Monday, October 17, 2016

"Please Open the Door...."

Hey homie G's what crackalackin? Idk how to spell that word but I did
my best ok??

Well was it a week!! If you're expecting me to say, "OH MY GOSH WE
TAKING OVER THE ELDER'S AREA!!" Then you might as well spare yourself
the disappointment and go read an email from someone not serving in

Now that we've got that covered let's get down to the nitty gritty
(don't know how to spell that either I just say it in my head in the
voice of Gru). This week was......slow. And cold. Granada decided to
swap seasons in a day and most of this week was cold and wet. On
Wednesday we left our apartment with only sweaters and sandals on and
were like, "Haha only in Spain. Sweaters and sandals." And then not 5
minutes later it started a downpour. Imagine Cuzco's llama face when
it starts to rain and he's in the jungle or something with
Pacha......literally us. That face that's says, "I'm 200% done." (I
just asked the elders for Pacha's name and now they are quoting the
whole movie hahahah). So yeah that was fun. And yeah it's been cold and
wet the rest of the week and let's just say we are less than prepared
for winter in Granada. Woot.

Ok so yes all of Spain shuts down when it rains so that was less than
ideal for us. Plus no one wanted us this week so that's great.
But we did have one experience that taught me a lot that I'd like to
share. So about a week ago, we contacted this guy in the park by our
Piso and he gave us his number and we set up a cita with him for
Saturday. We met with him in the park again and taught the first
lesson and we both bore testimony about the Book of Mormon and it was
awesome. We invited him to read it and he was super nice but straight
up told us that if we gave him that book he probably wouldn't read it.
He said that yes it's very important to us but right now he's not
super interested in reading it but still wants to be friends. (Felt
like we were getting friend zoned.....but with a future investigator.
Investazoned?? No sé) We were bummed of course because he was super cool
and we felt he was super prepared. But then a quote came into my head
from this last conference, "The conversion of another person is not
entirely up to us." It just taught me that I can do all I possibly can
to help them feel the spirit and accept the gospel, but they still
have their agency to choose. Everyone has agency and investigators are
not exempt from that. Although it's frustrating as a missionary to
accept that, we have to. It's also beautiful to see when people do
accept the gospel and they realize it was THEIR OWN CHOICE. That's the
best part. It makes it that much more special.

So that was our humbling experience this week. Also one of our
investigators came to church for the first time this Sunday
YAYAYAYAY!!!! And we had an activity with the ward on October 12th.
It's a festival in Spain and we celebrated it with an activity called
Día De Las Naciones. Pretty much everyone in the ward brought food,
dances, or song from their country and shared it. It was a blast and
one of our investigators came and she loved it!!
Food from South American and Spain is soooo good.

Hermana Twede with their investigator.

Ok well that's all. Have a great week y'all beautiful humans!! Read
your scriptures and pray and go to church because those are all good

Hermana Twede

Usually not a fan of Reese's, but this was the best American chocolate I'd ever tasted.

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