Monday, October 10, 2016

The Tale of the Starving Hermanas

Once upon a time there were two sister missionaries. One of them had
only a few days left in their area before shipping off to Murcia so
she wanted to do some cool things on their day of preparation.
Well....they ended up not doing cool things and forgot to buy
groceries. A new missionary was supposed to come in a few days and the
missionary who was staying was very worried because they actually had
no food. But then a miracle happened and the new missionary had a
bunch of rice mixes and things from home in her suitcase. So they
lived happily our of her suitcase and barely made it to the next p day
when they were able to buy food. The moral of this story kids is DONT

The end.
Happy Hermanas after they got food today!

I hope you enjoyed that took a lot of mental energy and
good English grammar to summon up that tale. Jokes. But actually not

So this week was a little insane. On Wednesday we literally spent all
day in the train station, shipped Hermana Pastrana off to Murcia and I
got my new companion HERMANA MOORE from the good state of MICHIGAN!!
She's just super great and were a lot a like. She knows way more
Spanish than me bc she lived for one year in Chile so that helps. But
we have a goal to only speak Spanish to each other and it's actually
going pretty well so bueno!! But yes....the story is true. Hermana
Pastrana didn't buy groceries last Monday which was very concerning
for me because we had a few pieces of bread and onions and a little but of
rice and half a chicken breast. That's pretty much it. So you can bet
I prayed super hard for the Lord to provide. Well Hermana Moore comes
and says she has rice packages in her suitcase that need to be eaten
bc she doesn't win them her whole mission....MIRACLE. So yes mom....we
ate out of Hermana Moore's suitcase this week. That was fun. But today
we went and got groceries and now we're good so no pasa nada.
Ok cool story. I mean there were a lot but....I'll stick to one.

So we were invited to eat with the bishops family and the other missionaries
(no worries we had permission to do this tranquilo peeps) at the
church. But it wasn't until 9:30 because the YSAs have institute until
9 and we live pretty far from the capilla so we decided not to go and
just leave after correlation. We really wanted to stay but felt it was
better to go visit our investigator. We invited one of the members to
come with us and we went. This investigator lives with 2 of our other
investigators but they were supposed to be working. But when we got
there, the 2 other investigators were home from work so we got to
teach all three!! We had decided to teach the Plan of Salvation again
bc our investigator had questions about it after listening to Pres
Uchtdorfs talk in conference. HOLY COW the spirit in that lesson was
so cool and so strong. It's my favorite thing to be able to testify of
this great plan of happiness to these people.

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH GOD LOVES YOU?!?! I hope so because dang people
this plan is amazing and perfect and perfectly amazing!! You realize
that God sacrificed His Only Begotten Son so that YOU could live with
Him again? You wanna know how horrible that day was?? Go read chapter
8 of 3 Nephi and that'll give you a little taste. But He allowed it to
happen. Our Heavenly Father allowed His son to come to this Earth, to
minister to His people, to suffer the sins OF THE WORLD, to spill
drops of precious blood for YOUR sins and YOUR sorrows, to be mocked,
spit upon, and hung on a cross like a criminal. He allowed all of this
to happen so that YOU....YOU person reading this right now, could live
with Him again. So that His Son could know your pains and help you
whenever you ask for it. You must be pretty important and He must love
you a lot if He let all that "Let" is the wrong word. He
PLANNED for this to happen. This was the plan from the "foundation of
the world." How hard would that be to have a plan where you have to
watch your Only Begotten suffer so so much? But He did it. For you and
for me and for every single person on this planet and who will step
foot on this earth. Because He loves us. Remember that. Always.
Because it is so so important.

Good golly I love this gospel. It's amazing. And I get to preach about
it every day. What is my life I don't even know! We contacted in the
park the other night and taught the whole first lesson to a man
because he wanted to know more. COOLEST THING. Gosh. Being a
missionary is yes hard.....mentally, physically, emotionally, and
spiritually. But it is oh so worth it and I'm finding more I could be
doing better every single day. Share the gospel peeps. You'll receive
so many blessings.

Also I'm almost to when Christ comes again in 3 Nefi and I'm beyond
stoked to read it. It's gonna be great.

Ok well I love you all and thank you so much for all the support. Also
my comp has chocolate chips in her suitcase so YALL KNOW we gonna be
whippin up some Pizookie here in this transfer. If you don't know what
Pizookie is check your pulse because you must not be living....,then go
look it up and make yourself some because it's quite possibly the best
thing ever. My homies from #2104 and anyone who came to our Pizookie
parties know what I'm talking about.

Ok love you all. Have a grand week. Share the gospel. And buy groceries.
Adios amigos!!

Hermana Twede

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