!

Well.......this week. What happened? start, we got a call from a man who knew us but we didn't know him but he wanted to meet with us so we accepted. He ended up trying to get us to read HIS folleto that had a lot of scripture from Psalms on it. We didn't so he read it to us. After we asked him why he wanted to meet with us (you know, How To Begin Teaching kind of questions....can be found in your local Preach My Gospel:)) and he just told us that he wanted to meet with us to share HIS message with us. He told us that he wanted to share his message with other people too. He thanked us for our time and told us that if we see him around to say hi to him and he will try to do the same. Then he closed in the name of Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost, Amen. Shook our hands and left. We walked away from that experience very confused and quite speechless, not really knowing how to react to that. You know that moment when you watch a mind blowing movie and you walk out just not really knowing what to do with your hands or your thoughts and just kinda feel like a blob? Yeah it was kinda like that. Then we both decided that he literally just did what we do but in 5 minutes, and with his own doctrine. It was a good laugh.

We had some good lessons this week though. We are getting ready for our baptism this weekend which is actually really stressful but great too. I'm really grateful for this experience we've had with our investigator. I love teaching these lessons because we are helping other people come unto Christ through repentance and baptism, but also helping deepen our conversion as missionaries. Every time I teach something, I remember how I need to be better and what more I can repent for each day.

Another cool experience we had was on Friday. It was really cold and this was the morning we finished tocing the puertas in that area that I talked about earlier. We had an eating cita and then had a lesson with another investigator right when a downpour started. After our cita, we went to English class and there were complications with keys to the JAS center and we had to cancel. was insanely cold and we had people to call and plans to reevaluate so we went to the bus station where it was warm to call and figure out what we were going to do because we had already gone through all of our back-ups. We called a bunch of people, then tried to figure out what to do. Neither of us had the ganas to go contact, but we couldn't go back to piso and still had like an hour or more left of proselyting. We were thinking, and thinking, and thinking, then we pulled out all the tarjetas we had and said, "Ok, we will pass by these last people and contact on the way. We have 14 tarjetas left and then we are completely out. So if we go through all of these before 9:45 and have nothing else to do, we will re-evaluate again." So we went out and started. No one in the calles. And every person we did see rejected us and our cards. After a bunch of rejections I just thought, "Haha wow.....Heavenly Father is not gonna make this easy for us.....ok let's go." We literally contacted just about every person we saw. I went through my 7 and then we shared the last 7. We got to a point where I had 3 more left and Hna. Garcia had 1 and we had about 20 minutes left. So we were walking one way and a group of 3 jóvenes was walking towards us. I really don't like contacting jóvenes and so I wasn't going to contact them and I don't think Hna Garcia was going to either. As we were walking past them, my feet just stopped in their tracks and my mouth opened and just said (actually kind of shouted bc so unexpected), "HOLA!" And started talking to these teens. It ended up being the best conversation I've ever had with a group of younger kids and they were super nice. I handed out all three of my tarjetas to them and just had one of the best contacts of the night.

And then there was one. We had about 15 minutes at this point. I saw this man walking towards us and got the impression to stop him so I did and asked how he was. He responded, "You know what? I'm bad. And I'm tired. I'm going home to rest so I don't have time to talk to you." Well of course I asked him why he was bad. He told us that he gets up at about 5 am and goes to work until 9:30 at night. He said he's always tired and isn't happy. He doesn't want anything religious he just wanted to go home. He apologized to us for being rude but we just told him we understood. Then I had the feeling to testify so all I told him was, "You know, we are sorry that you're not feeling great. But we want you to know that God loves you and if you need anything you can talk to us." He nodded his head and thanked us and actually smiled!! (Which he had yet to do up to this point.) We walked away knowing that he felt something after talking to us because he seemed to brighten up a little more. So that was cool.

Ok so we still had one card left and like 8 minutes. We tried talking to this woman who was great and really nice....until she heard we were missionaries and then didn't want anything to do with us. At this point we have 3 minutes and we are determined to get out this last card (almost standing in front of our piso at this point). I see a man walking towards us with his dog and just said, "That's the one. He's gonna be our last card." We walked up to him and told him we liked the sweater......of his dog. And that's all we needed. He was SO nice and super interested in why we were here in Spain and told us we spoke very good Spanish and then took a card very quickly (especially when we mentioned we teach English classes but that's besides the point). He told us he would speak to his wife about us coming by sometime and thanked us. SUCH A MIRACLE!! Especially after so many rejections. We walked away and it was 9:47 and we realized that we gave out our last card at pretty much exactly 9:45. GOD IS SO COOL!! Such a cool good night.

So that night was one of the best parts of the week and just was a huge testimony that God directs this work and He will show you miracles when you work hard. I love this gospel so so much and feel so grateful to be here and doing the work of the Lord.

Thank you all so much for your support and experiences!! You all are good eggs. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!

Kia Kaha!!

Hermana Twede

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