Sunday, October 2, 2016

Smelly Cat

This letter was received on September 26, 2016.

Hello humans that occupy this lovely planet we call Earth.

We visited Ibizin today and these are the pics.
The big pano has the Alhambra right in the middle.
It is famous her and in Spain.

Hope your week was grand. I honestly can't believe it's already Monday.
This week was crazy. There was a festival going on. So yesterday they
had a big parade and bands and all the things and golly
you can get anywhere when all of Granada is walking down the street
holding candles and carrying Tortas (a dulce only available at this
time of year and SUPER delicious.) but super guay (great) too.

Other pics from sightseeing today.

Indie paintings in a random alley

At the parade

Our piso (apartment)

But it's just so cool to see how much God loves His children when
you're a missionary. And it's crazy to see how different every person
is to teach. Some investigators are hard at first but as soon as they
accept what you're teaching them and start to change their life BAM!
Almost a 180 turn around. Then there's some who start to have doubts
and they let Satan get to them instead of trusting God. Good laws
Satan is the actual and LITERAL worst. He is working so hard to pull
us down but if we keep doing what we're supposed to be doing, we can
withstand him. One of my favorite quotes is one by Elder
Bednar in a talk he gave to missionaries at the MTC, "If you want to
punch Satan in the mouth, share the gospel." Well, I want to make
Satan sorry for even trying to mess with us so I'm out here serving a
mission. That quote makes me want to just give everyone a Book of
Mormon and stand In The Center and yell, "HURRAH, HURRAH,
HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!" Golly the gospel is great.

Read your scriptures. Say your prayers. Visit the temple. And don't
let your dads eat pie. also I babysat a cat for like 15 minutes this
week. Videos and pics to come. K well love you all. Have a great

The smelly cat

Also read the talk by Jeffery R. Holland in Oct 2009 General Conf
labeled Safety For The Soul bc it's great. Ok love y'all bye.

Hermana Twede

Video of Gypsies

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