Monday, January 9, 2017

Milagros Peeps. Milagros. (Miracles)

Greetings to my fellow Nephites and Lamanites. (I've run out of ideas
of what to call y'all so this will get interesting real fast)
Ok so I'm just gonna scratch the small talk and jump right in. So this
week was GREAT. Lots of miracles holy cow.

First, (not a miracle just fun), so Hermana Garcia's brother got
married this week so because she wasn't there to celebrate in person,
we decided to open out "sparkling cider" stuff that they have here and
made a toast to them through video. We also reenacted our
interpretation of some parts of the wedding including but not limited
to: cutting of the cake (Twinkie) and stuffing each others faces,
drinking the fancy drinks all cute like, and cosas como así. It was a
good time.

We also had intercambios this week in Alicante and it was
super great. Our STLs are crazy but we love them. Also their piso is
freezing and they only have heating in certain rooms (not including
the one where we sleep) and the window in our room is broken so we can
hear all the people partying at the bar down below all. Night. Long.
It felt like camping: where you can't really sleep bc you're freezing
cold but also keep hearing noises and imagine a bear breaking into
your tent? Yeah something like that.....minus the bear part. But the
rest was super great. Got to eat some good ol Roscón (a dessert here
for Día de Reyes that looks like a big donut with cream in the middle.
But there's a crown toy and a bean or rock thing in the cream and if
you get a piece with the king thing you win but if you get the bean
you have to buy the Roscón next year). We had some killer lessons and
just a lot of fun. I learned SO much. Love intercambios. Always a

Ok biggest miracle from this week. I was going through some names of
old investigators and came upon the name of Rubén. I passed it but had
the thought to go back to it and call him. I ignored it (never do
that) and kept going. Then the thought came to my head again,
"Hermana. Call him!" So I went back to his number and called him up.
No answer. So I just thought it was just my thoughts. Then about an
hour later we got a call.....FROM RUBÉN!! Well we picked up and asked
if we could meet with him and he said YES!! We met with him on Friday
and when he came he brought his girlfriend who is a member. She helped
us teach the lesson and it was super great. We were going over the
Restauración just to see what he remembered and they looked at each
other then the girlfriend says, "Ok I'm just gonna stop you right
there. He already wants to be baptized." We looked at her. Then looked
at him. He just smiles and nods. Jajaj we had no clue what to say. We
just sat there speechless for a minute with our mouths open and they
just laugh and the gf goes, "Easy right?" He's been going to all the
church activities possible and to church almost every week with her
family in Alicante and he loves it!! There's some things we have to
work through but we were talking to them and they said, "The crazy
thing it, it wasn't coincidence that you called when you did. Right
after he made the decision that he wanted to be baptized, you called
him." AAAAAHHHHH BLESSINGS!! We told them our side of the story and we
were all just in awe. We are currently working on a Fecha for him and
he's just great. He came to church on Sunday in a suit and everything
it was so great!! He had to work at 1 and we have sacrament last at 12
and he said, "I have to leave for work at 12 for work but I'm hoping
next week I can stay the whole time." But then some members were
talking to him and then he was in the chapel for sacrament!! He
literally stayed for as long as he possibly could and got to take the
sacrament!! It was so awesome. It's incredible to see how te Lord
prepares His sheep and then PREPARES YOU!! If we hadn't heeded that
prompting to call him, we wouldn't have found him. So grateful for the
spirit and the opportunity to do this work.

Something I learned this week was how great the calling of a
missionary is. We are LITERALLY standing at the door for them to start
their journey back to our Heavenly Father. Think about it, if someone
wants to get baptized and they are over 8 years old, they HAVE to do
it through the missionaries. They can't go through the bishop or stake
president or anything. They have to take the missionary discussions
before they are able to do so. That is how great the calling is as a
missionary. We stand at the door, welcoming people through the door to
Salvation if they so choose. When I heard that, it made me want to be
so much better of a missionary. It made me want to be more worthy of
the calling I hold. It also makes me cherish the time I have here on
the mission so much more because it's only so much time that I will be
able to do this work. This mission is already teaching me so much and
I can't wait for what this next year of my mission is going to bring!!
Love you all peeps!! Have a great week!!
Kia kaha.

Hermana Twede
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