Monday, May 8, 2017

Hello Cartegena!!

Hello friends!!

Well.....It's been a week!!! I started the week in my beloved Elche
and I ended it here in Cartagena! Saying goodbye to Elche was much
more difficult than expected and I cried while giving my testimony in
district meeting so......that's cool.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a little crazy with having a completely
different companion and trying to visit people in two areas and
PACKING!!! I hate packing. Jk positivity.....PACKING IS THE BEST!! I
MORE!!! No but really so much stress. BUT! I fit everything and didn't
break my suitcases. Somehow I manage to gather more and more things in
every area......I don't know.

ANYWAY!! So now I'm here in Cartagena and it's cute and great and we
live in a little ocean town and drive by the Mediterranean ALL. THE.
TIME. and I just die. These little seaside towns have such a tranquilo
Port St. Lucie, FL (where Brielle's grandfather lived in Florida while 
she was growing up) vibe to them I love it. Pueblo/car life is SUPER
different from city life. People go to bed at like 9 o clock here!!
What the?! So that changes things but I'm already loving it here. I
literally have gone from Colombian Country in Elche to Ecuadorian Town
here in Cartagena. It's so fun though. Church yesterday was sooooo
awesome!! The members here are super great and just a big family but
I'll talk about it a little more in a minute.

Part of my new area

Part of my new area

Typical Spain, old men fishing on a sunny day.

So here in Cartagena, they are super into doing Family Home Evenings
with the missionaries and inviting investigators and less actives and
such. So we set up on of these for EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK!! AAAAHHHH
SO COOL!! So we had one my second night here and it was soooo awesome.
They planned a fun game for after and so we had a good mix of
Spiritual and laughing our heads off and I just felt such a love for
this new area already. I'm super excited for the opportunity I have
here to learn how to work with the members even more. You can tell
that there's been some hard work here with that so I'm excited to

Ok I can't think of much else but SUNDAY!! Ok so here, since everyone
lives in pueblos and the church is in Cartagena, the church has rented
a bus that drives through all the pueblos evey Sunday to pick
everybody up and takes them to church, free of charge. Then after
church is comes and takes everyone back. SO COOL! So we got to go on
the bus (I think normally we do) on Sunday and oh my I loved it!!
Everyone just treats everyone like family and it's so great. Like a
family road trip to church every Sunday. I got to play with the cutest
little girls on the way to church and it was so fun. I can already
feel the spirit and love here in Cartagena from the ward. Long story
short I ALREADY LOVE IT!! I can see why Hna Pickett raved about it
when she came to Elx and when I left.

My new comp is alright I guess. JOKES SHE IS THE GREATEST!! Hna
Johnson is from Grantsville, UT with an uncle who lives in Eagle
Mountain who was MY SEMINARY TEACHER AT WESTLAKE!! Brother Barrus is
Hna Johnson's uncle!! SMALL WORLD!! Also, she is my first comp ever
from "la fábrica" of Utah so that's cool. I'm not a weirdo anymore
when I say Utah Mormon things such as "Bishop Storehouse" or "Release
time for seminary" so it's great. But yes we have a good time in our
cute little house in CartaG. Oh yeah....we live in a house. Not a
Piso. A house. Cool beans. Also we run to the beach and it's awesome.
There's this squad of old men who go walking by the beach every
morning and now it's my goal to be a member of the squad. ONE DAY!!
Gotta practice my Mom Walk a little more then maybe they'll accept me
as a part of their crew.

ANYWAY.....So today we went and washed the car and got that stuff
taken care of, then we went to a FLAMINGO RESERVE!! So we legit saw
those skinny pink birds with our own eyeballs. Super cool. They don't
smell all that awesome but it's ok because they look cool.

Ok so right now, I've just begun the glorious book of Alma in the Book
of Mormon. MY FAVORITE BOOK!! Y'all hate on the war chapters but I
LOVE them!! But I'm at the beginning and was reading about how the
Amlicites separated from the Nefites and then get angry and go to war
with them. Of course, the Nefites come out on top because they are
still being faithful and stuff. But then Alma sends some spies to
check them out and see what's going on. Well, the spies come running
back saying, "Hey ummm they have actually ganged up with the Lamanites
now and they're at a full speed for us rn. So we gots to go." So they
pick up and go but the lamanites and amlicites meet them and just
start going ham on them giving everything they got on those poor
Nefites. BUT!! The Lord strengthens them and they end up beating that
enormous army even though they were COMPLETELY outnumbered. That was
just a huge testimony to me that IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW HARD SATAN
WORKS!! It doesn't matter how many people are in that great and
spacious building. It doesn't matter if THE WORLD is against. If you
are staying on the straight and narrow, God is at your side and with
Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! So never give up. You've got armies of
angels at you back and the rest of God's Army who are fighting with

Have a great week!! Love you all

Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

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