Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sweater Weather

 This letter was actually received on September 19, 2016.

So it's funny that last week I wrote about how hot it is when not 2
days later Granada decided to change again. Golly it's as bipolar as
Utah here. Wednesday we needed sweaters after mediodia (midday). WHAT?! But it's
fine. The weather warmed up again a little bit towards the end of the
week so that's good.
Here is proof of sweater weather. No I haven't developed a lazy eye. I
did that on purpose.
Also me and my comp went and got Burger King on Saturday. I normally don't like Burger King but that was the best hamburger I've ever tasted. I realized the
last time I had a burger was the 4th of July. It's like I'm not even
American anymore. Actually I do forget how light skinned, light
haired, and light-eyed I am until I look in the mirror or until
someone points it out. So that's fun. Also everyone comments on my red
cheeks. And no one can pronounce my last name. Nothing has changed.

This week we had zone conference in Murcia and Elder Zwick from
the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke. It was awesome. Most of it
in Spanish.. Elder Zwick and his wife are awesome so it was
cool to meet them and hear them speak. Also I got to see most of my CCM homies so
that was even better.
Hermana Simpson!! We had a sleepover was great.
We wished we had 3 
days to catch up.

Ma homies from the CCM. The Elder next to me is Elder Kärn from Sweden
and he was in my district. We were the only two from our district to
come to the Málaga mission.

Awkward Elder with Hermana pic.

On the drive home from Murcia. On our way to Jaen.
Am I in Spain or 
Utah, I don't know, but it was pretty.

This week we have just seen a lot of miracles including seeing a lot
of people from the US!! But one experience we had just yesterday was super cool. We were in the home of a member giving a lesson to a menos activo (less active). Our lesson that day was HOW to share the gospel. I believe that members really do want to share what we know
but we don't quite know how. We members have a lot deeper knowledge of
the gospel and sometimes share some of those deeper gospel things and
it's very confusing for the one receiving the teaching so we wanted to
help them practice teaching simply. We had them teach us about the
Restoration first and then we taught them. Not 5 minutes after we
finished and were about to say the closing prayer, a knock came to the
door and in walks their two nonmember friends. When they walked in I
just thought, "Hahah oh my gosh. Are you kidding? This is awesome." We
showed them the video #Aleyua and our member friends had the
opportunity to share about the gospel. I didn't understand a lot of
the exchanges because they were talking very fast, but the younger
girl apparently was asking all the right questions and it was awesome.
After they left our member friend was just beside herself and keep
saying, "What just happened?!" It was a cool thing to experience and
definitely a miracle. It just shows how important this work is to the

The small and simple things. All growing up, when I would get in a bad place mentally, spiritually,
or emotionally, the first thing my dad would ask me was, "Are you
doing the small and simple things?" By this he means reading my
scriptures, saying my prayers, and for some going to church. Well,
besides going to church the answer I gave was usually no. Actually not
usually, always. I'm seeing it all the time here in Spain with our
menos activos. When people stop doing the small and simple things,
they are allowing a window to open that Satan likes to sneak through
and plant doubts about the church and ourselves in our minds and our
hearts. It drives me crazy to hear people say they used to believe but
they don't anymore. Or they have doubts about the church now. Just
last night we had a menos activo tell us he can't commit to come to
church because he has a lot of doubts. Well I straight up asked if
he's doing the small and simple things. Because if he were he wouldn't
have doubts. The answers to any of our questions are in the scriptures
and from God. Read your scriptures. Say your prayers. And go to Church. Build your foundation in Christ. Upon the Rock of our Redeemer. And foundation whereupon if you build, you
cannot fall. Helaman 5:12. Satan is working so so hard right now to
frustrate the work of the Lord and drag down the members of the
church. You have the power to resist him. But you have to build your
foundation in Christ. No one is perfect. Not even Chris Evans. So keep
doing the small and simple things. I don't care who you are, EVERYONE
needs the gospel and EVERYONE needs to build their foundation RIGHT
NOW because these are the last days and Satan is working harder than
ever. We need to put on the whole armor of God and stand up and be a
light for the world.

The Lord is great. Missionary work is great. Don't smoke. Pick up after your dog when you take them on a walk. It's terribly unsanitary if you don't. And remember who you are.
Kia Kaha

Hermana Twede

The NBA is here doing a tour.
Idk what teams but they are right by our Piso (apartment).

We made tacos on Thursday after weekly planning. They were delish. I like tacos.

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