Monday, May 15, 2017


Greetings humans.

FELIZ DÍA DE LA MADRE!! It was super good to see the fam bam between 3 different screens yesterday. Thank heavens for modern technology! Hope all you moms know how grateful we are for everything you do. Especially as missionaries. When missionaries show pictures of their family, there's always one picture where they say, "Aw look my momma." So y'all mean the world to us. I LOVE YOU MOMMA THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

So this week was great. Today we went on a sweet hike!! Felt like I was back in Utah until we got to the top and the view was the Mediterranean Sea.....then it was like, "Nope. Definitely in Spain." LOVE IT. I'm gonna attach pics but please......resist the urge to tell me my face is red. I was FINE on the hike but everyone and their dog was like, "Hermana are you ok?? You're face is REALLY red."........YA LO SÉ!!!! Announcement: When Hna Twede works out, her face gets red. Don't comment. She's not dying. Just leave her be.

Tuesday was district meeting and it was like the Spirit came in and set off a grenade in there. HOLY MOLY SO MUCH FIRE IN THAT MEETING. Elder Layton our ZL gave a taller (workshop in English? Maybe?) and he did a práctica to start out. Ok so a práctica is when you role play a situation in the mission life and you have to do something for it. And i REALLY dislike them. So this time he told us he was only going to tell us two things about this person: 1. He's passing through a REALLY hard time right now, 2. He knows a little about our church. Our job? To, by the spirit and through inspired questions, figure out what is going on in his life and then help him. Oh. My. Goodness. I've never had such an incredible experience with a práctica. The spirit was sooo strong as we 7 other missionaries worked together to help this guy. I actually even got ready, the spirit was so strong. SO COOL!! I love being a missionary.

The next best day was SATURDAY!! We have this investigator who has had countless baptismal dates and they've come and gone. So we've been determined to get one and have it stick. He was supposed to get baptized this weekend, BUT there's a formal dance for the youth that he has to be at. So we called a member of the bishopric before our cita with him and asked possible dates for a baptism. Our best bet was the 19th because the 26th and 27th there was a conference for married couples so none of the leaders would be there. So we go into the cita and start teaching about baptism. Then we say,  "Ok so you have a fecha right now for the 20th." And he goes, "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I can't do it that day." And we were just like, "Yes we know. So the 19th?" And he couldn't. So we pulled out a calendar. B not just any calendar. A BAPTISM calendar. We got it from the elders the day before to see how it would work to keep him focused on his date. Each day has boxes for reading the scriptures and praying and Sundays it has a box for going to church. So we hadn't it to him and said, "Ok, then choose a day. This is YOUR day. So choose it." Long shory stort, he chose the 26th!! We looked at him and said, "Seguro?" And he said, "Sí." So then we handed him a pen and said, "Write it." So he did!! Right there under that little 26 he wrote, "Mi Bautismo"!!!!! So we get in the car (of course freaking out once he's gotten far enough away) and then we call our bishopric member to tell home what day and we told him we know the conference is that weekend and then he cuts us off and says, "Hey we just had a meeting and found out that that conference got changed to a different weekend so that works perfectly!" MILAGROS PEEPS MILAGROS!!! So we low key freaked out and then called the elders to share our happiness and then we sat on the swings for a quick minute to celebrate.

So yes. It's been a good week. It's going to be a great transfer. We're working hard and taking names. But now down to the spiritual side. So I've completely entered the amazing book of Alma because guess who just showed up in the picture?! AMULEK!! #Alma&Amulek #DreamTeam seriously the best duo in the Book of Mormon EVER!! I love the beginning of their missionary work together because Alma preaches hard core and calls them all to repentance and they get angry and throw him in jail. Then Amulek does some stretches, shakes out his arms and legs and says, "Ok lets go." Then he gets up there and goes telling his reconversion story. There's two reasons why I love this story: 1. He gets up there and tells about how God had always been calling him back but he never listened until an angel showed up and said, "Ok this prophet is going to come to you and he's been fasting for these people and so he's pretty hungry so YOU WILL receive him and YOU WILL feed him and he's gonna bless you and your ancestors and your posterity." And he does exactly that. NEVER GIVE UP ON THOSE WHO ARE DRIFTING AWAY!! They all have their Amulek inside of them. Ok, 2. After he gives testimony, the people start to listen. You know why? Because that was their SECOND WITNESS of everything they were preaching about. SECOND TESTIMONY!! That's what did it. THATS why we have companions. THATS why we are encouraged to share our testimonies with everyone. Because if two testimonies can make some people believe, imagine what millions of testimonies can do. SHARE YOUR TESTIMONIES PEEPS!! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!! If you know it is, then go share it with everyone else. I don't know why people get so scared to share their testimony. It doesn't have to be some formal college presentation. If it's something that's blessed your life and makes you happy, wouldn't you want to share that with everyone else?? I KNOW this gospel is true. I KNOW that Christ lives and is MY PERSONAL SAVIOR. I KNOW that God is our Loving Heavenly Father and is always there for us. And I am a witness of their love. And now I get to share it with everyone here in Cartagena. What a gift.

I love you all and I hope you make it a stellar week!! Chao Chao!!!

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

Hermana Johnson and Me

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